Can You Run A Space Heater In A Tent

David Lawrence
• Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
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I admit I was surprised that it’s possible to use propane and other fuels to heat your tent. I decided to do some research on the subject and find out which heaters are safe to use in a tent (if any).

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Consumes almost no oxygen Does not require purchasing propane or other fuel tanks Does not produce carbon monoxide Need an electrical outlet: This narrows many campsite options.

Any source of heat is a fire hazard : The biggest risk for an electric heater is melting or igniting nearby objects A tipped electric heater could light your tent on fire. Risk of oxygen depletion: If you’re using a gas heater in the open, then this isn’t a problem.

Some gas heaters (but not all) come with an ODS (oxygen depletion sensor) for this very reason Any source of heat is a fire hazard : Just like electric heaters, nearby objects are at risk for ignition. The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) International created the 4.98 certification which is specifically for gas-powered heaters.

It also means the carbon monoxide levels can ’t be too high when oxygen is low. Other Heaters are not designed to shut off if the oxygen is too low, and Cancun even when Carbon Monoxide levels are high enough to harm humans.

Make sure your indoor heater is abides by the CSA 4.98 certification (check the owners manual). In fact, this study (source #1) found that many radiant heaters will create enough carbon monoxide and deplete enough oxygen to fatal levels.

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Make sure that your catalytic heater abides by this certification, and that will clear up a lot of potential problems you may face. ODS, or oxygen depletion sensor (in fact, all CSA 4.98 abiding heaters will have this feature).

This feature will shut off the heater if oxygen levels are too low to be safe. Even though you may not get points for roughing it, having a simple electric spaceheatercan make your tent really cozy.

If it’s raining outside, then water is going to be around, and since your cord will be running outside your tent, you are opening yourself up to some risks. I’d personally not even try to use a heater when it’s raining, though–something about that situation makes me feel uncomfortable.

Look for automatic shutoff tip detectors –my mission is to call this feature something different every time I talk about it in this article. Air is then blown across the heating element towards the front of the space heater with a fan.

The heating element can get very hot, and nearby objects are at risk of igniting. Although the sides will remain cool, the front of the heater can get very hot (as is true for many heaters), making them a safety hazard.

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You could mitigate some risk I suppose if you were able to suspend these in a way that was away from roof, walls, and floor. These heaters are generally safe to use, but be careful about looking at the light as our eyes can be sensitive to this type of radiation.

If you are using a heater unsupervised without good ventilation, then you are putting your trust entirely in this sensor. Even catalytic heaters with an ODS can create dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide.

It’s possible for extenuating circumstances such as a faulty heater or foreign particles like dust to accumulate on the heating element. Burning dust and other particles create carbon monoxide.

Being covered: If you bring an extra change of clothes with you in your tent, or any number of things–all of these things can potentially fall on top of your heater, and most heaters will cheerfully melt or ignite your clothes. It’s possible a heater with an ODS feature will stop when it detects a lack of oxygen, but I wouldn’t rely on that in a pinch.

This is a problem in a tent where there generally isn’t a lot of spare room. If you want a portable gas heater, make sure it’s CSA 4.98 certified.

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That means you shouldn’t use a heater in a snowstorm, as your ventilation can quickly be affected by snowfall. We are extremely vulnerable to carbon monoxide poisoning since our bodies don’t automatically respond with the tell-tale symptoms of suffocation.

If you are careful, toucan be safe, but it takes vigilance and some research. Any heater that burns a substance for heat is not suitable for use inside a small space unless you have a chimney.

A heater that isn’t hot to the touch may seem like the best boon to a tent, but there are two problems with this approach. Since tents intentionally have strategically placed holes for ventilation, convection heaters will be less effective since the premise of a convection heater is that the cold air will move from the bottom of the room to the top.

Although oil-filled heaters also have tip sensors, if they don’t operate completely upright, oil can run off the element and cause the oil to burn, which would be a very bad situation in a tent. These are specifically marked for outdoor use only because they do not have the same technology that shuts them off automatically in low oxygen situations.

Besides news articles, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPC) has done several investigations on heaters used in tents. The company actually set up a bounty with a $250 reward for turning in the dangerous heaters.

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Long after the recall was initiated, people would sell these heaters at garage sales. The lawyer was emphatic that these types of heaters are risky and said that many have died from using them in similar situations.

According to Iowa State Daily, this tent was consumed by flames started by a propane heater although the occupants were able to escape. Although the Dyson touts a safer design, several were recalled due to an electrical short.

The CPC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recorded 13 non-fire carbon monoxide deaths related to portable propane heaters. If you are safe and choose a heater that has all the safety features that you need (see here in this article for more details), then you lower your risk, tremendously.

Probably the smartest thing toucan do to lower your risk even further is to never leave a heater unattended (including sleeping). If it’s possible to just use the heater to warm up the tent to go to sleep and then when you wake up, then that is a less risky approach.

So, I can ’t say it’s safe per se, because bad things have happened to many people. Hand warmers are a small and easy way to warm yourself up in your tent.

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There are also reusable hand warmers (see link on Amazon) that toucan boil in water whenever you want to heat them up. Additionally, toucan find electric or catalytic hand warmers that run on lighter fluid.

There are odd-shaped rubber bottles–which will likely remind you of your grandma–specifically used as hot water bottles to warm you up in bed. A reusable water bottle also gets the job done without you needing to bring any extra supplies.

I’ve had this water bottle for years, and it’s been dropped from tremendous distances without any damage. Wearing a glove while you do this process is a good way to circumvent that danger.

Once your bottle is full of hot water, toucan tuck it into the foot of your sleeping bag to warm it up before you head to bed. Once inside your sleeping bag toucan move the water bottle around as needed to keep yourself warm.

A primitive option used way before air-activated hand warmers and electric heating pads is good of’ hot rocks. While sitting around the campfire place a few rocks (about the size of your fist) in or around the fire to warm up.

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When they’re moderately hot (not so hot toucan ’t put your hand near it), pull them out of the fire, wrap them in towels or some kind of tough cloth, and tuck them into your sleeping bag. My dad tried this on a camping trip once and ended up burning a hole in his sleeping bag.

You would just need to bring an extension cord to make sure toucan get power inside your tent without having to be right next to the outlet. If it’s raining, double check that your extension cords has no tears in the sheath, whatsoever.

But many people have used rugs or thick mats as extra insulation to cover the bottom of their tent. A more expensive, less comfortable, but highly effective option is the NBL.

A vapor barrier liner for your sleeping bag does two things. First, it stops moisture being transferred from your body to your sleeping bag.

Second, it contains the moisture being expelled from your body which create a slightly humid environment, which also keeps you warmer. A GPL makes your tent warmer by putting you in a tiny sweat bag.

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