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Between us, this has nothing to do with you ...but I've GOT to get an X-ray to eat hearty dude A- The waiting area for the Imaging Services Department holds patients for all areas of service within the Department (Diagnostic, CT scanning, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, Angiography/Special Procedures, PET etc.).

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There are specific exams that may require the administration of contrast, and in these circumstances the patient needs to have an empty stomach. The contrast related procedures take approximately 30 minutes, unless told otherwise.

The UGI, SOFT and esophageal studies require you to drink a barium solution, and food in the digestive tract can interfere with those studies. Source(s): I am a radiologic technologist and I perform all of these studies.....

An upper Hi is when they put a scope down your throat to look at your stomach and esophagus. You should be able to eat and drink as long as they are not using any type of contrast media.

A detector on the other side of the body picks up the X -rays after they've passed through and turns them into an image. Dense parts of your body that X -rays find it more difficult to pass through, such as bone, show up as clear white areas on the image.

Softer parts that X -rays can pass through more easily, such as your heart and lungs, show up as darker areas. They're mainly used to look at the bones and joints, although they're sometimes used to detect problems affecting soft tissue, such as internal organs.

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Youcaneat and drink as normal beforehand and can continue taking your usual medications. Try to avoid wearing jewelry and clothes containing metal (such as zips), as these will need to be removed.

Your child will need an empty stomach for the barium swallow procedure. If your child has a noted allergy to radiographic contrast, additional preparations may be necessary.

Note: Parents will be allowed to accompany their child into the exam room. The technologist will ask why the barium swallow is being performed and will explain the procedure to both you and your child.

Your child will need to move around in different positions, so the machine can take pictures of the correct anatomy. After the study, it is important to give your child extra fluids for the day because the barium may cause constipation.

If you have any problems or questions about constipation please call your primary care physician. The images from your child's exam are interpreted on the same day and a report sent to your physician's office.

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In Brief: X -rays, fluoroscopy and CT scans provide early detection of serious problems, inform treatment, and save lives. Research indicates Homeopathy may be a useful way to minimize the harmful effects of radiation exposure from x -rays, CT scans, and other procedures.

The five main procedures that use radiation are: x -rays, CT scans (computed tomography), mammograms, nuclear medicine and fluoroscopy. They were first discovered in the late 1800s but when many early investigators started to have their arms amputated because of tumors, or died from cancer, it was quickly realized that x -rays were dangerous.

Dyes with a short radioactive half life are injected or swallowed to outline organs while radioactive substances that release a slow continuous dose may be implanted into tumors to destroy cancer cells. MRI scans (magnetic resonance imaging) and ultrasounds also ‘look’ into the body but don’t use radiation.

X -rays and other forms of radiation cause birth defects in the fetus during the early stages of pregnancy, and high-dose or prolonged exposure may result in erythema (skin reddening), tissue damage, hair loss, and cataracts. Children are more sensitive to radiation than adults plus have a longer life expectancy in which cancers may develop.

Early or repeated exposure during childhood increases this risk so radiological investigations should be avoided as much as possible. Study 2 : Again, German researchers exposed albino guinea pigs to X -rays until their skin reddened.

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The two above studies have been presented for the information they contain, but similar observations could have been made with cell or plant models. In the above studies, researchers found that consistent with homeopathic philosophy, ‘ similar both treated and prevented radiation injury.

Logic would suggest that we’ve been on this earth long enough to have adapted to its ever-present background radiation. Carotenoids (found in dark green, red, orange food, and yellow fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, apricots, tomatoes, beets, carrots, kale, collards, chard, and spinach) significantly reduce chromosomal damage in humans exposed to radiation.

The align in brown seaweeds, for instance, binds to radioactive strontium to create a harmless and easily excreted compound. Black and green tea, Rashid (a mushroom), beans, lentils, and garlic have also credited by numerous studies with reducing the harmful effects of radiation.

3 Khuda-Bukhsh, A.R., Bank, S. (1991a) “Assessment of Phylogenetic Damage in X -irradiated Mice and its Alteration by Oral Administration of Potentized Homeopathic Drug, Ginseng D200,” Berlin Journal of Research in Homeopathy, 1,4/5:254. 4 Billet, J., Guyot, M., Boning, F., et al. (1990) “Demonstrating the Effects of APIs mollified and Opium virus Dilutions on Erythema Induced by U.V.

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