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In science fiction stories or superhero comics, X-rayvision is the ability to see through physical objects at the discretion of the holder of this superpower. The most famous possessor of this ability is DC Comics iconic superhero character, Superman.

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Custom Wavefront LAST procedures can not only sharpen your vision but remove the need for impediments like contacts and glasses. The Conversation is asking kids to send in questions they’d like an expert to answer.

Radiography machines use different types of radiation (such as x -rays, visible light, or microwaves) to look inside objects. On the other side of the object you need a few fancy cameras, called “detectors”.

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The x -rays pass straight through the soft parts of your hand but are stopped by the thick and strong bones. The doctor uses the radiograph to see if the bones of your hand and fingers are broken.

Scientists and engineers have designed powerful radiography machines that can see through objects much more interesting than a suitcase. Toucan use these machines to see right through cars and trucks to check what they are carrying.

Toucan see the flow of water or oil through big metal pipes. Toucan shine x -rays through walls, airplane wings, and even nuclear reactors to look for cracks or other problems that the human eye cannot see.

The new lens is a meta material, an artificial material with a structure made from many tiny parts, and it could drastically expand what lenses can do. Regular lenses focus and aim visible, infrared, and microwave light, making them useful in a variety of everyday devices such as cameras, cell phones, and eyeglasses.

That's a downside because multiple lenses and complex controls are often needed to guide and focus light with precision. They laid out tiny gold rings, just 100 microns across, in a grid on a thin wafer of silicon nitride.

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By heating or cooling the material, researchers can make the resonators rotate in ways that change how the lens bends light. Evan Reed, a physicist at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, is impressed with the work.

That would give users fine control over the frequency and direction of the light beam for applications such as precision scanning, says team member HU “Tiger” Tao. Tao and colleagues are currently working on quicker methods than temperature changes to rotate and move the resonators.

Seeing X -rays wouldn’t be anything like what they show in superhero movies, not even close. There are very few things on Earth that naturally emit enough X -rays to make themselves visible.

While you were casually shooting X -rays, anyone not wears a lead outfit in the nearby vicinity would be exposed to ionizing radiation. You could look up the sky to see a faint glow of space radiation mostly blocked out by the Earth’s atmosphere.

When that gets boring, you could move on to particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland. Neither our bodies, nor the environment we live in are suited to this superpower.

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With over two million working parts, our eyes are the second-most complex organ, behind only our brain. Leave that one to Superman and stick with red capes and make-believe for now, at least until cancer is no longer a problem for humanity.

She was pronounced dead and her blackened body was covered by a bedsheet to be taken to a mortuary. In the official report, the doctors wrote: “Death due to an electric shock.” Her family members began to prepare for her funeral.

As for helping herself and relatives, she said: “I cannot ‘see’ myself nor my relatives.” Perhaps her emotional ties to kin prevented an impartial analysis. At present, this woman has retired from her work and lives in a remote village.

In the beginning of the 1980s, all over the world, and especially in China, many children were born with supernatural abilities. Usually, if a person cannot maintain a high level of morality and can 't resist the temptation of material benefits, fame, and glory, his abilities are likely to be closed, become less efficient, or work inconsistently.

If you do not value virtues or do not cultivate your jinxing, you simply will not develop any super normal abilities. With good jinxing, some people develop super normal abilities at their levels.

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