Can You Reset A Whirlpool Microwave

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Even though it's momentary and stops as soon as the power goes out, a lightning surge can overload appliances plugged into wall receptacles, so if your microwave won't work after a power outage, it may be because a fuse has blown. Wait for about 10 seconds after the power comes back on to plug in the appliance.

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Toucan cancel that code by pressing the Clear button. What you shouldn't see after restoring power to your microwave is a completely blank display.

That means that no power is getting to the control panel, and that's usually the sign of a blown fuse. The most likely culprit is the ceramic fuse, which is located next to the power cord at the point where it exits the back of the appliance.

The problem is less likely to be caused by the thermal fuse, which is located inside the body of the appliance and is accessed by removing the cover. When a GE, LG, Maytag, Samsung or Whirlpool microwave fuse blows, toucan check it by doing a continuity test.

This test involves disconnecting the fuse and touching the leads of an ohmmeter to each terminal and checking the resistance, which should be close to 0. This is a hazardous procedure even with the microwave unplugged, so get help if you're not 100 percent confident in your electrical skills.

If there's a problem with the lock mechanism, you should get an LOC or L error code. Remove the turntable and clean the hub, rollers and support with mild dish detergent and warm water.

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Whirlpool will replace any defective part free of charge. Before calling for service, Whirlpool recommends, troubleshoot the microwave to correct common issues.

Push thrown breakers to the “On” position or replace blown fuses, if needed. Press and hold the “Off” key for five seconds to unlock the controls if “Locked” is shown on the display.

Turn off “Demo Mode” if the timer counts down rapidly when a cooking cycle is started. Place 1 cup of cold water inside the microwave.

Close the microwave door and set a two-minute cooking cycle. Unlock the controls if “Locked” appears on the display, and you wish to start a cooking cycle.

Press and hold the “Off” key for five seconds to unlock the controls. Below in the table is a list of the most common breakdowns of microwave ovens by points and how to solve the problem.

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If he problem continues, call an electricianMagnetronTry to heat 1 cup (250 mL) of cold water for 2 minutes at 100% cooking power. If microwave oven still does not operate, call for serviceDoorFirmly close door.

Open and close the door, then start the cycleControlMake sure control is set properly. Make sure Demo Mode (on some models) is offering in the microwave ovens buildups buildup on cavity walls, microwave inlet cover, cooking rack supports, and area where the door touches the frame can cause arcing. Turntable alternates rotation directionsThis is normal and depends on motor rotation at the beginning of the cycled and smoke coming from microwave oven during convection cookingThis is normal for the first few convection cycles.

The odor will dissipate with repeated quartz bulb does not appear to be this is not unusual. Is the element still working properly? Place 2 slices of bread on the tall grill rack, place the rack on the turntable and close the door. If it does not toast, call for serviceRadio, TV or cordless phone interferenceProximityMove the receiver away from the microwave oven, or adjust the radio or TV antenna. SoilMake sure the microwave oven door and sealing surfaces are clean. FrequencySome 2.4 GHz-based cordless phones and home wireless networks may experience static or noise while microwave oven is on.

It may also automatically come on and cycle on and off to cool the microwave oven’s controls while the cook top below is being sedan running after cooking is finishedThis is normal for convection and grill use. The fan may run for up to 10 minutes to cool the microwave oven SYMPTOMCAUSECORRECTIONSOven is dead.

Open or loose lead wire harnessCheck fan motor when thermal cutout is defective. Shorted lead wire harnessCheck adjustment of primary, interlock monitor, door sensing switch.2.

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Defective primary latch switchable of these switches must be replaced at the same time. Defective monitor switch When Transformer is replaced, check diode and magnetron also4.

Shorted Transformer (NOTE2)Oven does not accept key input (Program)1. Open or loose connection of membrane key pad to Ass'y PCB3.

Defective Ass'y Proven does not accept key input (Program)1. Open or loose connection of membrane key pad to Ass'y PCB3.

Defective Ass'y Primer starts countdown but no microwave oscillation. Defective power relay or Ass'y Proven lamp and fan motor turn on1.

