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To comply with safety standards, certain attractions are separated by age and size. We have a variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase at the Fuel Zone.

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Ticket prices are determined by the amount of time you decide to spend at Sky Zone. Please check your local Sky Zone Trampoline Park for details on pricing.

Operating hours will vary by location and by day of week. Weekends (including Friday) are generally open for longer hours.

We offer a wide variety of programs and attractions such as Ultimate Dodgeball, Skylab, and Warrior courses to name a few. Please check your local Sky Zone’s program and attractions for details of all our activities.

Lockers are available for rent to store your valuables while you play. Yes, we sell our patented Skyjacks with our trademark grip on the bottom.

They are required while jumping at Sky Zone and you can bring them back on your next visit to reuse as long as they are in good condition. Bring back your Skyjacks to reuse on your next visit as long as they are in good condition.

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Sky Zone offers Toddler Time, an event dedicated to toddlers, so you can enjoy Sky Zone’s activities without the intimidation of big kids. While some of our attracted are adaptable for children with special needs, we also host Sensory Hours throughout the week.

During this designated time, we turn the music down or off to accommodate any needs of our Guests. To avoid lines and ensure your jump time is reserved, it is best to book online.

Typically, our parks are less busy during the weekdays (Monday through Thursday), while weekends (Friday through Sunday) are busier. During Summer when school is out, our parks are open longer all season long.

There are premium activities that have an additional cost, such as Laser Tag and Climb, as well as various programs, such as Glow, Lock-Ins and Skit. To comply with safety standards, certain attractions, such as Freestyle Jump and Dodgeball, are separated by age and size.

We don’t have a strict dress code, but recommend active wear or leisure. Park hours will vary by location, day of week, and time of year.

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Check your local park’s website for ‘Hours and Calendar’ for specifics. Please check your local park’s website for current offers.

You can find contact information on any park’s website at the bottom of the webpage. Bringing a physical or electronic ticket can help expedite the check-in process, but if you forget it, we are able to look up your reservation using your personal information.

Prices will vary depending on the number of guests in your party, amount of food and beverages ordered, and add-ons selected. Please check your local Sky Zone Trampoline park for details.

Please contact your local Sky Zone Trampoline Park for their birthday party policies. You can add other items to your party package or purchase snacks and drinks any time at the Fuel Zone.

All ages are welcome to celebrate their birthday at Sky Zone, but we have a saying, “if they can walk, they can jump”. Birthday parties will vary depending on the package and amount of time requested.

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Please contact your local Sky Zone Trampoline Park or visit their website for details. Please contact your local Sky Zone trampoline park for specific deposit and booking costs and timeline.

What time is check-in for birthday parties We recommend arriving 30 mins prior to your scheduled time, so we can make sure your guests are prepared to jump as soon as the party begins. This includes waiver completion, equipping Skyjacks, rules overview, and payment processing (if applicable).

We can store any gifts or personal belongings in a secure room during your jump time if needed. We offer a variety of add-ons available to decorate and theme your party in many ways.

You can visit your local park’s website and click ‘join our team’ at the bottom (footer) of any webpage to view available opportunities. You may also visit a Sky Zone location in-person and ask the manager about openings.

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As a family, we recently had the chance to visit Skyline in Blaine, MN. Don’t worry about setting aside an entire day; two hours is probably more than enough time.

The franchise got its start in Las Vegas but has jump parks all over the country now. There are four locations within the Twin Cities Metro: Blaine, Edina, Maple Grove & Oakdale.

Visit their website to make a reservation for a jump time and to sign the online waiver. Skyline requires every jumper to fill out a waiver at each franchise you visit.

If you are looking for a time to visit when there are not many people, plan on going in the morning after they open on weekdays. A jumper cannot hold babies, so if you’re bringing a non-walker, make sure your other kids can handle themselves comfortably on the trampolines.

If you are worried about your small kid getting trampled by an older child, visit the park during “Toddler Time.” Freestyle Jump- These trampolines are for any kind of jumping Ultimate Dodgeball- Classic dodgeball game to a whole new level.

Avoid the flying dodgeball by jumping & bouncing to avoid ball (Great for the older kids to play, if you have little ones, you might want to avoid this area) Fusion Ultimate Dodgeball- Pad-less trampoline courts (Great for the die-hard dodgeball fans) Sky climb- Climb, jump, and fly across a challenging course while securely harnessed from above on an auto belay system. (Currently Closed because of COVID-19) Warped Wall- See if you can make it up the platforms of varying heights Sky joust- Gladiator-style combat, taking place on pedestals over a foam pit or airbag.

The locations do have cabbies for your personal items to be stored while the kids are playing. Toucan purchase snacks, like candy, chips, and pizza, at the Fuel Zone.

To save money, pack some snacks to eat during the drive home. Dress the kids in short sleeves because they will be sweaty by the end of their jump time.

If jumping isn’t your thing, they have massage chairs for the parents that would like to relax while the kids are going ham in the park! Feel that oh-so-rewarding burn in your legs, arms, and core over an hour of fitness disguised as fun.

Cost: $12/available to ages 14 & Older (Does not include Skyjacks but toucan purchase them for $3/pair) GLOW Lasers, music, and black lights transform the whole park into an awesome jumping dance club.

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