Can You Get X Ray On Xbox Minecraft

Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
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We all know it's coming: Microsoft's next-generation gaming console, the Xbox Series X is set to release later this year in 2020, and it's practically inevitable that Minecraft will be making moves to fully support and take advantage of its powerful hardware. It has sold copies in the hundreds of millions, has a huge following of dedicated players, and lets you unlock your every creative desire.

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It's also available on every platform imaginable, including Xbox One, Windows 10, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox Series X represents the beginning of a new generation of console gaming, with new powerful hardware pushing groundbreaking features that we haven't seen in the console space yet, like super speedy SSD storage, ray tracing, and more reliable performance even with upgraded visuals.

Instead, Moving Studios will leverage the power and flexibility of Minecraft : Bedrock Edition, which currently spans Xbox One, Windows 10, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS with one code base and feature set across all platforms. The Bedrock Edition will expand to encompass the next-gen gaming consoles, with some console-specific upgrades for the Xbox Series X.

Toucan expect much faster loading times due to the ultra-fast SSD present in the Xbox Series X, more consistent performance (possibly at higher frame rates, since Minecraft isn't very resource hungry), smooth animations, greater draw distances (how far away toucan see at once), and better stability when lots of things are happening on the screen, like explosions or large fights with multiple mobs. All of this should be present in Minecraft day one just due to running on the superior hardware of the Xbox Series X, but Moving Studios can carefully optimize the game to take advantage of the Xbox Series X, making these benefits even more prevalent later down the line.

The most obvious feature Minecraft take away from the Xbox Series X, however, is ray tracing. This revolutionary technology allows games to track the path of light beams in real time, leading too much realistic reflections, shadows, environments, and more.

On games that are already meant to be photo-realistic, ray tracing allows them to take it to the next level by accurately portraying lighting instead of simply “guessing” as was commonplace before. Now, it should be noted that Minecraft with ray tracing already exists, and it looks incredible, and completely alters the look and feel of this over ten-year-old game.

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However, Minecraft with ray tracing is in early beta, and it only works on Windows 10, with a select few high-end NVIDIA RTX graphics cards. This makes the tech extremely impressive, but limited in how many people can get their hands on it.

The Xbox Series X is using custom designed AMD hardware for its CPU and GPU, and will utilize the full power of DirectX Ultimate (Microsoft's suite of developer-centric tools and API's) to bring ray tracing to console game (and AMD hardware) for the first time. As is, Minecraft with ray tracing is awesome, but is missing tons of textures, features, and suffers from inconsistent performance and stability.

Microsoft also made it clear to us, after the fact, that this was a technical demonstration of ray tracing on the Xbox Series X, and in no way was a product announcement. There's absolutely no reason to expect Minecraft do anything but release a free update for Xbox Series X that enables the new features.

Like mentioned above, developers are encouraged to offer free updates to existing games to enable new next-gen features, but at the end of the day the final decision is up to the developers, and even if they decide to offer a free upgrade (which a lot already have), the method of delivery is up to them as well. I fully expect Minecraft to also take advantage of Smart Delivery, being a first-party title.

While it hasn't been confirmed, it would genuinely be shocking of Microsoft ignores its own advice and chooses an alternative upgrade path for players downloading Minecraft on their Xbox Series X. Minecraft has been a poster child for cross-platform support, and was one of the earliest games to offer cross-play across platform lines as well.

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This is the benefit of taking advantage of features like Smart Delivery, because instead of having to figure out how to connect two entirely separate games (if a developer even bothers), Moving Studios can use all the existing features in Minecraft that protect your progression. That means it should be easier than ever to keep all of your information moving forward, and ensure any money you spent purchasing new maps, worlds, or packs in Minecraft doesn't go to waste on Xbox Series X.

Whenever next-gen features for Minecraft are released, Smart Delivery should ensure that an Xbox Series X downloads and installs the latest updates with all the goodies it can offer, while older consoles will play it safe. The release date for Minecraft fully supporting the Xbox Series X, including with ray tracing, is yet to be determined.

The answer here is a little more muddy, because Sony hasn't been as clear on things like next-gen upgrades, or backwards compatibility. Microsoft may choose to hold back on fully supporting the PlayStation 5 in order to make sure the best version of Minecraft is on Xbox Series X, or things like ray tracing may be much harder to implement on PlayStation 5 without things like DirectX Ultimate.

It has sold copies in the hundreds of millions, has a huge following of dedicated players, and lets you unlock your every creative desire. It's also available on every platform imaginable, including Xbox One, Windows 10, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

These awesome books make for a great gift, or learning experience for a younger loved one! Help bring the game to life Halo Infinite test fighting is most likely coming in the near future.

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Here's how to sign up for the Halo Insider Program and access the beta so toucan help 343 Industries test the game. You would probably never have guessed, but the extremely popular gaming title, Minecraft, has been blessed with an upgrade in terms of realism.

It is called ray tracing, and it is introduced by the famous chipmaker, Nvidia. Although originally intended for PC gamers, ray tracing will be made available for Xbox Series X as part of the new Minecraft RTX.

The portrayal of light and shadows in video games has always been sort of problematic, the same with digital SFX. Up until recently, a game had to guess to portray lighting as accurately as possible.

Nvidia has recently introduced the new ray tracing technology based on its innovative RTX chipsets. Ray tracing makes lighting absolutely gorgeous in games, regardless of the genre.

Enabling ray tracing in Minecraft isn’t something that requires messing around with hardware and software. Go to the app’s search bar and type in Minecraft for Windows 10.

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However, running Minecraft for Windows 10 won’t automatically enable ray tracing in the game. Navigate to the Insider content tab located in the left part of the screen.

Now, RTX Beta should be automatically installed and applied to your Minecraft for Windows 10 version. A decade ago, having more complex video games on our phones was not expected.

That has changed, of course, as we have much more complex games than Minecraft on our pocket computers. Ray tracing requires modern graphics juggernauts, and smartphone and tablet technology is still years away.

So, the first thing you need to do after installing and enabling Minecraft RTX is to update your Nvidia drivers. Once you have installed the latest version of the GeForce experience app, run it.

The app should suggest installing the latest drivers automatically. Once your graphics drivers are up to date, you’re ready to enjoy Minecraft RTX.

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Provided that you have done everything properly and your computer is powerful enough, toucan freely turn this feature on or off at any time you please. Alternatively, to turn the effect on and off on the fly, use the semicolon key on your keyboard (;).

Keep in mind, though, that not every Minecraft world supports ray tracing. According to Nvidia, you should go with the GeForce RTX 2060 or newer if you want things to run smoothly.

Intel Core i5 10400 or AMD Ry zen 5 3600 Corsair DDR4 RAM 16 GB or 32 GB Samsung 860 EVE SSD 250 GB or Samsung 970 EVE SSD 250 GB This setup, in addition to a supported GPU and Windows 10 Home 64 bit, should be considered as minimum requirements to run Minecraft RTX properly.

Unlike the guesswork technology of the past, ray tracing works on its own, performing all lighting functions in real-time. It is actually a huge deal for the future of PC and console gaming.

It is said that this technology is set to become the norm in all upcoming big game titles. As long as you have the right hardware components and are willing to spend $30, toucan enable ray tracing in Minecraft.

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It’s just downloading and installing two Microsoft Store apps and making some tweaks within them. If you want to try it, toucan give the trial version a whirl and decide whether you like it by yourself.

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