Can You Get An X Ray At Citymd

Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
• 7 min read

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The DR battery life sucks and the plate at my site is super off and cracked. Was this review helpful? I was being setup in arranged marriage when I received the job.

Anytime I would ask about what their policy was regarding taking off before vacation days were accumulated the manager would direct me to HR, HR would direct me back to the manager. Was this review helpful? City MD was a good company to work for, City MD had great staff and the workload was not too challenging, good work-life balance, staff was very enjoyable.

City MD is an abusive and toxic work environment with huge staff turnover. The management rule like lords and there’s a lot of nasty gossip and infighting.

I wouldn't say any part of the job was particularly hard, but the most enjoyable was working with the young people employed as scribes to attend to patients. Very modern DR equipment that was easy to work with and made consistently good images.

Corporate management was a few steps removed (there are well over 100 locations in the NY area), but not intrusive. There were periodic corporate events (holiday party, a booth at the Pride Parade, a team at various fun-runs) that contributed to a sense of camaraderie.

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Often had to stay well past official closing time because of rush of last minute patients Thought on-call system is for sudden sick call out not to mend the staffing problem.

On top of dealing with insufficient tech within the company, have to cover large on-call coverage region (Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island). We have over 100 sites, it will be accepting if the on-call coverage area was separated by borough.

City MD has poor transparency when it comes to inquiring about company policy (vacation, on-call and standstill transfer status). Poor compensation, health insurance, understaffed tech and on-call protocol.

Managers are nice and willing to be a part of the team, in case it gets busy to help out with the load. I learned a lot from the doctors I work with on a daily basis that allows me to keep my skills and knowledge sharp.

The clinical benefits of medical imaging typically outweigh the potential risks of radiation exposure, but talk with your doctor or our staff if you have any concerns. We’ll give you a call before your appointment to talk through preparation instructions and your past imaging exams.

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When you arrive, you will be led to a changing room and given a pair of scrubs to wear for your exam. Your images will be sent electronically to a radiologist who will review the information and send a report to your referring provider, typically within one to two business days.

Dr. James C. Carr, a professor of radiology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, believes trained technicians using portable machines can provide quality scans for patients in rural areas or unable to move. “As long as the equipment is being regulated and the technologists are satisfactorily trained, concerns can be mitigated,” he told Reuters Health.

“ You want to be very certain that the technologist who’s acquiring the images is appropriately trained and qualified,” he told Reuters Health. Provided they are current, we will not need new x -rays, or maybe we will need only part of a set to bring you up to date.

Your daily exposure due to cosmic rays is 40 times greater, 0.0004 rad. The radiation from one complete set is about the same exposure to radiation form cosmic rays you get flying form Seattle to Miami Florida in a jet.

Patients who are either not brushing well or who are having a lot of decay may need x -rays as often as every 6 months. In general, however, I feel the 4 bite-wing x -rays we take of back teeth should be taken every 10 to 14 months.

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Several years ago the American Association of Pediatric Dentists, Academy of General Dentistry, and the American Dental Association set guidelines for how often film should be taken and suggested that bite-wing films should not be taken more often than every 6 months. And full sets of films no more often than every 2 years.

If I did not take periodic x -rays, I would not be able to know about decay, level of bone, health of bone and roots, the existence of cysts, tumors, impacted teeth. What all this means is I can not accept or treat a patient who refuses x -rays.

The image is many times larger, so it is easier to see for the patient and the dentist. We can manipulate the image with the computer to increase contrast, lighten or darken, colorize, shadow, or reverse colors.

One disadvantage is the area in the image is smaller, so it is best used for single tooth images when doing endodontic treatments or when only one tooth is in question.

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