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Obstacle CoursesIMPORTANT: Flexible cancellation conditions & other measures due to the Coronavirus. IMPORTANT: Flexible cancellation conditions & other measures due to the Coronavirus.

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Read more Beat the Tumbling Tables and reach the other site. Contrary to course Red, this Blob has the possibility to jump off two different levels.

This obstacle helps you to qualify as a true Wipe out contestant. As soon as the Dizzy starts turning your challenge begins.

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I've found the location on Google Maps. TotalWipeout Also known as Winter Wipe out (2011–12) TotalWipeout : Freddie and Paddy Takeover (2020)Generate showcased by Matt Units Scott LarsenDirected by Richard ValentinePresented by Richard Hammond Amanda By ram Narrated by Richard Hammond Freddie FlintoffPaddy Guinness Composer Marc Sylvan Country of originated KingdomOriginal language English No.

Of series5 (Normal series)1 (Winter Wipe out)1 (TotalWipeout : Freddie and Paddy Takeover) No. Of episodes57 (Normal series)12 (Winter Wipe out)6 (TotalWipeout : Freddie and Paddy Takeover)ProductionExecutive producers Andrew NorgateAndy Rowe (Winter Wipe out)Production locationsBenavidez, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaRunning time60 minutes30 minutes (TW Fast Forward)40 minutes (TotalWipeout : Freddie and Paddy Takeover)Production companyInitialDistributor Endemic Shine Group ReleaseOriginal network BBC One Picture format PAL576i Original release Regular series : 3 January 2009 – 31 December 2012 Winter Wipe out : 17 December 2011 – 31 March 2012 TotalWipeout: Freddie and Paddy Takeover : 8 August 2021 – 12 September 2020ChronologyRelated shows Wipe out Ninja Warrior Cannonball External links Production website TotalWipeout is a British game show, hosted by Richard Hammond and Amanda By ram, which first aired on the BBC on 3 January 2009.

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In each episode, contestants competed in a series of challenges in an attempt to win £10,000. These were gradually eliminated over four rounds until one contestant remained, who won a £10,000 cash prize and a trophy.

TotalWipeout was a licensed version of Wipe out, the Endemic show that originated in the United States in 2008, with the name slightly altered to avoid confusion with the BBC version of the earlier game show of the same name. In the summer of 2020, Top Gear presenters Freddie Flint off and Paddy Guinness hosted a six-episode best-of series, featuring the presenters narrating classic episodes of the show, called TotalWipeout : Freddie and Paddy Takeover.

The show is hosted by Richard Hammond, who commentates as the contestants attempt to complete the challenges. Although the main footage was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hammond recorded his sections from a studio in England.

Meanwhile, Amanda By ram interviewed the contestants during the show and remained on the sidelines as they made their way through the course. During TotalWipeout contestants are put through a series of obstacle courses and challenges.

After the fourth and final round the fastest of the remaining three competitors around the course wins the game and the cash prize. The Qualifier The Qualifier involves contestants attempting to complete a short obstacle course in the least time possible; the eight contestants with the slowest times are eliminated, with the fastest twelve advancing to the second round (although in the case of the Celebrity specials, all participating contestants take part in the first two rounds).

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The Qualifier contains the dominant Sucker Punch and Big Balls. 53 contenders in the show's history have conquered the Big Balls, declared by Hammond as the hardest Wipe out obstacle ever.

The Sweeper (Series 1–2) The Sweeper involves the twelve remaining contestants standing on 10-foot-tall (3.0 m) podiums, over water, while a robotic arm spins around in a circular motion. The contestants have to jump over it, with the arm getting faster and higher in random sections of every rotation.

The game continues until a single player remains, but unlike the American version the winner does not receive a prize. The six contestants who are first to fall are eliminated; the rest move on to Dizzy Dummies.

In Series 2 the rules were modified so that only the final five advanced instead of six (depending on the next challenge). Series 2 saw modified versions of The Sweeper, including “The Crusher” and the addition of Potato Sacks.

Crash Mountain involves the twelve remaining contestants standing on 10 ft tall podiums over water while three robotic arms swing round in a circular motion. 1 arm is designed for the contestants to jump onto to reach the center of the mountain; the other 2 arms are designed to knock the contestants into the water while spinning in opposite directions.

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If any contestants falls into the water they must go to any unoccupied podium, climb and attempt it again. Double Cross (Series 5) In Series 5, Double Cross was introduced and is the same as the American version: contestants enter on the three green platforms and exit from the single red one as four sweeper arms come the other way.

The Ski Lift works the same as the American version, which involves the twelve remaining contestants standing on podiums on a “human merry- go -round”, over water, while two robotic sweeper arms, called the Scary quid Ski-poles, spin around trying to knock them over. The contestants have to use the grab-bars provided to lift themselves over the sweepers, which spin faster and higher in random sections of every rotation.

When they are released, the contestants must make their way to the finish line by crossing the obstacles in their way. The final contestant in each round to reach the finish line is eliminated.

Examples of obstacles in Dizzy Dummies include the Hippy Tables, Teeter Totters, Dock Maze, Crazy Beams, Doughnuts and the Barrel Crossing. In the first challenge the participants must stand on two parallel treadmills, and when the klaxon sounds they must duck to avoid a giant swinging wrecking ball, which is being lowered and getting faster with every swing.

In the second challenge, when the klaxon sounds the contestants must lift three rubber doors to reach the end of The Treadmill. Contestants need to keep running while the sweeper arms move and the Terror Twins throw things at them.

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The five contestants are strapped onto a “human merry- go -round” and spun at speed for 40 seconds (same as Dizzy Dummies). When they are released, the contestants must make their way to the finish line by crossing the obstacles in their way.

