Can You Run It Xcom Enemy Within

James Smith
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Press Start to play Select your hardware components to find out how the game will run on your PC If I rename the NEW folder I Cancun the base game, but enemy within and the launcher never start correctly.

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New game does the mission vs seconds. If I rename the NEW folder I Cancun the base game, but enemy within and the launcher never start correctly.

If somehow you’ve found yourself reading this review unaware of COM, a series that has spanned at least 25 years and 6 or 7 sequels, you’ll have to locate a wiki to bring yourself more up to speed. The basic idea is you’re the leader of a secret organization dedicated to fighting an invading alien menace.

The majority of the game is played out in these scenes in a turn-based isometric-viewed squad combat fashion, allocating each soldier’s action points to moving, shooting, taking cover, watching for alien activity, healing, reloading, etc. Overarching this turn-based game, is a base building game in which you manage the finances of the COM group, monitor alien activity worldwide, research new technologies, purchase equipment to outfit your squad, hire and promote soldiers, construct base facilities, and the like.

EXALT, like you, is busily adapting alien technology to make weapons, and while they end up with very similar weaponry, their tactics are surprising. Meld is alien goop that toucan used to perform genetic enhancements on your soldiers or implant cybernetic devices.

Toucan even, ghastly as it sounds, perform a full mechanized conversion of a soldier, turning them into sort of beefy Robocops called Mess. The tactic of waiting until you’ve killed all the agents currently on the field, then taking an extra moment to reload everyone’s weapon and arrange your squad, so it has good cover and sight lines before cracking the uplink really disconnects you from the rushed and under pressure feeling that the mission is trying to create.

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Other missions feature little clusters of enemies scattered around the map that don’t become active until you move into a certain range, so it behooves you to inchworm forward and take out aliens in groups rather than rush forward and find yourself activating more alien clusters than toucan deal with at one time. The game tries with some success to pull you out of the cautious turtle approach by putting the Meld canisters on timed self-destruct, forcing you to rush forward with a little more risk than you might like to retrieve them.

Somewhere in the first third, things take a serious turn for the worse: you’re short of money, world panic is on the rise and countries are withdrawing from the COM project, you often find your veteran soldiers wounded and are forced to rely on rookies who more often than not come home in coffins. Then (provided you survive the dark days) you get a few key technologies into play, get some Mess on your squad, and start to turn the tide of panic, and somewhere near the halfway or ¾ point everything becomes much easier.

You no longer need to race for Meld, so beyond losing some civilians toucan take levels at a cautious pace. Mess have so much armor and their weapons are so devastating that toucan kind of sit back and unleash holy hell on anything that pops up.

Every game you’ll find yourself doing the base building in more or less exactly the same way after you’ve figured out a good order for yourself, and even missions themselves become repetitive as toucan only have so much variety in a shootout at a shopping center. The most recent incarnation and this expansion pack both do a much better job than the previous titles in varying mission goals and pacing, and in throwing enough stuff in the mix to keep you from learning the perfect way of doing things quickly.

I’ve found more memorable moments in any given hour of gameplay than in the entirety of any other game I can mention. You find yourself caring about your veteran solders, grinding your teeth in frustration when the odds go against you and you lose one of them, and basking in success when a risky strategy pays off.

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For those unfamiliar with COM games, either from their success on the PC or from the original’s debut on the Play Store, prepare to be amazed. The game brings the amazing gameplay of its predecessor and expands on it by adding a lot of content to the original.

Instead of a true sequel, EnemyWithin expands the existing content by adding some base management elements, a new alien resource, new enemies and additional plot elements that greatly expand upon the story as it progresses. The game plays mostly like the original, consisting mainly of amazing turn based battles with some action elements and using some great cinematic camerawork to deliver the intense feeling of the action.

For each mission, players must prepare an appropriate squad of units that are properly equipped to deal with each situation. From a top-down perspective the player commands each unit’s action on the field, moving from cover to cover and dealing with the alien situation as it develops.

Critical choices must be made during the course of the game that will have a major impact upon the resources available and the development of the story. Overall COM : EnemyWithin for Android is truly a masterpiece and one of the few true gamer-oriented games available on mobile platforms.

The main downside is that players who have already experienced the game will need to play through it once more to experience the new content as it is blended in with the original. The good news is that being a standalone game, newcomers do not require having played or even purchased the original, as it is already included.

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Mine for amber and clone dinosaurs in your own Jurassic Park If you feel completely overwhelmed you might want to restart with unknown though.

I always think you should do one play through of a game without the expansion, unless it is literally buggy garbage and the expansion serves as a giant big fix patch. I always think you should do one play through of a game without the expansion, unless it is literally buggy garbage and the expansion serves as a giant big fix patch.

Classic (hard) will tear you apart until you fully understand the pace you have to set with the tech tree to keep up (plus you need to know every way to leverage tactical advantages in combat). I went ahead and picked up EnemyWithin for 50% off in the Steam sale, so I will give that a go over the holiday.

Doesn't matter either way, you're still going to have a squad of four heavies blowing away every bit of cover and two snipers to deal with the leftovers. I recently started playing as well, and I actually prefer having more assault soldiers than heavies.

In my play through at PAX I lost both my Mess, thanks to upgraded enemies that still present a harrowing threat no matter how much tougher you think you are. My mission was a garden-variety alien abduction, taking place in about June on the game’s calendar, set on one of the new maps, a farm.

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Straight away I managed to dash into a flanked position with my assault, and in the turn that followed discover a nasty surprise in the barn, the Method, which is basically the aliens’ answer to your Mess. A Second Commander out in the dirt field buffed a Method there with a psionic shield, which is a perk they get, and you don’t.

Amanda Gupta, the lead designer for EnemyWithin, was next to me, offering some advice but, I suspect, secretly judging my missteps. The Mess’ skills are blatantly obvious, not the least of which is the “kinetic strike” that does 12 damage and comes with some fallacious animations.

Out in the open, toucan position a much, lock them down to provide cover for other soldiers, and still put him on overwatch. In a few cases Gupta had to point out how these mods, available to all classes, build upon class-specific perks and traits to help me turn the tide in my favor.

I’d sent my assault in there to clean out the Second commander and his buddies, and when my roid-fuelled double attack exhausted my shotgun ammo and still failed to bring down the Method (to hoots of “That’s COM, baby,”) I finished the job with a pistol. Ultimately, I prevailed (in “Operation Forgotten Skull,”) losing three soldiers (one a gene-mod support), killing 10 enemies, and capturing one canister of Meld.

Gupta admitted he considered offering an achievement for doing so, but decided against it because he didn’t want to give a disincentive for trying the new creations. Of particular concern to me was how early we’d be able to build Mess and Gene-Mod soldiers, what that would cost, and whether it would force a choice between them and developing other critical resources.

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Valley wants you to build gene-mod soldiers, She advocates Mess, which is interesting considering his morally outraged comments after you discover the Floater. Of course there is the community-requested local language feature, in which your Chinese heavy weapons soldier won’t sound like an Iowa farm boy anymore.

The inability to fire around a corner from an elevated position also will be addressed, Gupta said (by, frankly, removing the cover.) Speaking as console gamer converted to turn-based strategy by COM, I’m very much looking forward to learning more about this expansion, and playing it when it arrives.

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