Aging of magnetron motor turns on when plugged unloose wiring of door sensing switchback wire of door sensing switch. Oven does not operate and return to the plugged in mode. Defective Ass'y Preplace PCB main. Loud buzzing noise can be heard.1. Open or loose wiring of primary interlock switchAdjust door and latch switches.2.

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Ceramic ware trimmed with gold or silver powder also causes sparks. Do not use any type of cookware with metallic trimming. Uneven cookingUneven intensity of microwave due to its characteristics. Wrap thinner parts of the food with aluminum foil. Use plastic wrap or cover with a lid. PROBLEMCAUSEThe microwave oven will not run.• The door is not firmly closed and latched.• You did not touch START/ENTER.• You did not follow directions exactly.• An operation that was programmed earlier is still running.

Microwave cooking times seem too long.• The electric supply to your home or wall outlets is low or lower than normal. Your electrician or service technician can tell you if the outlet voltage is low.• The cook power is not at the recommended setting.• Larger amounts of food need longer cooking times. The turntable will not turn.• The turntable is not correctly in place.

Make sure the turntable is correct-side up and is sitting securely on center shaft.• The support is not operating correctly. If turntable support does not move, call a designated service technician for repair.

PROBLEMSOLUTIONNeither the oven’s display nor the oven operateProperly insert the plug into a grounded outlet the outlet is controlled by a wall switch, make sure the wall switch is turned remove the plug from the outlet, wait ten seconds, then plug it in again Reset the circuit breaker or replace any blown fireplug another appliance into the outlet; if the other appliance doesn’t work, have a qualified electrician repair the outletPlug the oven into a different outlet oven’s display works, but the power won’t come unmake sure the door is closed securelyCheck to see if packing material or other material is stuck to the door spellcheck for door manageress STOP/CLEAR pad twice and re-enter all cooking instructions power goes off before the set time has elapsed there has not been a power outage, remove the plug from the outlet, wait ten seconds, then plug it in again. If there was a power outage, the time indicator will display Reset the clock and any cooking instructions Reset the circuit breaker or replace any blown musette food is cooking too slowlyMake sure the oven is on its own 20 amp circuit line.

If using foil, use only narrow strips and allow at least one inch between the foil and interior oven walls turntable makes noises or sticksClean the turntable, roller ring and oven forsake sure the turntable and roller ring are positioned correctlyUsing your microwave causes TV or radio interferences is similar to the interference caused by other small appliances, such as hair dryers. If your microwave is making an unusual or loud humming noise, you may have a problem with the magnetron.

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This component is part of the high voltage circuit and provides the microwaves that generate the heat. If the magnetron is defective, it may cause a loud humming or buzzing noise.

Power surges like nearby lightening can cause the oven to stop working as a safety measure, but youcanreset it easily. Press the “Off/Clear' button to cancel anything on the display, and reset the microwave.

Locate and push the “Bake” and “Broil HI/LO” buttons simultaneously and hold them down for three seconds. Push the “Kitchen Timer On/Off” button on the GE oven's control panel.

Push the “Kitchen Timer On/Off” button on the GE oven's control panel a second time. If the beeping resumes after the oven is plugged back in, it will be necessary to determine the cause of the error code.

Microwaves are rarely 100% silent, but some models are significantly quieter than others. According to user opinions, the quietest microwaves are smaller models.

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Users often describe the quietest models as having high overall quality compared to other units. Climb up on a stool or ladder, and open the cabinet above the microwave.

The electrical outlet powering the microwave may also be located in this space. From the Home screen, navigate: Apps icon > Settings.

Touch the number “2” on the keypad located on the front of the Magic Chef oven. Close the door of the microwave and remove any food from inside.

If and when an oven exhibits this code or is coming on or doing anything by itself, this is very dangerous and can result in a fire. None of us on this site recommend trying to repair this type of problem on a microwave because it can kill you.

Review your Owner's Manual for model specific directions. Hold both of the minus buttons for Temp and Time for 3 seconds while it's not running.

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