Can You Run Spacers And Adapters

Elaine Sutton
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
• 8 min read

As long as the shop you buy from is reputable and uses top quality material; Wheel Spacers and Adapters are completely safe when installed correctly with care and patience. If the shop you’re buying from can ’t confidently say that it uses metal fit for an aircraft, you should probably find the nearest exit.

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Authenticity Purchasing your products from an assembly line could potentially save you money, but what does it mean in the long run ? Spending money on mass-produced cast products is different from buying custom parts.

Custom parts machined by small businesses and are individually made and designed to meet your specifications. Don’t overlook small businesses that can custom-design around your needs in favor of cheaper products that may actually cost you more money and damage in the end.

While the wheels may appear similar (or identical) at first glance, the reality is that they’re all unique, and the adapters that are meant for your vehicle are equally special. If you’re in the market for adapters that you will eventually attach to a large truck, you won’t be safe if you cut corners with a product that’s not meant for your purpose.

Large trucks are intended for a much larger haul, so cutting costs with the incorrect adapters will end in very disappointing results. Authentic shops that are able to customize to your needs can provide products made with genuine quality and help you avoid mass-produced messes.

From what it I have read and researched I am going to have to run a 45 mm adapter in the front to get a final ET of 20 on my 7” 7 slots. I have not figured out what adapter to run in the rear yet so if you want to chime in on that would be helpful also.

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I am going to have 16×8 7 slots in the rear. From what I can tell adapted will make what ever I need I just haven't emailed them yet to get pricing.

From searching around the web I found the her adapters but the biggest they come is 35 mm. Is it safe to run spacers and adapters and if it is alright should the spacer or adapter be closer to the hub.

I wouldn't run spacer and adapters. I ran 30 mm H&R DRA (bolt to hub) spacers with a 8 mm eccentric spacer stacked on it.

I was told that a 7-inch wide wheel will sit flush with the fender at et20 in the front. I will email adapted once I get the final sizes I need and I will decide then if I want to risk the doubled up adapter/spacer combo.

Quote, originally posted by Outsider Braque; I ran 30 mm H&R DRA (bolt to hub) spacers with a 8 mm eccentric spacer stacked on it. Ideally you should get the correct adapter, but as long as you use the right lugs (length) to hub, you should be fine.

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As long as everything is put back on correctly, you will have no problems. But to the OP, if you can just find the right sized adapters, that obviously is the best play.

Spacers and adapters were both hub and wheelcentric. As long as the bolts are the correct length and everything's tight i don't see why it wouldn't be safe.

I had 195/40 Dunlop sports on mine, which is equivalent to the 512s.....I don't know haha “Safe” is always a word we tend to throw around lightly...

Anytime you are adding more pieces in between the wheel and hub you are making things not as “safe” as a factory eccentric wheel bolted up to the car. We never recommend fitting spacers and adapters together as it just adds more stress points and which is why we offer every type of spacer/adapter width that you'll ever need (in most cases).

We have the ability to manufacture a 45 mm adapter no problem and even have a couple sets in stock on sale at the moment. Just shoot me an IM if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to get you sorted.

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. You don't want to know how much dick I had to suck for that. Vwvortex.com is an independent Volkswagen enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalS cope Inc.

There are a lot of theories floating around about the use of wheel adapters and spacers and their safety. There are several companies that make adapters that can offer about any combination within reason.

The drawback to using adapters is the thickness required to make them work properly. The minimum thickness required is about 1.125 (depending on the length of your studs).

This will move your mounting surface out 1.125 and could cause some fender clearance problems. Adapters are the best way to accomplish moving your mounting face out.

Conical Seat) (see TECH Stuff 4) to accept an open end lug nut. The adapters are installed on the vehicle with lug nuts and tightened to the proper torque (TECH Stuff 4).

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Make sure the vehicle studs or lug nuts do not extend past the mounting surface of the adapter. Always make sure you still have proper thread engagement of your lug nut and stud (TECH Stuff 4) after you have mounted the wheel on the vehicle with the spacer.

Then I scrolled down and saw the ginger ninja posting about HOW BAD IT IS BECAUSE OF THE WHEEL BEARING LOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 60 mm isn't that much, if you want to space out that much, use a 60 mm spacer instead of three sets of joins.

Then I scrolled down and saw the ginger ninja posting about HOW BAD IT IS BECAUSE OF THE WHEEL BEARING LOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 60 mm isn't that much, if you want to space out that much, use a 60 mm spacer instead of three sets of joins.

Only because it's 3 places extra for nuts to work loose, not because of DANGER TO TEN WHEEL BEARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd has no issue with 1 60 mm spacer, I personally wouldn't run 2×30mm though as the forces on the studs would be higher than what they were designed for.

I run double stacked 20 mm spacers had no problems yet As someone's already said, its just three lots of nuts to check are tight, so for that reason I'm not crazy on the idea.

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