Can You Lay A Whirlpool Refrigerator Down

Carole Stephens
• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Toucan turn it on earlier, you just need to listen to the motor to confirm it is spinning and has not hydraulic'd due to oil getting into the wrong spot. It's best to keep your refrigerator in an upright position for the entire move, no matter what its size.

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This is because putting a fridge down on its side can cause damage to the refrigerator compressor and keep it from doing its job. If you place the fridge on its side, the oil can flow into the cooling lines and clog them, which will mean a call for appliance repair at best and a trip to buy a new refrigerator at worst.

The damage chance is greater for an older model that may have sludge in the oil that makes it even more likely to clog. Hope your whirlpool lasts longer than ours. Stopped cooling after four years.

(last year)Noisy machine when it was going : 0Couldn't get the part even from whirlpool themselves. Our new Mitsubishi inverter fridge was delivered on its side. The name Whirlpool was picked way back in 1998, fitting neatly into the “big pond” paradigm.

A whirlpool could represent turbulent waters in a big pond, perhaps where all the relevant stuff gets sucked into a central vortex... With respect to OP, if it's a short time (couple of hours) if should be fine, but you really shouldn't do it if it's going to be longer than that.

Use say 4 strips of masking tape to hold the doors closed. It comes off without hassle and is enough since the door seal holds things a bit too.

cu ft refrigerator whirlpool french door stainless steel
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When I worked for Curry's Electrical in the UK we were always told to keep the top higher than the bottom. So lying on it's back, to keep the door closed, we used to put the spare wheel under the top.

Whirlpool also used to manufacture a great gas fridge in Brazil until four/five years ago. I could only find a US instruction manual for that model, but it doesn’t mention any time before plugging in after installation.

Top Freezer and SAS models), it should stand upright for an equal amount of time as it was on its side before plugging it in. If it was actually filled with oil then the very act of switching it on (no matter how it had been transported) would result in destruction.

If it was actually filled with oil then the very act of switching it on (no matter how it had been transported) would result in destruction. Clearly they have systems designed to cope, so I’ll happily plug straight in.

You need to give any oil which has leaked out of the crankcase time to return to its correct position although 24 hours is rather long for modern appliances. These days it's more common to leave for anywhere up to a couple of hours because the oil used is usually thinner and also less likely to get into the incorrect locations anyway.

If you have a refrigerating appliance from the early 90s or earlier than you may well still have to leave it for up to 24 hours before powering it on. If it was actually filled with oil then the very act of switching it on (no matter how it had been transported) would result in destruction.

Yes youcanlay a fridge on it’s side and no you don’t need to wait hours or days before turning it back on My coworker transported her fridge sideways recently, and she started having issues.

Have just relocated our 45 yo whirlpool to a holiday shack and working 100% If only you realized how much more electricity it uses than one that's less than about 5 years old would use. A guy in our village had an old one on his patio, was always moaning about his power bill.

We told him to chuck it and put new one inside somewhere. Eventually he did and couldn't believe the difference in his power bill. It’s important to make sure that your refrigerator is not harmed while being transported as the damage could mean costly repair expenses.

For the others, if you plan on transporting your fridge in a moving truck, van, or other means, toucan carry them that way but ensure the doors are properly closed. But if toucan, try to ensure that the refrigerator is standing in an upright position to prevent any damage to the sealed system and loose items while in transit.

Fridge Type to Move Laying Down 1. Compact freezerUnplug and empty a day before transporting it on its side2. Side-by-side freezer Lay it down on the freezer side, so that door would remain firmly in place3. Top freezer type Lay it down with the side opposite the hinges facing on the ground while on transit to keep the door firmly locked.4. French door and bottom freezers be kept upright while in transit. Buy the right refrigerator cord if you need one (You will need it if you are relocating your fridge far away from the power source) and take proper care while transporting it.

