Can You Relate What A Wonderful World To Your Life In Anyway In What Way

James Smith
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
• 7 min read

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the square also on the faces of people going BYI see friends shaking hands saying how do you Botha're really saying I love you Everyone can relate to this because we tend to look for bright sides and positive things around us despite the war and chaos.

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“Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world “... Our place and our lives makes it more beautiful...(see full details here, too, brainly.ph/question/463758) Louis Armstrong’s 1967 song, What a WonderfulWorld, talks about the aesthetic and beautiful feeling that nature provides to humans and I can truly relate to this because I can almost see, hear, and feel all the things that he said in the song.

Oh yes, And yes I relate because sometimes you see that God is coming soon and closer or in other words “Rapture” God is still giving us sometime to remember are sins that's why the Earth is Wonderful, thank you ! Yes by the word world in the song means or represents life.

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Mmm×..it's a song that expresses, the wonderful feelings one Red roses too.and, it makes them feel×.. What a Wonderful.

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I am so happy and honored to have been asked to speak to you on this day that represents so much hard work, careful teaching, and eager anticipation. I have many friends and loved ones here today, so it feels much more intimate here in the Marriott Center than it otherwise might have.

I want to thank Dr. Brooks for those excellent insights into the poison of contempt and on how love is the great antidote. The refrain from that piece of music (“I dream, I feel, I hurt, I heal” 1) speaks for all of us and certainly touches on my thoughts today.

As I have prepared to address you, I have inevitably reflected on where I was and what had happened in my own life by the time I was your age. I had been in a boarding school in England from the age of ten, and I spent countless hours just staring out of windows, reading magazines about airplanes, and counting the days until I could go home, dreaming only of escape.

Many of you here are in your early twenties, and I am particularly aware that by that time in my life I had lost my father, who died in a car ­accident in Arabia when I was nineteen. My sister also lost her husband that day in the same ­accident, leaving her to raise their two young children.

In the aftermath of that devastating trauma, I experienced unspeakable grief, desperate loneliness, and an emptiness that felt like it would never leave. Thankfully, my big brother stepped in to take care of all the practical issues that follow such a loss.

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When I think of my father, amongst other treasured memories I think of his favorite music, including the song “What a WonderfulWorld, ” made famous by the inimitable Louis Armstrong. I heard Levi Walker sing her beautiful rendition of this a few weeks ago.

I love those lyrics, and they seem to sum up, in a way, a good portion of my dad’s character and his outlook on life. I recollect his energy, kindness, and irrepressible warmth; his love of the landscape, be it Arabia’s arid deserts or England’s and Ireland’s lush rolling hills; and his passion for the skies, the sunshine, and the sea.

I can clearly recognize his imprint on my own yearning to be outside, in the open, in the air and sunlight. Favorite memories include when he taught me to drive as a nine-year-old in the Arabian desert, with its wide-open spaces and my father’s gentle guidance.

I realize, too, that he let me experience hard things, even leaving challenges in my path to prepare me for the life that he could see I would lead. As I grew older, had he been there, he would have guided me in work choices, would have joyfully encouraged dating, and would have been a fabulous grandfather when that time came.

He would have continued to tell me about his life experiences, indirectly teaching me important lessons and principles. Today I hope to reinforce your own understanding of just how much you are adored in heaven and how joyful and fulfilling our path of discipleship on earth can be, as well as explore the fresh and much brighter outlook on repentance that President Russell M. Nelson has asked us to embrace.

Inevitably, I suppose, I will then share a few words of advice regarding your next steps after this momentous day. The course requirements and the rubric are individually tailored to each of you, and because of the wisdom and omniscience of God, no two are alike.

President Nelson has been guiding us with great care toward becoming better disciples, more Christlike, and more natural ministers. President Nelson, whom I will quote extensively, is also preparing us to change our hearts in other ways.

We are being encouraged to turn our homes into sanctuaries of faith and centers of gospel learning. 5 He is inviting us to “grow spiritually, to strengthen our faith in Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son, and to deepen our own conversion to the Lord.

This fresh and much brighter understanding of repentance will be vital on our path of discipleship. In the early stages, the debris left behind includes the grosser sins of commission.

“True repentance is focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and the joy that comes from His redeeming power.” 8 It is turning away from the natural man in us and turning back to God, returning to Him with our changed behaviors, minds, and hearts. The Jehovah of the Old Testament promised scattered Israel that if they would “return unto the Lord God, and.

As you take your next steps along the path of discipleship, let this new understanding and relationship with your Father and Savior shape your life. Wherever you have come from, whatever your background, you are enormously privileged to have had these educational and spiritual opportunities here on this campus.

Avoid the political tribalism and contempt that has become so destructive across countries and continents. Your responsibility is to fulfill the Savior’s charge to take the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people and to feed His sheep.

I have also experienced extraordinary joy out of all proportion to what might be considered our children’s insignificant moments, expressions, or triumphs. And so it must be with our Father in Heaven, only magnified beyond measure by His infinite and eternal love.

Through all that life may bring, trust and have faith in Jesus Christ’s redeeming power and relish the path of discipleship in this wonderful world. He is cheering you on, and “the race is against sin, not against each other.” Now you must go and help make this a more wonderful world for all of God’s children.

As you set goals and make plans for your life, working to relieve the suffering and lift the burdens of others should be present in your endeavors.

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