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They are dangerous in the horde, but there is also one very powerful breaker called a Breaker. First, acquire a good rifle, don’t visit the Breaker if you have a low-quality weapon.

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But once again carry a good weapon with you, and hope you had visited enough Nero checkpoints to boost your Stamina. The Breaker will be busy eating a zombie, in between crashed broken plane.

Don’t worry, once the Breaker is trapped he will be like for a while, keep shooting his head. To find the second trap, cross the broken plane and look on the ground in the grass.

To survive, Deacon will have to go against all sorts of obstacles, including Breakers, infected wildlife, and the lawless thugs who will do anything to stay alive one more day. Their meat can be sold at every camp as a way to earn Trust and Credits to buy guns, weapons, and bike upgrades.

The Dawson Guide will help you complete all the quests and defeat the most difficult hordes of zombies. On the first pages of the guide, you will find some general advice, which will help you during your first hours with the production.

We have also prepared a lot of information concerning weapons and combat in order to help you learn about the most important mechanisms of the game. In the guide, you will also find a page about the controls, and it should help you survive during the first hours in this dangerous world.

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As the motorcycle in Dawson plays a very important role, we have prepared a separate chapter on it. Remember that if you do not take care of your machine properly, it will at some point stop in the middle of the road, and you will have to continue the rest of the journey on foot.

Information on the progression of the hero, gaining experience points and available skills can also be found in our guide. In our guide, you will also find information about crafting, as it is a very important mechanic in Dawson.

The game allows you to single-handedly repair your motorcycle, as well as produce medicine, traps, and Molotov cocktails. From our guide, you will also learn where to gain resources and how not to put yourself at risk from other people.

The player steps into the shoes of an ex-member of a motorcycle gang, Deacon St. John. The creators stress that the player's task will be to survive in a dangerous world and deal with the hero's trauma.

You will not have to play the role of a classical hero, your purpose within this world is not to look for a cure or to save it. During the game, you will also discover the story of the hero, you will see flashbacks to the years before the apocalypse many times.

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The full version of the game, A digital soundtrack, A digital art book, Three drifter bike skins, An early unlock of the Monkey Wrench ability, A dynamic theme for the PS4. The full version of the game, A steel book, A 48-page art book, The soundtrack (on a CD), Three drifter bike skins, An early unlock of the Monkey Wrench ability, A dynamic theme for the PS4.

The full version of the game, A steel book, A 48-page art book The soundtrack (on a CD), Three drifter bike skins, 4 decals, 6 pins, A figurine of the hero with a zombie and a motorcycle, An early unlock of the Monkey Wrench ability, A dynamic theme for the PS4. In order to be able to produce and upgrade your equipment (weapons, traps, medicine, grenades, etc) you will have to travel through the game's world in search of raw materials and parts such as empty bottles, nails, canvases and kerosene.

It contains information on crafting plans and items that you may create in the game. The newts we encounter are, of course, hostile to Deacon, and they can attack him and will try to kill him if he does not decide to defend against them.

Initially, it had several endings, depending on the choices made by the player during the game. However, after some time developers have abandoned this idea and the whole main storyline has become a linear story.

Shortly after completing the main storyline, the player can unlock a secret ending. No, developers of Dawson have abandoned the idea of making moral choices in the game.

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Choices in Dawson do not affect the plot of the game, which has a linear structure. Time spent with the game can significantly extend due to various additional missions, exploration of the world, battles with hordes or searching for secrets.

The game should display a warning on your screen, which will state that you are leaving the mission area. A mission can also end in failure if the game requires that you act without being detected.

The creators wanted each player to face the dangerous world as lonely as the main character. We pay attention to your problems, and so we have gathered them, put them in one place, and solved and explained them as clearly as possible.

The chapter titled World Atlas offers high quality maps, on which we have highlighted, among others, the most important locations, encampments, bandit hideouts, and places related to various side activities.= The Dawson game is distinguished by changing weather conditions and a day and night cycle.

This second mechanic will provide you with another variety of enemies; during the night the most vile creatures will wake up, and they have no regard for your life and fatigue, they will chase you until you lose them or fall into their claws. As far as weather conditions are concerned, in DaysGoneyou will see beautiful, sunny days, snowfall and huge downpours.

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Toucan find more information on how the weather affects the gameplay, and about the day and night cycle, in the following chapters: With it, toucan quickly traverse the game's world and run away from opponents.

You have to take care of your equipment, repair it, refuel it, and even protect it against thieves and mutants. The Motorcycle chapter of our game guide contains the most important information about Deacon's machine.

If you have purchased the Dawson game before its release, toucan download it to your console. These can be, among other types, zombie-children (called newts) or individuals characterized by a much greater resistance to the attacks of your hero.

As the Dawson game has a large, open world, there is a quick travel feature available. However, in order to unlock it, you must reach a friendly encampment or first clear out the location where you want to quickly travel to of any opponents.

The game divides them into melee weapons (knife, baseball bat) and firearms (pistols, automatic and sniper rifles, crossbows and shotguns). You have to descend traditionally even if Deacon is forced to, e.g. climb down from a very tall lookout tower.

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After entering deep water, a bar will be displayed on your screen, and if you do not reach the shore quickly enough, the hero will unfortunately drown. This obstacle does not apply to rivers and very shallow reservoirs, where the water only reaches the ankles or the waist of the character.

Dawson contains some survival elements (you must, e.g. look around for supplies and use medication to restore Deacon to full health), but it is not a very demanding production after all. It is worth noting that the difficulty level is not related to any of the trophies available in the game.

In case of danger and detection, toucan also help yourself with rocks and other items to distract enemies. Traveling to neighboring areas of the world map may require driving through the tunnel on the motorcycle.

When you push circle the main character can only sit down and sneak up in this position. Deacon will lie down on the ground and begin to crawl only in the places planned by the authors.

The photo mode will be temporarily disabled while watching cutscenes or during the display of animations that are impossible to block. Toucan switch between the main tabs of the photo mode by using the L1 and R1 buttons.

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Before you take a picture, press the triangle button to hide the user interface. This is not the result of a game error, but rather the effect of a conscious decision made by the developers.

Some storyline missions in Dawson play out at a certain time of day (e.g. at night or in the morning). Important characters and NPCs who accompany Deacon can die in Dawson during some missions.

Death of allies causes mission failure and will restore you to the previous checkpoint (control point). Pay attention to the actions of your allies and do not postpone in helping them when they, for example, are fighting with one of the monsters.

We inform you about all dangerous moments and circumstances on the following page of our walkthrough in the Story & Campaign section. The information contained in it can help you avoid making any serious mistakes at the beginning of the game.

Take care of your motorcycle -Deacon's machine should be repaired regularly in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Higher quality guns can, in turn, be purchased from merchants that live in the encampments.

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At the start of the game, focus on improving your stats and unlocking important skills. Until you have made your hero stronger, use your bike to avoid confrontations with any encountered Hordes.

There are no plans to release the title on other gaming platforms like PC, Xbox One, or Switch. It's worth noting that Dawson works on all PS4 models, although the PlayStation 4 Pro console offers the best graphics and frame rate.

Deacon was formerly a member of the biker gang, but in the post-apocalyptic world of Dawson he spends most of the time by traveling alone. Other motorcyclists (including Boozer and Ricky) appear mainly during the completion of individual missions.

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