Can You Kill Zombies In Resident Evil

Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Save precious ammo by using effective methods of killing zombies in Residential 2. These zombies are some of the most resilient undead in any game, surviving multiple shots and standing right back up again.

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Players looking to conserve ammo would do well to have a plan in place for how best to kill zombies in Residential 2. Depending on what difficulty is selected at the start of the game, a zombie can take anywhere between 3 and 5 headshots with the Matilda to knock down, and then even more if they decide to get back up again.

One of the most obvious choices, and a tried and true method, is to simply make a lot of Matilda ammo and use it to take down zombies. In the event you’re spending more time in a room solving a puzzle or looting, you will need to follow up this attack.

After knocking a zombie to the ground, instead of using more ammo to explode its head, approach it with your knife drawn. Very little aiming is necessary and with so much fuel found throughout the game, the Chemical Flamethrower is an excellent choice for players looking to save the Matilda ammo for taking down the Tyrant class enemies.

However, problems can begin to arise when ammunition becomes scarce, so new strategies for dispatching the undead are needed. Hailing from the land down under, Sam Chandler brings a bit of the Southern Hemisphere flair to his work.

After bouncing round a few universities, securing a bachelor degree, and entering the video game industry, he's found his new family here at Shack news as a Guides Editor. Nobody likes a zed that won’t stay dead, and in Residential 3 the unruly zombies are more than happy to return and nibble on your neck.

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This is a randomized critical strike, much like it was in Residential 2 Remake, and the key to triggering it is to shoot zombies square in the forehead. Using either your combat knife or gun (assuming you have the spare ammo), slash at or shoot the zed until it reels up with a dying gasp.

Finally, explosive barrels and fire will kill zombies outright, though burning them to death can take a moment (and they will continue to lumber after you until they fall). This isn’t common, but if a zombie appears dead when you enter an area and a bullet doesn’t rouse it then expect it to attack you later.

Knives and bullets don't work. Regardless if you are playing Leon or Claire, you’ll have encountered the majority of enemy types by the time to reach Umbrella’s underground lab.

You’ll know when they’ve taken enough fire damage because they will begin to smoke and lose all the meat and vines on their body. These enemies are way easier to kill on Leon since the flamethrower is a great way to take out multiple groups and efficiently burn their bodies.

I watched the video called 'Knife play” and it mentioned that zombie weakness is the head. Play: SC Lost Sword & The Evil Within”Hope only brings disappointment” This knife run trophy is a pain God give me patience.

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Gold sickle posted... One thing you should know is that zombies and dogs can 't grab you when you're on the stairs. If you must kill the enemy to progress, then make use of stairs to prevent them from using any annoying grab moves to increase your chances of survival.

Gold sickle posted... One thing you should know is that zombies and dogs can 't grab you when you're on the stairs. If you must kill the enemy to progress, then make use of stairs to prevent them from using any annoying grab moves to increase your chances of survival.

If you want to play with knife run, I suggest you to use alternative control. Play: SC Lost Sword & The Evil Within”Hope only brings disappointment” At other times, toucan fire off three perfectly-aimed shots, and yet the zombie remains standing, continuing to stumble towards you.

Neither of these is good, as your shots won’t hit the mark or you’ll fly through ammo very quickly. The biggest problem when it comes to heads hotting zombies with the common pistol, is that in Residential 2, they can sometimes seem unfazed by the strike to the face.

Toucan sometimes earn a critical hit, where the enemy’s head will completely cave in or explode. This area seems tiny, meaning it’s tough to hit when enemies are moving around.

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For some reason I doubt your knights are packing soap and bubble bath in that armor.” For example, some zombies get replaced anyway, so no worry about Crimson heads.

Yo Sephiroth, I'm really happy for you, and I'm going to let you finish, but Kafka Palazzo is the best Final Fantasy villain of all time. I still try not to killZombies unless absolutely necessary, though, so that I have tons of ammo for Hunters later on.

That and having to run all over hell's half acre trying to burn all the bodies before they wake up is a pain because you have to keep refilling your kerosene can. If youkillZombies early on, they won't be replaced by Hunters right away, but do make sure you burn them because Crimson Heads are a waste of ammo, and they can deal decent damage making you waste your health items also. The second half of the game sees harder enemies come into play and being totally dry on ammo sucks.

After a while, all zombies get replaced by hunters (Not a 1×1 dimension. (One notable moment: The candle room just before the first encounter with Yawn in the attic.

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“Quite frankly I think a large part of the problem is people thinking $60 entitles them to the Holy Grail and a smile from God.” The zombies populating Raccoon City in Residential 2 are surprisingly resilient.

It takes a lot of bullets to knock them down, and even then there’s no guarantee they’ll stay down. Below, you’ll find our field guide to the undead with tips on keeping them dead.

Bullets are hard to come by Raccoon City, so it’s not always smart to waste one to check the status of a corpse. Like we mentioned in our beginner’s guide, you’re probably not going to kill a zombie with your knife, but a single swipe will usually wake one up.

It will damage the knife a little, but if toucan identify a threat before it takes a chunk out of you, it’s worth it. More powerful weapons like Leon’s shotgun or Claire’s grenade launcher will pop a zombie’s head with a single shot.

Sometimes it’s hard to pick out among the gunshots, growls, and screaming, but there’s usually a sound that accompanies a zombie head exploding. Once you hear that, it’s time to ignore that zombie, save your ammo, and focus on the next threat or puzzle.

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If you’re unsure about the sound and the zombie’s head is still intact, switch back to your Combat Knife and give it a swipe.

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