Can You Do Zombies Run On A Treadmill

Maria Garcia
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
• 7 min read

With the right tools and mindset, toucan make treadmill training something to look forward to. A lot of companies have started in recent years to develop apps that make treadmill training much more fun and challenging.

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In today’s post, I’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and am I sharing five apps that will take your indoor runs up a gear. Swift lets you run in Utopia, complete with the road, trails, sand, jungle, volcanoes, and the countryside, plus routes in New York, London, among others.

By setting your running surface, the app monitors your pace, time, distance, and calorie burn. Toucan find more than 170 Tread Studio live on-demand running classes that range from 15 to 60 minutes long.

Toucan also filter by class type, duration, difficulty, instructor, or music genre. The app also has other types of guided training, such as stretching yoga, walking, and boot camp, and other exercises that require no equipment at all.

You begin by walking, or running, then as soon as you hear zombies approaching, you run for your life. But the ghost here isn’t much of a supernatural entity but a virtual body you create before each workout to compete against.

This created entity is crafted based on your pace, distance, and time, though toucan re-adjust to push yourself even harder. Toucan also save previously running times and then race against those during future training sessions.

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When you fail to keep up your previous time, a “ghost” will manifest in front of you, moving at a faster pace. If you’ve got a ATX Sprint-9 Bluetooth treadmill, toucan even integrate your machine with our final favorite for automatic incline and detailed feedback on your distance and speed.

So, we’ve been testing a huge range of treadmills running apps to see how engaging, motivating and easy to use they are. We’ve separated the wheat from the chaff and found 6 apps that will take your home workouts up a gear.

Swift is a robust, fun and well-designed app that connects you to a scenic virtual world. After entering your personal details, your on-screen avatar will stop, start and speed up with you as you run on your treadmill.

This allows Swift to give you accurate feedback on speed and cadence. Swift gives you really detailed stats every time you train.

You also have the option to connect your heart rate monitor to get even more detailed feedback. Because the foot pod makes an estimation of distance covered based on your height and stride length, it might vary slightly from the distance actually covered, shown on your treadmill screen (especially if you have very long or very short legs).

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Also, there is a slight time lag, it doesn’t affect the enjoyment or quality of the run, but is good to know about. If you do download Swift, be careful in set-up when you enter your 5K race time.

Bit gym is a super simple, no gadgets required app, that takes you on beautiful trails around the world. There’s nothing to set up because Bitty uses the front camera to track your movement.

Just rest it on your treadmill, start running and enjoy the view! Favorite Features As Bitty guides you around some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Bitty even allows you to Live Stream videos or to download them for offline use. When you sign up you’ll be guided to an introduction video which will show you around the very simple interface.

You’ll see that the speed of the video changes depending on how fast or slow you’re running. This is an excellent piece of tech which really makes your running experience more integrated.

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However, it does give you the option to connect your heart rate monitor. It also has a fairly limited amount of tours compared to some other apps.

Run for your life, to collect supplies and rescue survivors. Is a novel, exciting audio app, in which you are the main character of an unfolding, apocalyptic story.

You’ll receive a ‘radio transmission’ with instructions for your run. Zombie chases are intermittent and unexpected, speed up to escape.

After your run, toucan view your stats, which include distance, time and how many zombie mobs you’ve evaded, of course. You’ll meet other characters along the way, pick up supplies and build a base.

The main drawback is that there’s no way to connect to a tracker or cadence monitor. So, you either hold your phone or put it in your pocket for the duration of your run.

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Overall; We can't think of anything that would motivate you to get running more than the threat of a zombie attack. Captive offers a wide range of audio sessions led by Personal Trainers.

It’s as close as toucan get to having a super enthusiastic, motivational gym partner at home. Workouts are focused on home gym equipment sessions and there’s a huge range of treadmill, elliptical, home rowing machine and indoor cycling sessions.

Linking up with Kinsman app will change the incline of your treadmill for you automatically. This is a brilliant choice for anyone who loves to be more adventurous in the summer months.

Why not record your own route, upload and share, and ride it all winter! Another bonus of Kinsman is toucan share your statistics on social media or upload them to your tracking app.

The automatic incline changes make running real life routes so easy. Take part in Kinsman challenges and get selected for real world contests.

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Swift is visually enjoyable, community-minded and geared towards experienced runners. It offers up an insight into how to improve your training and gives tailored advice on how to reach your fitness goals.

Please note; These apps have frequent updates and prices outlined here are correct to the time of writing this article.

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