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But occasionally they eat other crayfish or bigger fish. There are two species of fish that I know of that are called Crayfish one is a Tetra (Priscilla maxillary) and the other is a Catfish (Kryptopterus bicirrhis).

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The fish is a perfect choice for beginner aquariums, it is very undemanding, and it can live in water with various parameters. It inhabits in Amazon and Orinoco rive basins and in rivers of Guyana.

During rain season the fish migrates to flooded areas of fluvial plain (savanna, forest canopy) for spawning. There are also albino fish species with red eyes and paler colored body, but it is quite seldom encountered on sale.

There are no special requirements as for tank decorations, it depends only on financial possibilities and imagination of its owner or on its tank mates demands. The tank maintenance consists of regular bottom substrate cleaning from organic waste (food leftovers, excrement) and weekly water renew (15–20% from the total tank volume) with fresh one.

The fish couple put in the tank will start spawning in the morning of the next day. After spawning is over, you should put the breeders back to the community tank and leave the eggs for 5-6 days.

This rather obviously named fish is an extremely adaptable organism, and can be found in waters both marine and fresh, both acidic and alkaline, and both clear and brackish. The translucent skin helps the fish blend against rocks or plants, safe from detection by predators.

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Their fins are notably tipped, and are rather conspicuously colored yellow, black, and white. This fish is also notable for having the Iberian apparatus, a bony structure that enhances their hearing ability.

Sexual dimorphism is noticeable in this species; the males are smaller than females, and can be identified on that basis. Though this tetra can survive in various water conditions, it seeks its native river’s flood plains to breed.

Larger fish, frogs, birds, and snakes are its main predators and account for many of the hatchlings. It reaches sexual maturity around 6-7 months of age, and lives for about 4-5 years, possibly more in captivity.

It also sometimes eats aquatic plants, but the majority of its diet is made up by prey. In captivity, it needs to be fed standard fish food for complete nutrition, as well as occasional blood worms and brine shrimp (Sea-Monkeys would work perfectly).

The latest estimate of biodiversity was by researchers from the University of Arizona who put the number at 2 billion. According to National Geographic, there are more fish species than mammals, reptiles, and birds combined.

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Crayfish are small character whose name comes from the fact that their silvery to yellowish skin is translucent, allowing you to see their spine. Having translucent skin makes these fish particularly hard to spot as they swim in the clear waters and spawn in dense vegetation.

Aside from their backbone, a bony structure called the Iberian apparatus is also visible through the skin. Said structure helps pick up sound waves and transmits them to the vertebrae, giving Crayfish impressive hearing abilities.

Ray tetras are native to South America, specifically in Venezuela, Amazon, Orinoco, and coastal river drainages of the Guiana's in both acidic and alkaline waters. These tetras live in Clearwater streams and tributaries during the dry season.

But when the rainy season comes, they migrate into densely vegetated swamps to spawn. Priscilla tetras swim in schools when in swamps with thick vegetation.

Schooling puts them at a reduced risk of predation, improves their foraging, and helps them swim more efficiently. The IUCN Red List was established in 1964 and is to date identified as the world’s most comprehensive source of information in regard to the global conservation status of fungi, plants, and animal species.

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Crayfish grow up to around 1.8 inches in length and live for 4 to 5 years or longer. Additionally, Priscilla tetras have a small, round humeral spot that’s about the size of the pupil.

The dorsal and anal fins start with a yellow stripe, followed by a black one, then end with a white tip. As an omnivorous species, Ray tetras eat the vegetation that surrounds them during the rainy season, as well as insects, small crustaceans and worms.

Additionally, feed them several times a day but give them only what they can consume in 3 minutes or less at each serving. The hardest part, however, is in finding a compatible breeding pair as they are rather picky about their partners.

However, commercially-bred specimens may spawn fewer eggs since the application of growth hormones in fish feed can result in low fertility. There also needs to be fine-leaved plants such as Myriophyllum (watermill), java moss, or artificial spawning grass so that the female has a place to deposit the eggs.

The tank should be dimly lit, adding floating plants can help block out light. An air-pump-driven sponge filter is also needed for filtration as well as orchestrating water flow.

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Ray tetras can be made to spawn in groups of six, three males and three females. Feed them a rich diet of live foods for several days then choose a spawning pair or group and transfer them into the breeding tank in the evening.

When adult females are full of eggs, their bellies become nicely rounded. For the first few days, feed them industrial until they are large enough to start eating other foods, such as brine shrimp Naples.

The aquarium should be densely planted around the sides and back and have plenty of water for swimming in the front. Add a canister filter or power head to create a gentle current.

A biotope setup is an ideal choice for Priscilla tetras and is quite easy to put together. Add a few handfuls of dried leaves, which you will require removing and replace every few weeks.

Add some aquarium-safe peat to the filter to simulate the black waters of their natural environment. Peat achieves this by changing the color of the water from clear to brown.

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Character do not tolerate salty water, but Priscilla maxillary are an exception. They can only tolerate a salinity that is around 10% of a regular saltwater tank with a specific gravity of 1.0002.

Aquariums are closed systems and as such, require regular, routine maintenance. Over time, decomposing organic matter, nitrates, and phosphates build up in the tank.

Doing so will ensure proper water quality is maintained and the fish remain healthy. Anything you add to your tank, be it other fish, plants, substrate, or decoration, can introduce diseases.

To prevent this, properly clean or quarantine anything that you add to an established tank so as not to upset the balance. Since Priscilla tetras are resilient, an outbreak of disease can often be limited to one or a few fish if it’s dealt with at an early stage.

The best way to proactively prevent the fish from falling sick is by maintaining the proper environment and feeding them a balanced diet. The closer the aquarium environment resembles their natural habitat, the less stress the fish will have.

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Appearing disoriented, such as swimming upside down Leaving food uneaten White spots on fins or body Discolored gills Trouble breathing such as gasping at the surface of the water Bulging eyes (one or both) Mucus accumulation on the body Rubbing on hard surfaces Unusual isolation from the group of fish (if housed with others) Skin lesions/sores anywhere on the body Bloating Crooked back or other changes in fish shape or size The biggest threats to Ray tetras are, therefore, are water pollution and climate change.

Additionally, climate change threatens to compromise the delicate balance the Crayfish have created between the rainy and dry seasons of the Amazon. Their name comes from the fact that their skin is usually translucent, allowing you to see their spine.

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