Can You Get Redzone Without Cable

Ellen Grant
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Every Sunday, NFL Redone viewers take in the whole weekend's worth of scoring action without ever having to change the channel. Only one thing: that big, fat bill that you have to pay to your cable or satellite provider each month in order to get NFL Redone.

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There's no way to watch NFL Redone free over the air. But there is some good news: that pay TV service does not have to be a bulky, overpriced cable or satellite package.

We're talking about skinny bundles : live TV streaming services that are out to beat cable at their own game. For starters, skinny bundles are often “skinny.” In this context, that means that they aren't forcing you to sign up for massive channel packages full of stuff you don't care about.

FuboTV began live as a service dedicated to another type of football. See, Sling TV's goal is to let you build your own customized skinny bundle.

That includes Roku devices, which support both and Sling TV. FuboTV and Sling TV each have apps for both iOS and Android operating systems, so your smartphone or tablet can easily be used to stream NFL Redone.

Even Xbox One is an option: Sling TV has an app for the popular video game console. So there you have it: there are a ton of different ways to stream NFL Redone online, no cable required.

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Sling TV is once again the cheapest option in 2020, after a brief hiatus back in the spring due a contract dispute. Just about anybody can dump Xfinity and other pricey cable options, and still get complete NFL game coverage.

The nice thing about live-streaming NFL Redone is that you’ll be able to get other key networks like ESPN, CBS and NBC to watch all the NFL action that toucan handle. Your three options to live stream NFL Redone online are both, Video and YouTube TV.

The show is hosted by Scott Hanson, and it’s most useful for fantasy football fans that are tracking their stats in near real time. NFL Redone is back on Sling TV after a briefly leaving the service in June.

A subscription to Sling Blue costs $30 per month and carries 45+ channels including NFL Network. Video does not carry CBS so toucan ’t get 100 percent of NFL coverage with the service.

You’ll be able to watch NFL Redone by subscribing to both along with its Sports Extra bundle. ESPN and local ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX stations are included in the 130+ channel lineup alongside NFL Network.

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FuboTV is also great for its widespread coverage of regional sports channels, including ones from NBCSN and small outfits like NEST. On the entertainment front, both has AMC, A&E, BBC America, FX, TNT, National Geographic and Iceland.

FuboTV subscribers can activate TV Everywhere apps for 41 networks, including FOX Sports Go. Toucan look over the 130+ channel lineup to see what regional sports networks are offered in your area.

Note: To get a free trial with the both standard plan ($59.99 per month), head over to the bottom of the Add-ons & More section. YouTube TV just added a new sports bundle to its channel lineup that includes NFL Redone.

The base package has local ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX stations along with ESPN and ESPN2. Amazon Prime members can watch Thursday Night Football as part of their annual subscription.

You need to subscribe to the Sling Blue channel bundle, which costs $30 per month. The Sports Extra bundle costs $10 per month and carries NFL Redone with 11 other channels.

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There’s ESPN, and local ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX stations. Q. I can ’t believe that Sling TV still doesn’t have the NFL Network and Red Zone Channel back on.

Both Sling TV, and its parent, Dish, have been without the two NFL channels since June due to a carriage dispute with the league. Subscribers to both services are getting increasingly antsy about the blackout with the season starting Thursday night with a matchup between Houston and Kansas City.

But if you’re looking specifically for the Red Zone Channel, there are some alternatives without having to subscribe to cable, Verizon or DirecTV. Sports Plus requires you to subscribe to YouTube TV’s base package.

Both, the live-streaming service, carries the NFL Network in its 110-channel $64.99 a month plan. But the Red Zone Channel requires a subscription to its $10.99-a-month ‘Sports Plus’ package.

The cost is $34.99 for the entire season, and finding it on the app is a bit tricky because it’s not advertised on the home page. Click on Settings in the app, and you will see an option to subscribe to the NFL Red Zone Channel and Game Pass.

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Update: Note: The graphic on the NFL app says the price is $34.99 a month, but that appears to be a typo. Update #2:On Monday, I asked Alex Riethmiller, an NFL spokesperson, for a clarification on the Red Zone Channel app price.

Update #3: Brenna Webb, an NFL spokesperson, on Monday night has apologized for the confusion, saying the league was in error. Again, apologizes for the confusion this caused and thank you for bringing to our attention.” Len, hope that helps.

If you’re a football fan who doesn’t want to miss a single touchdown, NFL Redone is a must-have channel. But you don’t need a cable or satellite TV subscription to watch Redone every Sunday.

To get NFL Redone for the lowest price, select Sling Blue and the Sports Extra add-on for a total of $40/month. Sling TV’s Service Optimizer ToolUnfortunately, Sling TV isn’t the best option if you want to watch NFL games across all the networks that air them: CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network.

Local FOX and NBC stations are available with Sling Blue, but only in select markets. If you combine the base subscription and Sports Plus add-on, you’ll pay a steep $75.98 per month.

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When you subscribe to both, toucan stream NFL Redone for the same price as YouTube TV or a few bucks less. The FBO Standard plan is $59.99 per month, but it’s practically hidden on both’s website.

With either plan, you must pay an extra $10.99 per month if you want to watch NFL Redone. If you want to watch NFL Redone but don’t need to stream it to a TV set, there’s an even more affordable option that restricts viewing to your smartphone.

Watching NFL Redone doesn’t require a cable or satellite TV subscription. Finally, compare free trial offers if you don’t know which live TV streaming service to try.

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