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• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
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Paul Simon and his New Canaan estate in Connecticut (Credit: Getty Images and Google Maps) William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty’s Leslie Razor, who is listing the property with fellow agent Anne Krieger, said that the pricing was reflective of the softness in the area’s real estate market.

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The Southwest region leads the 2019 ranking, capturing 30% of the top 50 spots and over 9,000 new home sales. Our proprietary monthly builder survey confirms that sales gained velocity in the fourth quarter, when the industry typically sees seasonal slowing associated with the holidays.

Numerous Southern California builders report continued slowness despite lower rates and price cuts. Phoenix builders achieved steady sales through the usually slower summer months as buyers braved high temperatures to shop for new homes.

For much of 2019, Phoenix was the only top 30 housing market we rated as Strong, acknowledging the sales and pricing environment. Builder commentary confirms our conclusion that traffic numbers remain relatively low, but the prospect quality supports sales conversions.

We recently upgraded our Austin, Tampa, and Orlando ratings to Strong, acknowledging good sales traction across price points and buyer segments. Some housing markets with a significant 55+ buyer pool, such as Phoenix, Charlotte, and Charleston, have many communities targeting the same prospects.

More Southwest master plans ranked in the top 50 this year, as in-migration from California augmented strong local demand. Austin is on the rise with 5 master plans, of which 4 are making their debut on our top 50 ranking: Monterrey, Carmel, Sun field, and Santa Rita Ranch.

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Master-planned communities continue to dominate the new home sales scene in many Sunbelt metropolitan areas, achieving sales and pricing premiums for offering a well-thought-out, highly desirable lifestyle to homeowners in all life stages. For decades, our team has been helping developers maximize sales by segmenting the community by life stage, price range, lot size, and a lifestyle built around the amenities and programming suitable for the local market.

For help to maximize sales and price in 2020, please contact our local consulting leaders or Ken Perelman, our consulting principal who is chair of the UPI Residential Neighborhood Council and has become (in our opinion) the national expert on successful master plan segmentation and amenity programs. For more information on the master-planned community (MPC) rankings, please contact Jody Khan, Devon Bach man, or Kate Guthrie, who passionately lead our summaries of market conditions by metropolitan statistical area (MSA) for all of our clients.

Williams, the 31-year-old CEO and co-founder of fintech startup Cadre, has won the backing of high-profile investors like Mark Cuban, George Soros, Peter Thiel and Jared Kushner. But as an African American executive trying to disrupt real estate, Williams has also faced his fair share of skepticism.

Ryan Williams founded Cadre in 2014 with the goal of using technology to open up real estate investment opportunities to a wider array of investors. According to Cadre, Williams worked his way through Harvard University and launched his first real estate company during his senior year there.

After stints at Goldman Sachs (GS) and Blackstone (BX), Williams started Cadre in 2014 as a digitized real estate investment platform. Cadre’s mission is to level the playing field in an industry that is often tilted toward the biggest players.

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Individuals, groups and institutions willing to invest at least $50,000 can comb through vetted real estate projects listed on Cadre’s online marketplace. Using machine learning and statistics, Cadre says it has built a technology program that provides analytics for real estate investors.

Cadre says it typically pursues deals requiring an equity investment of at least $50 million and structures the transactions as limited partnerships. The firm evaluates more than 500 real estate opportunities each year, but says it only approves about 2% of those investments.

Williams said that Cadre’s use of technology to “transform” real estate was initially met by apprehension from many in the industry. Among others, Williams pointed to Michael Criscitelli, the former CEO of real estate firm Tornado Realty (NO), who now leads Cadre’s investment committee.

Cadre lists a number of major firms as investors, including Goldman Sachs, SL Green Realty and venture-capital leaders such as Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund and General Catalyst. Kushner’s wife, White House adviser Ivanka Trump, was involved in the creation of a new program that gives tax breaks for investors in “opportunity zones.” Cadre has launched a fund focused specifically on investing in these economically distressed communities.

Thrive Capital, a venture firm founded by Jared’s brother Josh Kushner, was another early backer. However, Williams stressed that Jared Kushner has “no involvement” and has sold off a “substantial portion” of his equity investment in Cadre.

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And Williams insisted that the Kushner controversy “doesn’t bother us” and said his team is focused on building a great platform. “It’s hard enough to build a business in an industry like real estate without any of the other sort of noise,” he said.

The Cadre platform faces intense competition from other options for investors who are looking for alternative ways to bet on real estate. The most popular way, besides actually buying property, is real estate investment trusts, or Rests.

There’s also Bradstreet, a rival online commercial real estate investment marketplace that was also founded in 2014. Its possible Cadre could eventually team up with a more established real estate firm or even a tech company.

Williams didn’t want to speculate about a potential Cadre IPO, though he noted the parade of companies going that route lately. Democratic presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden speaks on the state of the US economy on September 4, 2021, in Wilmington, Delaware.

Trump, a day after the release of a bombshell recording in which he pressures Georgia officials to overturn his November 3 election loss in the southern state, is to hold a rally in the northwest city of Dalton in support of Republican incumbent senators Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue. Biden, who takes over the White House on January 20, is to campaign in Atlanta, the Georgia capital, for the Democratic challengers, Raphael Warlock and Jon Scoff.

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Stocks are ticking higher on Wall Street Wednesday, Dec. 23, following a mixed set of reports on the economy. Across America, people are reeling from the loss of jobs and incomes as unemployment soars to historical levels following the COVID-19 outbreak.

While some states are beginning to re-open slowly, many business are struggling to find a profit with the news restrictions and a population that is fearful of the contagious virus. Stocks rose in early trading Monday after investors received several pieces of encouraging news on COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, tempering concerns over rising virus cases and business restrictions.

President Donald Trump's unorthodox choice for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, Judy Shelton, could be approved by the Senate this week, according to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office.

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