The obstacles remain the same each week but a different course “theme” may be used (Ice Hockey or The Alps for example). The game is played twice and each time the final contestant to reach the finish line is eliminated.

The three remaining contestants must complete the “toughest obstacle course in the world” in the quickest time possible. The contestant who completes the zone fastest wins the grand prize of £10,000.

In later series and Winter Wipe out, the contestant does not have to re-attempt the obstacle if they fall off; they simply swim to the next to save time. The fastest regular contestant time in the new Wipe out Zone was set by both Scott and William with 0:58 albeit during different shows.

The slowest winning time on the Wipe out Zone is 4:53 (set by Steve, Series 1 Episode 2). The nine main episodes of Series 4 winning times were 100 seconds or under, with 0:58 being the fastest and 1:40 being the slowest.

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SeriesObstacles 1Killer Surfboarded Climbing WallSpinnerRolling Relaunch Pads 2Monkey BarsBrusher 3Rapid Imbalance BeamCrazy Sweeper Tarzan SwingTurntable 4Seesaw of Truth 5Bumper Turntables WinterFling-y-ma-jigIcy StairsIce-PicksFright-ciclesImpossible Snowflakes Alongside the regular episodes, a variety of special episodes were held after the main competition. A similar special episode, called Last Chance Saloon, featured in Series 5.

Also in Series 4 there was an International Special in which a handful of British contestants went head-to-head with contestants from around the world as TotalWipeout went global for the first time, each side captained by a former TotalWipeout “legend”. After the two rounds the points are added up and the five highest scorers progress to Stage 3.

Contestants The first episode, which aired on 26 December 2009, featured fitness expert Kevin Adams, Strictly Come Dancing professional dancers James and Ola Jordan, actor Luke Bailey, I'm a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here! 2008 winner and former Fasteners star Joe Swash, TV presenter Kaye Adams, stand-up comedian and actor Tim Vine, vocal coach and session singer Carrie Grant, soap star Adele Silva, and javelin thrower Fatima Whit bread.

In the special Richard Hammond filmed his segments on set in Buenos Aires. The first, which aired on 18 September 2010, featured Michaela Astrakhan, San Lloyd, Joe Absalom, Antony Costa, Kate Lawler, Nina Benjamin, Jeff Brazier, Iran Thomas and Tony Robin.

Nancy Lam was supposed to take part, but had to pull out and spectate. Joe Absalom won, with Jeff Brazier and Kate Lawler coming second and third respectively.

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The second episode, aired on 3 September 2011, featured Marcus Patrick, Peter Duncan, Susie Amy, Chris Rankin, Donna Fraser, Clare Nair, Neil Paddock, Melissa Duffield, Lady Sovereign and DOM July. It was won by Marcus Patrick, with Peter Duncan in second place and Susie Amy in third.

The first winter special, aired on 24 March 2012, featured Eddie Edwards, Tony Mortimer, Steven Arnold, Laura Hamilton, Derek Redmond, Zoe Tyler, Connie Fisher, Charlie Baker, Nicola T and Ellie Crises as the contestants. Eddie Edwards won the show with Tony Mortimer coming runner-up and Steven Arnold in third place.

However, the US version sounds a siren when the “elimination” part of the game is over, and offers a $1,000 bonus prize to the winner. The UK version does neither, with commentary often mocking the fact that players may well be unaware that they need not continue, and that they are putting such effort into something that offers no reward.

In celebrity editions a player's ranking (first to last to fall) in this round counts towards their points score. The courses and obstacles are identical to the US version, but the format of the round differs.

In the UK, it is played 2 times, with the last person to complete the course eliminated. Thus, the finalists for the UK version are not decided until the last Dizzy Dummies round is complete.

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This process also means that the UK show has 3 contestants in the Wipe out Zone, rather than the US version's 4. As of Series 2, Dizzy Dummies was often replaced by “The Treadmill”, in which two contestants battle to keep up with an industrial-sized treadmill, while trying to avoid wrecking balls trying to knock them off.

The show retains the gentle mockery of the contestants, although the style of humor is generally drier than the US version. The commentary makes great use of this fact, referencing the location constantly, and often gently mocking contestants for having travelled so far to take part. The slight change to the show's name is to differentiate it from an earlier BBC game show named Wipe out, hosted by Paul Daniels, and later Bob Monk house.

Richard Hammond and Amanda By ram continued as the presenting team. The course was re-designed for the series, including the introduction of a brand new Wipe out Zone.

The final episode, an award special which was held back to be broadcast at a later date, aired on 31 December 2012. The new series, still presented by Richard Hammond and Amanda By ram, introduced a winter-themed course, with new rounds (Ski Lift and Winter Blunder land) and new obstacles (such as the Candy Hoops and Granny's House).

Available on Facebook and through a standalone Downloadable Application, the game adopts the use of 'Motion Sensor Technology' available through a webcam, whereby the user negotiates the obstacle course through a variety of movements common with the show. Total Wipe out returning with Paddy Guinness and Andrew Flint off as hosts”.

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^ a b The Sun Xmas TV Guide, 26 November 2009 ^ Fletcher, Alex (28 October 2009). ^ The episode numbers for series 5 are not in order and there is a large difference between them because of the broadcast of “Winter Wipe out (episodes 48 to 59) between the airing of the celebrity specials and the airing of series 5 proper; the BBC website shows the Series 5 celebrity specials as being episodes 11 and 12.

Total Wipe out returning with Paddy Guinness and Andrew Flint off as hosts”. Total Wipe out : Freddie and Paddy Takeover, review: Top Gear duo's banter was a load of big red balls”.

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