Can You Refuse X Ray At Airport

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 18 January, 2021
• 8 min read

They likely used a “thyroid shield” as an addition to the lead apron they put on you, in an attempt to block any scatter radiation from reaching your thyroid gland in your neck. Scatter radiation is often labeled as “harmless,” yet they use a shield for this at the dentist's office.

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The reason is the thyroid is one of the most vulnerable tissues in your body. Other radio sensitive tissues include the eyes, breasts, and gonads.

Only considers the short term effect, which cannot be measured, and is therefore a foolish, misleading question. Every time this obnoxious question is asked, the wrong issue is addressed and the confused public continues to line-up at the airport for another dose of harmful ionizing scatter radiation.

The real issue is the long-term effects of large populations being exposed to non-diagnostic ionizing radiation, and the disaster it poses for our own health and our whole healthcare system. We have already commenced this disaster a few years ago, by this short-sighted and dangerous policy.

Problems with your thyroid can lead to brain degeneration, leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome, weakness, chronic fatigue, brain fog, hormonal imbalance, autoimmunity, autoimmune disease, bone loss, environmental sensitivities, allergies, constipation... the list goes on! What's almost as bad is most doctors not knowing how to functionally address the thyroid and its associated problems in a meaningful way, but instead waiting until thyroid blood tests show a clear hypothyroid profile.

Thyroid problems may take a minimum of three years to be diagnosable. At my office in Beverly Hills, CA we see people with undiscovered thyroid problems all the time.

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--- IMO there is no justification for exposing individuals to ionization radiation when an equally effective non-ionizating radiation method exists for explosives and firearm detection. Because the manufacturer made significant contributions to prominent Congressional committee members that oversaw the selection of scanners to be installed.

Because the manufacturer influenced the TSA administrator that oversaw the selection of scanners to be installed with dinners, professional sport game tickets, spousal employment, etc. By the time the bad side effects are proven and accepted by the FDA, CDC, Surgeon General's office, FAA, etc.

The “prominent Congressional committee members” and the “TSA administrator” will long be dead. I have seen way too many people make major decisions without the proper training or qualifications.

Writes another air traveler who opted out of the scan, “Every compartment of my computer bag was opened and every pocket emptied… Every compartment or pocket of my computer bag that held an electronic device was wiped separately with an explosives' detector, as were my shoes and the inside of my purse that held no electronics at all.” The TSA also points to the successes like finding a pocket knife one on passenger and a syringe in the underwear of another as proof that scanning has made air travel safer.

On June 25, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened 623,624 passengers, the highest number since March 19 (though still a fraction of the 2.7 million on the same day last year). During this slow period, airports and airlines have developed extensive health and safety protocols, such as mandatory face masks and empty middle seats in plane cabins to help with social distancing.

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They could still totally profile you or be terrible, but if you’re a citizen with papers in hand and nothing illegal in your bags, there’s very little they can do aside from be douchey. They kind of suck at what they do, and there’s no real evidence that they do much beyond creating the illusion of security while slowly eroding civil liberties.

They were created as a response to 9/11, but unlike innovations such as increased numbers of Air Marshals and locked cockpits, they aren’t particularly effective at keeping us safe. Nominally, the TSA’s job is to make sure you’re a) allowed to be on the flight, and b) that you aren’t bringing anything dangerous or illegal on board.

Tools (hammers, crowbars, screwdrivers longer than 7 inches in length, etc.) Yes, it is ridiculous, and yes, it was a rule created because a terrorist tried to smuggle explosives onto a plane as liquids in normal containers.

Like with medical stuff, you should notify the TSA agent at the beginning of the process that you have formula, juice, or breast milk. If you have a disability, consider calling the TSA passenger support hotline 72 hours before traveling.

Aside from checking your luggage, TSA may put you through a metal detector, or an electric body scanner. They can do this at random, which is to say pretty much whenever they want (so long as they aren’t profiling you, which is admittedly a very difficult thing to prove).

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If you feel your inclusion on such a list is unjust, you can contest it at the Travel Redress Program. This is currently contested by Civil Liberties activists, so if this happens to you, take note of the name, agency, and badge number of the person who is searching you, and file a complaint.

They can (and will) make you go through a metal detector, or a full body scanner (i.e. that thing that you hold your hands up for). If you choose to do this, or if they pull you aside to do this, you have rights: You can request that the pat-down is performed by a person of the same gender.

If you set off the detector, the TSA agent may scan you down with a hand wand. If they ask to pat down the head covering or remove it, you have a right for the search to be conducted in a private area.

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