Can You Make An X Ray At Home

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Have you or a loved one found themselves wondering how to get help for their suspected injury without having to leave home or call an ambulance? Staying home from the hospital or health clinic saves you time and money.

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PC-based EKG's & Wi-Fi for bedside transmission EKG trace faxed immediately to facility Final report available within 24 hours and posted online Critical findings reported immediately Cardiologists available for consult Resources for education and training All X -Rays and related reports automatically forwarded to the Rochester Health Information Organization (OHIO).

I'd like to Show you my latest project, a homemade ray machine. To produce rays using a simple vacuum rectifier tube you'll need a high voltage power supply.

To protect everyone from the rays you have to put the vacuum tube in a safe housing. My housing is made of Wood with 3 layers of lead at the outside.

Only through a small window covered with thin aluminum foil the rays can go out. As toucan see in the circuit, the ray tube is connected to the high voltage.

The Output voltage is being measured with an ammeter and a 1 Ohm resistor. In the meantime I run out of the room and switch on the power with my remote control.

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By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Costner High (over $150)Safety good understanding of radiation safety, proper radiation shielding materials, and supervision by an adult are required for this science project.

See Figure 3 below. Radiation shieldingMachine part and safety Lead sheets (variable cost) United Nuclear Lead (as either sheets or bricks) is the most common radiation shielding material. Students may be able to borrow lead shielding from school or another local laboratory. Lead bricks (variable cost) Nuclear Concrete bricks (variable cost; the least expensive option)Local hardware or home -construction storeConcrete is a cheaper but effective alternative to lead shielding.

A person's body can provide a path for current flow causing tissue damage and heart failure. Other injuries can include burns from the arc generated by the accidental contact.

Make sure the wires are properly connected and that you are not operating the power supply close to water or with wet hands. Before plugging in the power supply, make sure that the alligator clips are securely held in place using the electrical tape.

X -rays are a form of ionizing radiation and can cause permanent tissue damage and illness if you are exposed to too much. Use a Geiger counter to keep track of the radiation levels every time you operate the machine.

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Warning: Do not plug in or turn on the power supply until it is all properly connected and the radiation shielding is in place. When working with the high voltage power supply, remember that the output can be deadly if mishandled.

Connect the positive output of the power supply to the tip of the tube and the negative end of the power supply to the base pins of the tube as shown in Figure 2. Note: Size 10 AWG wire will also work for making these connections.

Be sure to leave enough room for your sample (the object or organisms you want to irradiate) within the shielding enclosure. This opening should never be pointed toward where the machine user might stand or other people might walk by.

The back is open as this particular machine was designed to be placed against a concrete wall during use. If there is any metal nearby, such as nails in the floor, uninsulated lead shielding, or another wire, the high voltage may arc through the insulation and to the piece of metal, possibly melting the insulation and catching the wires on fire, along with whatever was being arced to (such as the floor).

Try to place the machine in the corner of a room, ideally bordered by thick walls that can absorb radiation. Now that the machine has been built, you need to make sure that it actually works and that the shielding is sufficient.

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Standing behind the shielding, where the “Experimenter” is labeled in Figure 5 below, hold the Geiger counter in your hand and take a radiation reading. Any Geiger counter readings above 300 microrem (REM) per hour outside the shielding is cause for concern.

If you see such a reading, turn the machine off immediately and work on increasing the shielding. Even if the Geiger counter readings are below 300 REM per hour, you may still want to increase the shielding.

The idea here is to use the Geiger counter to see whether the machine is outputting X -rays after you turn it back on. You should not hold on to the Geiger counter during this test; instead devise a way to put it down but still read it from behind the shielding as diagrammed in Figure 6 below.

Other possible problems include: The power supply might be missing a fuse, it might not be plugged in, or it might not be outputting enough voltage. You will need to find approximate exposure values at different areas in order to get an idea of your safety and the capability of the machine.

The calibration procedure is to determine the intensity of the X -rays in terms of exposure, as measured by a Geiger counter. You will make a table of values that toucan refer back to for safety reasons and for radiation calculations later.

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If you are irradiating samples, then you can use this procedure to determine their exposure based on distance from the tube. However, any Geiger counter readings above 300 REM per hour outside the shielding is cause for concern.

Nuclear engineers harness the power of the atom to help solve large and difficult problems facing humanity. They develop machines that image the human body and destroy cancer cells, sterilize food and medical equipment, and create new pest or drought-resistant seeds.

Nuclear technology is used to image the human body, destroy cancer cells, sterilize food and medical equipment, create pest or drought-resistant seeds, and to generate power for 1 in 5 U.S. homes and businesses. They use special instruments to measure and monitor the radiation levels of workers, work areas and equipment, and they are involved in… Read more.

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