Can You Kill All Zombies In Resident Evil 2

Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
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Save precious ammo by using effective methods of killing zombies in ResidentEvil2. These zombies are some of the most resilient undead in any game, surviving multiple shots and standing right back up again.

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Depending on what difficulty is selected at the start of the game, a zombie can take anywhere between 3 and 5 headshots with the Matilda to knock down, and then even more if they decide to get back up again. One of the most obvious choices, and a tried and true method, is to simply make a lot of Matilda ammo and use it to take down zombies.

In the event you’re spending more time in a room solving a puzzle or looting, you will need to follow up this attack. After knocking a zombie to the ground, instead of using more ammo to explode its head, approach it with your knife drawn.

It will remove one segment of the knife’s durability, but you will be saving roughly 5 shots. Very little aiming is necessary and with so much fuel found throughout the game, the Chemical Flamethrower is an excellent choice for players looking to save the Matilda ammo for taking down the Tyrant class enemies.

However, problems can begin to arise when ammunition becomes scarce, so new strategies for dispatching the undead are needed. Hailing from the land down under, Sam Chandler brings a bit of the Southern Hemisphere flair to his work.

After bouncing round a few universities, securing a bachelor degree, and entering the video game industry, he's found his new family here at Shack news as a Guides Editor. Regardless if you are playing Leon or Claire, you’ll have encountered the majority of enemy types by the time to reach Umbrella’s underground lab.

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You’ll know when they’ve taken enough fire damage because they will begin to smoke and lose all the meat and vines on their body. These enemies are way easier to kill on Leon since the flamethrower is a great way to take out multiple groups and efficiently burn their bodies.

The only Plant Zombies we suggest removing entirely are the ones in the greenhouse since you’ll end up running through this area a lot. At other times, toucan fire off three perfectly-aimed shots, and yet the zombie remains standing, continuing to stumble towards you.

Neither of these is good, as your shots won’t hit the mark or you’ll fly through ammo very quickly. The biggest problem when it comes to heads hotting zombies with the common pistol, is that in ResidentEvil2, they can sometimes seem unfazed by the strike to the face.

Toucan sometimes earn a critical hit, where the enemy’s head will completely cave in or explode. This area seems tiny, meaning it’s tough to hit when enemies are moving around.

For newcomers to the genre, it can be difficult to survive Raccoon City’s many zombies and monsters, not to mention the puzzles found around nearly every corner. Zombies are harder to take down, resources are scarce, and you’ll be doing a lot of moving around through areas where your safety will be compromised.

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However, with a few tips to get yourself started, you’ll be ready to conquer both Leon and Claire’s stories and strike a blow to the heart of Umbrella Corporation. Many other zombie series live and die by the “headshot to kill strategy, with a bullet to the dome capable of taking down any undead coming your way.

Toucan expedite its final death by continuing to fire into its head as it goes down, but it can take nine or more shots for this to happen. There are some very tight areas where it will be necessary to completely kill enemies in order to keep them from attacking you, but more often than not, toucan simply shoot them in their legs to limit their mobility.

Enemies will lunge at you from a few feet away in order to grab and take a bite out of your neck, which can do serious damage. Pressing this before you’re bitten will cause you to stick a knife in their head or a grenade in their mouth, either of which will force them off of you long enough to get away.

With the game’s limited carrying space, keeping a supply of both knives and grenades can seem tedious, but it will come in handy during difficult moments. With the many twists and turns in ResidentEvil2’s environments, it’s nearly impossible to stay properly oriented without looking at your map on a regular basis.

When you’re struggling against enemies in a confusing space, toucan also use the map to locate the nearest exit without having to waste precious in-game time. This lets you rotate the items around in any direction you want, allowing you to find secrets codes or buttons.

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Other times, however, you’ll find something written on the underside of an object which can come in handy with nearby puzzles. The storage you have available at the start of the game will seem like plenty, but then you’ll get a second, third, fourth, or even fifth weapon, along with extra ammunition.

Early on in the ResidentEvil2, you’ll find yourself with an abundance of red and green herbs, which serve as your primary healing items. It can be tempting to discard them in order to pick up a new weapon or key item at this point, but do yourself a favor and head back to your nearest storage container and drop it off there.

There will come a point when you’ll need those healing items and then some in order to survive, and toucan always go get them out of storage later. ResidentEvil2 features the typewriter saving system from the 1998 game, but you don’t have to find ribbons in order to use it.

This means toucan essentially save as often as you like, and there are multiple slots in case you want to keep a backup, should you be nearly dead or out of ammunition in your current state. At one point, we found it had been well over an hour since the game had auto-saved, and one wrong move would have resulted in us losing a huge amount of progress.

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After getting the Parking Lot Key card in Leon's story, I decided to lure Mr. X and all the zombies nearby in one cell. We stayed there in that cell for 5 mins and not a single zombie died from Mr. X punches.

I know the zombies in this game are bullet sponges and have fragile limbs but are they immune to punches? Archie posted... Mr. X loves his t-virus brethren and only teasingly punches them.

I only saw this concept for friendly fire in Devil May Cry 1 Secret Mission where 2 cyclops must kill each other. At least Executioner Main in RE5 can friendly fire other enemies. The best things about Japan: anime, manga, Rooney and sushi. Sailor Moon, producing Rooney since 1992.

Archie posted... ryouma17 posted... not sure he can kill standing zombies but I blew rites leg off and Mr x stepped on her chasing me up the stairs and she maidenhair did you see Rita ? I'm currently playing Claire A and I just got to the part where you start encountering the plant zombies.

I tried shooting one with flame rounds from the grenade launcher and that seemed to burn it up, but again, it had regenerated the next time I passed by. As Claire to kill an Ivy, shoot out all the orange bulbs on the creature in which the Ivy will fall to the ground, then switch to her Grenade Launcher loaded with Flame Rounds and shoot it to kill it off.

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Use flame rounds or flamethrower once they are put down a first time by whatever means, either shooting all their bulbs or just going all brute force by doing enough damage with whatever weapon. The pesticide (V-Jolt) is more of a plot device than any solution to this issue, as more Ivy's will spawn.

If you want to be faster, shooting them in a bulb or two even with a handgun causes them to recoil, letting you just run by. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to ask and answer questions.

He’s attracted to noise, so shooting zombies and getting into scuffles is the worst thing toucan do when he’s chasing you. These can be tense moments, but as long as you plan out what you’re doing, remain relatively quiet, and keep moving, then you shouldn’t have too many issues at all.

As mentioned above, toucan temporarily disable the Tyrant by dealing lots of damage, but be very careful as you’re probably going to need those grenades and bullets you’ve been stashing later on. Try not to engage in any combat encounters, as he’s attracted to noise and will find you quickly if you’re fighting the undead.

A true PlayStation veteran, Sammy's covered the world of PS gaming for years, with an enormous Trophy count to prove it.

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