Can You Play Zone Of The Enders Without Vr

James Lee
• Friday, 13 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Gun grave is ending its 16-year hiatus later in 2018, for example, and even Double Fine’s dormant Psychopath series found a new home inside PSV. Perhaps even more surprising than these two, though, is the return of the INAMI’s Zone of the Enters : The Second Runner, not just because of its underdog status but also thanks to its publisher’s increasing distance from the traditional gaming market.


Mars lets you play through the entirety of Zoe 2 in PlayStation VR (PSV), Oculus Rift and the HTC Five. Doing so trades the series’ traditional third-person camera from which you pilot advanced battle suit, Beauty, for a first-person cockpit view.

It’s a logical swap though, based on the new demo, not an entirely practical one; the out-of-body experience lets you see more of the game’s expansive maps, typically infested with swarms of enemies. Zoe’s control scheme, meanwhile, has its own learning curve to master, with attacks assigned to one button and defined by if you’re moving and how close you are to an enemy.

It’s worth persevering (and, for the weak of stomach, diving into the comfort options), though, as Mars’ VR support can be tamed. Even for someone who hasn’t touched a Zoe game since 2012’s HD remasters, I managed to find my feet in the 15-minute demo and even started to enjoy the ever-strafing combat system.

Don't get me wrong, the game is great, and I support the devs for actually remastering this, and being able to play it on PC with convince on Steam. But this whole VR thing is what's preventing me to even play this game after I have purchased it.

No matter if my Oculus HMD is connected, it will still open up Steamer as if it wants to give me the option to play in VR. You have to get through the first movie and to the title screen to be able to select non- VR mode.

Sure, there are numerous well-crafted strategy games featuring the hulking mechanical vehicles (Battle tech immediately comes to mind), but if you just want to pilot a cool, humanoid machine that blasts opponents into scrap metal in twitchy fashion, the pickings are slim. The Konami-developed Zone of the Enters : The 2nd Runner Mars, an enhanced version of the cult classic PlayStation 2 game, satisfies that mech-action itch by letting you shoot, slash, and toss enemy machines in a variety of sci-fi environments.

Military action erupts in Orbital Frames (this game's term for techs) named after various Egyptian gods. You play as Dingo Egret, a pilot who will literally die if he is physically separated from his much, Beauty.

Despite the ho-hum script (and at least two different hilarious Beauty pronunciations that are spoken during the anime-style cutscenes), The 2nd Runner Mars' story does just enough to justify the action, though there are a few beats that may cause some people to scratch their heads. The 2nd Runner Mars, like its predecessor, is an action game that focuses on battles between sleek, armed-to-the-teeth Orbital Frames.

The encounters take place across a variety of environments, including several Martian exteriors and the insides of high-tech bases. That freedom opens up the combat space a bit, as toucan attack from the horizontal and vertical planes.

Personally, this created a bit of a disconnect in my play, as horizontal movement is done via an analog stick, and the other face buttons are used for attack purposes. In the game's early stages, Beauty has a relatively small pool of actions consisting of a laser attack, a grapple, and a super move.

One of my favorites, Geyser, freezes enemies in their tracks, making it easy to trash foes. Beauty is incredibly nimble, which enables you to move it about the play field without the typical much heftiness.

With Bonus, toucan view cutscenes as mini-movies or check out the Orbital Frames' character models. Unfortunately, the reanimated cutscenes carry a much lower pixel resolution than the rest of the game, resulting in incredibly soft visuals on my 1080p display.

I reached out to INAMI's PR for the exact cutscene resolution, and will post a response once I receive it. If you're looking to play The 2nd Runner Mars in virtual reality (it's compatible with HTC Five and Oculus Rift), your rig should lean toward the recommended specs of a 3.8GHz Intel Core i5-7600K CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU, and 8 GB of RAM.

If you're unfamiliar with the game but dig mech-on-mech action, you'll likely have a blast with The 2nd Runner Mars, as it plays well (for the most part), with a classic Mecca/anime flair. The Bottom Line Zone of the Enters : The 2nd Runner Mars gives the PS2 cult classic much game updated touches like 4K resolution and VR support.

So, toucan imagine my excitement when I heard it was coming to in a re-mastered form again for the PlayStation 4 with VR support. The story follows Dingo Egret, who is a miner working on Callisto, on a mining trip he discovers an Orbital Frame called Beauty.

The story does really take main stage, with the game containing a lot of cut scenes and conversations between the Runners and other characters along the way. The games combat plays out in the style of wave based hack and slash, with a very important enemy lock-on system.

For me this really is done well, with the detailing inside the cockpit being outstanding, and it was really cool finally getting that full feeling of being an Orbital Runner. All the little parts included in the cockpits HUD make you feel totally immersed as Dingo controlling this Orbital Frame, I particularly liked the little 3D model that mirrors all of your moves.

If you have even watched a 3D blurry through the PlayStation VR HMD, it is similar to that, so where it’s not leaving you inside the game for these, it is adding some immersion with the use of depth. Given you are stuck in the cockpit of Beauty with your life depending on it, for the immersion this is certainly made to be played seated.

The game also only comes with support for the DualShock 4, but given all the actions and buttons needed for the combat, I really can not see how they would have implemented it with the Move controllers. When it comes to the movement in the battles and objective based missions that give you some exploration this is all done by smooth locomotion.

Seizing control of the BEAUTY Orbital Frame, the player is the last hope for the stricken planets. *For proper performance when playing in VR, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or higher graphics card is required.

This game has regional restrictions and can NOT be activated from Japan, China and Vietnam. ZONE OF THE ENTERS : The 2nd Runner returns with 4K and VR support on Steam.

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