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Also called NMR Released 5 September2013 (Update) Members Yes LocationYanille Participants 1-5 Skills Combat Reward currency Nightmare Points Tutorial No Music No The plan came to him in a vivid dream when he was younger where he saw himself running a successful business from a great structure.


Once he had learned enough, he left Lunar Isle attempting to find the location where he built the huge tower. Since he had not found it or gathered enough money for its construction, he decided to set up a small business north of Vanilla selling dreams to people.

Cost per dream ModeNormalHard PracticeFreeFree Endurance1,0005,000Rumble2,0006,000Custom22,00026,000Custom with maximum quest points 12,00016,000 Two players participating in a rumble. There are 3 modes in Nightmare : practice, endurance, and rumble. In the hard difficulty, the bosses have increased Hit points, Attack, Strength, Magic, and Ranged levels where applicable.

Their Defense and defensive bonuses remain unchanged, although there are a couple exceptions. Some bosses in the hard difficulty can only attack with Melee or lose some special fight mechanics, such as Ice Troll King and Jungle Demon.

Some bosses gain extra mechanics, such as The Untouchable, which reflects 20% of any damage dealt. Once a mode is chosen, money is removed from the coffer, and Dominic prepares the dream potion on a plinth.

Players do not gain any experience or Nightmare points from defeating the boss, and the kill does not count for a Slayer assignment. Drops will be awarded upon defeat of the boss however, such as dragon bones from Elgar.

Adding more players to the party increases the maximum bosses in the arena at one time. Partying with another player who has fewer quests completed host the rumble does not increase points gained.

Zapper damages nearby monsters over time, and the attacks have a max hit of 8. The zapper does not damage bosses immune to normal attacks (such as the Jagannath Mother and Tangle foot).

Power surge fills the player's special attack bar and regenerates it by 20% per tick. Ultimate force instantly kills all the bosses present in the arena.

Some monsters within the Nightmare provide Slayer experience when killed on task. While this offers a lot slower experience than training Slayer normally, it can be a decent low-effort option for some players.

To maximize Slayer experience per hour, it is recommended to use other bosses that are easy and quick to kill such as Count Dray nor, Trapped Soul, Sand Snake, and King Roald. The use of all power-ups is recommended, including Ultimate Force if at least one point of damage has been dealt to the Slayer task monster.

Many bosses provide increased experience per damage dealt, such as Dad, Moss Guardian, ARR, and the Ice Troll King. Point values increase based on the number of bosses included.

The person who did the most damage will take a larger percentage of the maximum points from that monster. In Rumble mode, the only bosses that appear are those that all participating players have access to.

Vampire SlayerCorsair Traitor 35 (103)55 (160)20 (80)Magic2442,301Casts weaken, lowering Defense by 5, or 15 in hard, per cast. What Lies Bowditch's experiment 19, 30, 42, 53 (47, 77, 90, 103)21, 31, 41, 51 (63, 93, 102, 113)19, 29, 39, 49Melee5702,301First form weakens melee stats by 5%.

Witch's Housetop Kendal 70 (210)50 (150)60Melee99810,127 Mountain Daughter Me 79 (201)45 (135)74Melee1,2639,207Shouts humorous one-sided dialogue. Lunar DiplomacyHeadless Beast 82 (233)100 (320)42Melee1,36512,429Occasionally stomps when in melee range, dropping a ball of rock from the ceiling dealing high damage.

Without it, significant damage and high stat drain including Prayer instantly. Dragon Slayer Moss Guardian 84 (182)120 (240)60Melee attack that also hits with Magic1,4267,595Attacks with melee, but each attack has a Magic splash, hitting through protection prayers, however Protect from Melee is more effective.

Roving ElvesSlagilith 92 (202)60 (150)75Melee1,7119,207Damage from non-pickaxe weapons is reduced by 66% (Experience is awarded for pre-production damage). Low crush defense; a rune pickaxe is provided in the arena.

Silo Villagers Darth 101 (194)85 (240)100Melee1,8348,516Does not possess anything, but disappears then reappeared briefly after taking damage. Troll StrongholdTanglefoot 111 (199)102 (204)91Melee2,5068,976 Magic secateurs required to deal damage, provided in the arena.

