Can You Merge Radio Stations In Fallout Shelter

Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
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The radio station transmits a broadcast into the wasteland in order to attract new dwellers. If the room is poorly managed, however, it may do nothing at all, or attract raiders and death claws.

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This room also helps raise happiness among vault dwellers. The room also features the ability to toggle between broadcasting to the wasteland or just within the vault, allowing for the happiness bonus without attracting attention of those outside.

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Radio rooms attract new Dwellers and improve the happiness in your Vault.

Also can I build more than 1 control room? There are some tricks that can make your game MUCH easier. First off, fires/roaches will not spread past an elevator....so if you isolate rooms that you normally don't have people in (living quarters for instance) by having no rooms above or below them (skip a level), you don't have to worry about incidents in those rooms at all (fires just go out, rad roaches just go back in the tunnel).

Upgrading them does reduce time to increase a stat, so training rooms are worth upgraded (I generally go with 2 linked level 2 training rooms). Storage is easy/cheap and doesn't need anyone to guard it...so get a little once your dwellers are coming back with tons of loot.

That is especially useful when your sending out a bunch of dwellers into the wasteland (eventually I even upgraded my rad away production as well. A 3 linked level 2 radio station has a good chance of giving you a new dweller, skipping the whole baby stage.

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Excellent way to get new blood into your vault...and having 2 3linkes going full time (With CIA boosting EQ.and chat rained chars from the lounge), gets you a nice steady stream of non-baby stage dwellers. It keeps going like that all the way down.but...on levels where I have things I don't put people in (storage for instance), I have additional unmanned rooms to the right as well.

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My radio room is kinda a storage for low stat dwellers. I was hoping it'd be much faster than bearing children though, who both disable the woman from fights and don't do anything till they grow up, but they don't. I Voted Kronor for Sm4sh!http://i.imgur.com/CDuugM4.png.

I know the second I upgraded my radio station room to level 2, then I started seeing people line up outside, still takes a long time. I actually had an icon on the radio station saying I got +1 for when my dweller showed up. I leveled mine to level 2 and about 6 hours later with app minimized she lit up with an icon.

In addition to what's already been mentioned, it is possible to be both pregnant and working in the radio studio. Children consume resources while they are growing up without contributing to the vault.

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Dwellers attracted by the radio are ready to work as soon as they arrive. In true Bethesda style, I don't think children can be killed, which means that a bad raider attack could leave you with a vault of just kids, fun.

Note: It sounds like the functionality of the radio room has changed so that this answer no longer really applies. Pregnant women can 't deal with incidents, so more of your workforce is available with a radio room.

Dwellers arrive at the vault ready to go, unlike children who must grow. I've actually found it to be much more effective at increasing happiness than the radio room.

This is true, but you can produce more people faster and more reliably through pregnancy by having just a couple women pregnant at a time. You can also attempt to engage in eugenics and make extra awesome people.

So there are a number of minor advantages which are easily dismissed if you manage your pregnancies correctly. If you decide you have enough people and don't have a radio station, toucan simply avoid putting anyone in the barracks.

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But, if you do have a radio station and don't want any more people, you have limited options, and they all kind of suck: This requires you to have exactly the correct amount of living quarters for your population all the time.

Taking this into account, I find an empty hole in the ground to be more advantageous than a radio station. I've had the radio station for two and a half days, and I've received 3 dwellers with it so far.

I still make some of my woman pregnant, but I think it's really important to try and get new dwellers via wasteland because it's never bad to have a new bloodline in your vault. The reputation requirement helps protect this question from spam and non-answer activity.

I read that upgrading skill rooms is better than merging them. Power is required for any room (excluding elevators and the vault door) to function.

Without enough power, other rooms will stop producing resources/working, starting with the rooms furthest from the power sources. To increase the speed at which power is generated, place dwellers with better Strength in this room.

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Add a photo to this gallery This article is too short to provide more than rudimentary information about the subject. FalloutShelter is kind of an underground city builder from Bethesda Soft works.

This guide serve as a compendium of various tips and tricks related to FalloutShelter : And although the duration is not long for most of the time, toucan still bypass it by changing your device’s clock and calendar.

Ideally, you should let them sit outside as long as possible and seize the opportunity to analyze their talents before inviting them in waves. Dwellers outside does not require food or water and are never unhappy while camping outside the vault.

Toucan also send one or more of your residents out in the wastelands to earn rewards, but know that it involves a risk and can have them killed. As a last resort, toucan always delete your current vault and start anew.

After a short while, their HP will start declining due to fight with Approaches or other dangers. Assigning Dwellers based on Stats After tapping on Dwellers, you will notice a stat bar on top of their head: S is strength, E is endurance, P is perception, C is Charisma, I am Intelligence, L is Luck, and A is agility.

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But a little down the road, you will probably get attacked and will have to upgrade your vault’s defenses to keep your resources from being stolen. Lastly, it is also a good idea to equip your most vulnerable rooms such as the Living Quarters and Diner with weapons to fend off the Raiders.

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