Can You Request X Ray From Dentist

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• Friday, 27 November, 2020
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Just come back from orthodontist who saw a gray shadow at just come back from orthodontist who saw a gray shadow at the foot of a front bottom tooth, and she is referring my daughter to a maxillofacial surgeon. My 18-year-old My 18-year-old had three fillings six months ago, and today was referred for two root canals on two of the teeth that had fillings.

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Honestly, I was researching to find out if was the dentist's fault because I'm upset that my daughter has to go through this. Just had a panoramic Ray done in dentists and have a large Hi just had a panoramic Ray done in dentists and have a large dark area above several teeth on my upper right side.

Well I went to the dentist today to get a deep cleaning... I Well I went to the dentist today to get a deep cleaning... I was there for 2 hopes and didn't even get my teeth cleaned... I have braces, and they took some x-rays and took me they think I have cavities … read more. My question is about the risks of performing a root canal My question is about the risks of performing a root canal pretreatment on a molar where the roots are sitting right on the nerve. About 8 years ago, a general dentist performed a root canal on a lower b… read more.

The dentist said the ray showed shadowing which indicates a tooth decay, in addition she said I need to have crown replaced. My child was told he had cavities by one dentist.

I just came back from the dentist's office for my usual I just came back from the dentist's office for my usual teeth cleaning. I had a blister on top of my tooth number 5 which had undergone root canal maybe more than ten years ago.

They can 't find anything wrong, multiplex rays show nothing. Posts are for general information, are not intended to substitute for informed professional advice (medical, legal, veterinary, financial, etc.

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Without dental records that follow you around for life, your future care will be compromised. A: Under a federal law called HIPAA, you have the right to receive copies of your health information from your dentist (as well as other doctors and providers).

Those health records are yours, and you have the right to have access to that entire file, including the financials, the treatment plan, X -rays, and everything else it contains. Your dentist may not have all of your records available immediately, especially if he or she is using a paper-based system, so it might take a while to fulfill your request.

Under HIPAA, your dentist is permitted to charge you for copying, mailing, or printing the records. I recommend you make a request for your complete file so that toucan transfer this in full to your new dentist.

By law, they are required to give you a copy of your x -rays when you request one. If these are digital x -rays they should be able to just print another sheet at a nominal cost to you.

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Film is better than digital for print outs on photographs as well as to transfer to another office with rays. You do not have the right to an electronic copy for the reasons I stated above and that digital is a new technology for dental offices so the laws and equipment has not caught up yet.

Wait until the machine SI fixed, I wouldn't pay for new rays just because your previous dentist is willing to sent them. Make sure they know that it is urgent for them to send the rays to your new doctor.

Is it all straight forward or can a dentist refuse to give them over? I think they usually oblige other dental professionals, and if your new dentist is nice they won't pressure you into having new ones taken.

Though I think in this case it might be more of a test of my ex-dentists integrity as I am curious to see if there was any decay in an upper incisor he filled. This is the UK position according to the British Dental Health Foundation.

Under the NHS, dentists have to keep dental records for at least 2 years, but it is recommended that they keep them for a minimum of 11 years for adults. Most private dentists will keep the records for the same amount of time as the NHS recommendation.

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The Data Protection Act 1998 allows you to inspect your records and x -rays. If you have any problems in understanding what the records mean the dentist has a duty to explain them to you.

The dentist must allow you to see your records or provide you with copies within 40 days, upon your written request. The dentist is entitled to charge you up to £50 for copies of dental records and x-rays.

Hi suds, I just realized you were in the UK through Brit's reply. In the US also, the patient would be the one giving consent to release the copies of the records either to themselves or to their new dentist.

As far as decay underneath an upper incisor to be obvious on a ray it would be at least medium to a large cavity. I have found that I am able to detect decay clinically (especially on the incisors) that is oftentimes not yet seen on a ray.

Therefore, I diagnose what I see in the mouth, and take care of the decay while it is still small to medium. There's no need to wait for the decay to be larger before it is taken care of.

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