So, if you are thinking of transporting a refrigerator that is laying down, probably because you don’t have enough space in the van or truck to keep it upright, there are proper ways toucan go about it. But remember that I mentioned earlier that you cannot and should not transport a monogram refrigerator laying down.

Generally, the monogram appliance comprises products expertly engineered and crafted, and are quite elegant. But above all, these types of refrigerators are not made to handle the stress that laying down and be on the road for several hours.

You will find in most instruction manuals that the best way to transport a refrigerator is in a vertical or upright position. In other words, the truck you may have available may not be able to accommodate the refrigerator when you choose to keep it in an upright position.

But the thing is when you lay a refrigerator down ; the oil in the compressor finds its way to the tube of the refrigerant and might damage your appliance if care is not taken. Remember I said earlier that oil from the compressor flows into the refrigerant’s tube.

In simple terms, make sure it is not connected to a power source before moving the refrigerator out of position. After unplugging your appliance, make sure you fold the plug properly, so it doesn’t drag on when transporting it.

You also don’t want the fridge plug to get damaged, so make sure it is neatly secured. Such items can get broken or damage the internal part of the refrigerator.

But if you want to transport your fridge safely, then you should spend time to unpack the food and any item that’s in there. Just unplug the refrigerator and let it stay that way for hours until there is no frost left.

Sorry, I have to be serious about this because any object left in the refrigerator can cause severe damages to the interior of the appliance. But if you don’t feel like taking them off, use tape to secure the shelves firmly in their respective positions.

Toucan place it at the center of the truck or van, and cover it up with a blanket. And as a result, when they come in contact with the truck or van, it could dent the outer surface of the fridge.

So, place a sizeable blanket over your fridge to help avoid dings and dents that could deface your appliance. So check appropriately before progressing with your plan to lay your fridge by its side.

For the ones toucan transport this way, you must ensure that the door is locked correctly and that other objects around while in transit don’t dent the body of the fridge, too. Using the right equipment for the job is the most important part of learning how to move a refrigerator.

The cumbersome size and heavy weight of the unit (between 200 and 400 pounds on average) make moving a refrigerator a two-person project. Map out the path you’ll take, making note of stairs, sidewalk cracks and curbs along the route.

Make note of any exterior doors that may have to be removed in order to get the unit out of the house. Arrange for moving truck rental ahead of time, so you will be certain of having transport on the day you need it.

It will be essential for the refrigerator to be dry, clean and at room temperature before the actual move. After the refrigerator is pulled away from the wall, unplug the power cord and roll it up, so it doesn’t drag or get in the way while moving.

Use packing tape from your moving supplies kit to secure the cord to the side of the refrigerator. If you detect any odors, leave an open box of baking soda on the shelves until moving day.

Another option is to use felt furniture slider pads and spare laminate flooring panels. Whichever you choose, tilt the refrigerator slightly away from you, just high enough to slide the protector under the front casters on the left and right side.

Once the floor protector is in place, gently slide the refrigerator away from the wall and toward the desired location. Have a helper tilt the refrigerator slightly while you slip the dolly base underneath it.

A refrigerator should never be transported on its back; the weight of the fridge can damage internal parts, and the internal fluids such as the oil inside the motor; or the refrigerant may shift and settle in undesirable places in the machine’s system. While it also isn’t advisable to transport a refrigerator on its side, this is an option if the move is over a short time or distance.

If the refrigerator has been laid on its side, it should remain in an upright position for up to 24 hours before attempting to reconnect and run it. With the helper’s assistance, tilt the refrigerator back and ensure that the unit is evenly balanced on the dolly.

Walk backward and pull the load up the ramp instead of attempting to push it up the incline. Leave the unit strapped to the dolly, if it isn’t needed to move other appliances.

Secure the dolly and refrigerator with moving straps around its top and sides and fasten to the truck. Toucan rent an appliance dolly or trailer from The Home Depot, and we also have moving truck rental.

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