Can You Make A Water Wiggler

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
• 7 min read

A water wiggler is a device you put in your bird bath stir up the water. I was with my Mom shopping for bird baths the other day, and they tried to sell her a device like this for $30.

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Here's a wonderful alternative to that overpriced store bought item. I got the hangers and cream cheese container for free from my Mom.

It might be a good at this point in the process to make sure you've bought plenty of bagels. Once you've cleaned out your container take off the lid and cut three holes in it.

Make sure you get a tiny slit in the lid to secure that rheostat. As long as you have the motor in the center toucan mess the rest up.

Also, on the top of the cream cheese lid (where the label is) you might see a circle imprinted. Lastly, if you cut the hole to big the motor will slide right through.

Cut the hole only big enough, so the motor will fit snugly on the lid. The motor will have to be attached with the glue gun in order to hold it in place.

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Hint: The Rocker Switch should be easy to flip on and off while the device is on. In order to do that you'll want to position it sideways so that it is just as easy to do both operations.

Now you'll want to attach the battery holder and wire up the device. You might want to stick in the batteries at this point and make sure (as I'm sure you did before you got started) that toucan get power to the motor.

Play with the rheostat to see how fast and how slow toucan get the motor going. You'll notice that by turning the resistance all the way up toucan actually stop the motor.

What I did was to take apart two wire hangers and bend them into the shape I needed. Make three feet and use a leftover piece of the first hanger to use for the wiggler.

To attaché the feet I put holes in the base about an inch apart. Then I bent the top of each of the feet pieces and pushed them through the holes.

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Make sure you bend the top of the feet at an angle towards the inside of the base. That way toucan still close the bottom of the cream cheese container over it.

I found this to be the hardest part of the project as I'd never really attached anything to a DC motor before. This might cause it to bend a bit and the wiggler might hit your fingers the first time you turn it on.

The store bought one used D cell batteries to overcome this. One last thing, and this is critical: The water wiggler is supposed to stand on the three legs in a body of water.

Tip for getting the air out -- stick a straw in the corner of the opening. Remove straw quickly and zip bag the rest of the way.

It's so hot outside and while doing my errands, I forgot to stop by the dollar store to see if they had any water wigglers! I am on a shoe string, and wouldn't even attempt raising chickens at the moment if I didn't have a ton of wood lying around waiting to be made into a coup and my DH's surprising support for the project.

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So I have a gathering of cheap thermostats, none of which read the same, that I don't trust. I'm planning on using an old-fashioned medical thermostat to trust, so as in the above quote, do you think it'll be accurate?.

I can also do digital medical, but was going to leave the other one wrapped up inside the homemade wiggler .... BTW: I tried taking temperatures of water in a small Saki (ceramic) cup but found it kept the water very cool, so it just does not work! I have no idea if glass would work better, but I'm not going to bother trying as this system will obviously be far superior.

Tip for getting the air out -- stick a straw in the corner of the opening. Remove straw quickly and zip bag the rest of the way.

There're all kinds of great info here if you dig around a little... LOL, I remember when I was little, I'd ALWAYS lose my mom in the grocery store, sometimes realizing I'd been following some strange lady with a similar hairdo etc... around for who knows how long? I'd get into a panic, and eventually she found me but wasn't worried.... wondered why I was making such a fuss.

I really related to that book, and it so fits in here at BYC After using this water wiggler, I found my digital is pretty right on ;P So it was a huge help! I'm now incubating Trader Joe eggs as a test run.

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Oh my gosh, I just realized, you mean Trader Joe's, the big organic grocery chain. I'm experimenting with my little backyardigans -- mostly assorted Rocks with a Cuckoo Mayans too.

I've been gathering as much information as possible, so my chicks have a greater chance of hatching Hello, Just got a Farm Innovators Circulated Air Incubator and can 't wait to get going on our first hatch.

Cross the watery area to reach the platform with the green warp pipe on the other end. Walk around the warp pipe, drop off the right edge of the platform, and you’ll land on a Purple Switch below.

With the pool of water gone and only a small hole left, return to the source of the rolling balls and hop into the green pipe, transforming to change size. Run back up the hill to the top and toucan now drop into the hole you created that drained the pool.

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