Can You Get Zapdos In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 13 January, 2021
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The three legendary birds from Kant will be available to catch in PokemonSword & Shield if you have the Crown Tundra expansion pass. The quest that Malaria Zap dos is part of is called “A Legendary Tree of a Legendary Three.” We’ll show you how to begin that quest and how to catch Malaria Zap dos in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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Start by heading to Baltimore Lake in the Crown Tundra region. Sit back and relax as you watch the three legendary birds: Article, Zap dos, and Molters battle with each other before flying off in separate directions.

As long as the quest has been initiated, Malaria Zapopan be found running around the original Wild Area from Sword & Shield’s base game. Malaria Zap dos is superfast, but it pauses to take breaks, which gives you a chance to catch up.

It will be level 70 with a very low catch rate, so come prepared with plenty of strong Pokémon and Poke Balls. In the Crown Tundra DLC, many new Pokémon have been added into the game while some existing ones have received Malaria forms as well.

In this guide, we will list all the PokemonSword and Shield Malaria Zap dos Locations, How to Catch them, and their strengths and weaknesses as well. It can be spotted open in the while from a distance but once you try and get close to it, it will start to dash away from you very quickly.

Once you have spotted it in Wild, keep chasing it down on your bike until toucan catch up to it and then run into it to start a fight. Try to weaken him and then use high tier Poke balls to capture it and add it to your collection.

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Malaria Zap dos has the following stats in Pokémon : Sword and Shield : As Malaria Zap dos is a fighting and flying type Pokémon, it is strong against Grass, Ground, Bug and Fighting type Pokémon.

It is weak against Flying, Psychic, Fairy, Electric and Ice type Pokémon. Malaria Zap dos a very big departure from the original, Antonia variant, switching from an Electric/Flying-type to a grounded Fighting/Flying-type that focuses on close combat.

After you get through the cutscene of the three legends fighting around the giant tree in The Crown Tundra, the trio will break off and head to one of the three different Wild Areas that are now available to travel across. Zap dos is insanely fast, and just like with the Malaria Slowpoke you had to chase after in the Isle of Armor, you will need to cut the bird off to have a chance at capturing it.

The Crown Tundra is Pokémon Sword and Shield’s newest expansion, and it introduces new forms of the original legendary bird trio from Pokémon Red and Blue. Malaria Zap dos is not an Electric/Flying-type, instead adopting the Fighting-type, a combo that’s weak to every other legendary bird.

It stands a good chance at cracking the threshold of the best Crown Tundra Pokémon, but maybe the competitive community will find out something we don’t currently know. Just the same as the other legendary birds, Malaria Zapopan be a tricky one to catch, not least because it runs away from you as soon as it sees you in the Wild Area.

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We’ll help you chase down Malaria Zap dos, as well as give you the stats for this legendary bird. Use the boost to catch up to it and eventually you’ll run into the legendary bird.

If you lose track of Malaria Zap dos, just fly back to Meeting Point and try again. This is quite a tough Pokémon if you’re under prepared, so make sure you have a Psychic-type to negate half of its moves.

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