It is recommended to use Protect from Missiles and drinking a dose of absorption to negate the magical damage he deals. Grim Daredevil Chicken 159 (286)120 (240)126Magic5,13518,644Low damage, but quick Magic attacks.

Freezes interrupts auto-retaliate and movement orders, but does not stop the player from moving. In hard mode, dealing high damage causes it to change color early.

The Grand Pregnant ROC 172 (257)200 (255)100Ranged6,01215,191Knocks the player several squares back and stuns them. Desert TreasureDamis 103, 174 (200, 272)90, 200 (198, 255)90, 160Melee6,15516,802After the first form is defeated, he becomes stronger and drains Prayer at a high rate.

Desert TreasureFareed 227 (299)130 (255)135Melee, Magic in melee range only5,66520,485Use water spells otherwise ice gloves must be worn to attack or your weapon will be unequipped. The Great Brain RobberyGiant scarab 191 (316)130 (255)169Melee, Ranged7,41822,787Ranged attack looks like Earth Blast.

Song of the ElvesEssyllt 236 (395)320 (320)104Melee, Magic, Ranged22,66271,814 Can attack from huge range, occasionally stuns the player and quickly throws a knife dealing up to 43+ damage, which can be blocked with Protect from Missiles if the player is fast enough. He also occasionally throws a vial with blue liquid that drains all the player's combat stats below 5 of their non-boosted level.

Song of the Eldest Untouchable 274 (440)90 (180)434Melee15,28544,423In hard mode: Reflects the floor of 20% of all damage dealt, a minimum of 1 Dream Mentor Everlasting 223 (365)230 (255)120Melee10,12930,613Has very high MagicDefence ; stab or Ranged attacks will deal better damage. Dream Mentor Players can purchase various rewards and imbues from a chest near Dominic Onion.

1,250,000 Salve amulet(i) 15% bonus to Magic and 16.67 (1/6) to Ranged in accuracy and damage against undead monsters. 800,000 Salve amulet (e)(i) 20% accuracy and damage bonuses in Ranged and Magic against undead monsters.

800,000 Ring of the gods(i) Doubles the Prayer bonus and gives the effect of the holy wrench when equipped. The potions are sold by the dose, and they are automatically stored in the barrels until the player withdraws them.

The Nightmare potions (except overloads) can be drunk extremely quickly, and they do not delay any hits. Item Points per dose Super ranging 250 Super magic 250 Overload 1,500 Absorption 1,000 Date Changes 2 April2020 (update) Some spammy messages that played in Nightmare when a boss transitions to another form instead of dying have been filtered.

10 January2019 (update | poll) With shape grass and potato cacti becoming farmable produce, they were removed from the resource shop. 21 May2015 (update | poll) The Ring of the Gods can now be imbued at Nightmare for 650,000 points with a holy wrench in inventory.

3 April2014 (update) Items at NMR no longer show their color tags. 17 October2013 (update | poll) The Nightmare reward shop now has Bank PIN protection.

10 October2013 (update) We have also made the overload potion in Nightmare hit you for 50 hit points of damage when you drink it, similarly to how it worked before EOC. 3 October2013 (update) The overload effect from Nightmare now resets itself more quickly if you leave unexpectedly.

26 September2013 (update | poll) The Seer, Archer, Warrior and Berserker rings can be imbued, improving their combat stats. Crystal bows and shields can be imbued, making them keep their combat stats unchanged as they degrade.

The reward shop now sells Scrolls of Redirection that can be used to change the destination of a 'Teleport to House' tablet. The reward shop now sells vials and a limited supply of herb boxes.

19 September2013 (update) Some balancing changes have been made in Nightmare to favor players who've completed a wider variety of quests, not just the Lunar series. 12 September2013 (update) The Jagannath and Gelatinous Mothers no longer notify you about their color changes if you've left the Nightmare Zone arena.

Nightmare Zone now plays more appropriate music for the Ice Troll King. 5 September2013 (update | poll) Dominic Onion is a play on 'Dominion' as the mini-game resembles the Dominion Tower in RuneScape 3.

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