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The earliest examples of the can zone and Antonietta show an obsession with the subject of love, the emotional underpinnings of the Western world’s most explosive creative expansions, just as 13th century poetry began the Renaissance. So with an urchin A man makes merry, In mirth grows clamorous, Laughs and rejoices, But when the choice is To fall aware, Cheats him with silence.

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E'en its deniers can now hear the truth, I for the nonce to them that know it call, Having no hope at all that man who is base in heart Can bear his part of wit into the light of it, And save they know’t aright from nature’s source I have no will to prove Love’s courser say Where he takes rest; who make him to be; Or what his active virtue is, or what his force; Nay, nor his essence or his mode; What his placation; why is he in verb, Or if a man have might to show him visible to men’s sight. In memory’s locus take he is state. Love is created, hath a Senate name, His modes takes from soul, from heart his will; From form seen doth he starts, that, understood, Take in latent intellect As in a subject readyplace and abode, Yet in that place it ever is instill, Spreading its rays, it teeth never down By quality, but is its own effect unending Not to delight, but in an ardor of thought That the base likeness of it kindled not.

As he did with the sonnet, Francesco Petrarch grabbed hold of the can zone and systematized its structure. However, Petrarch favored the sonnet, and his variation spread throughout Italy and into England, where it defined 16th century British poetry.

Categories: age, analogy, beautiful, blessing, Form: Can zone Neil Canadian-born in 1945, Born following the closure of hateful war, In which, so many brave men had lost their lives, And born to witness the effect of many more: The man with a “Heart of Gold”, a metaphor For his... Read More. Categories: career, children, crazy, environment, Form: Can zone THE CAT'S PAW She stares at me still mindless of my wanting, hand rubs, ... Read More.

Facing East, A half veiled sun Behind her, She became a Pictograph, Crowned by A golden rice bowl. Categories: body, break up, cool, Form: Can zone But This mind was programmed to notice the slightest change he stayed alert, and would often sit in the dark corner of a dark room, monitoring the shadow of the moon.

Categories: introspection, music, Form: Can zone The Five Stages of My Grief I have lost three loves and my life is grief, denial fills my thoughts- shock overwhelms; my life floats in meaningless dark, dark realms, there is no grace in awful disbelief. Categories: grief, Form: Can zone And So It Begins And so it begins- as another day, I ponder sipping coffee of my plan; of meeting a sweet, unique, special man, when seeing him I will pretend to stray.

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Examples of Can zones and a list of new poems in the correct poetic form and technique. The word can zone means “song” in Italian and first used to refer to a verse form in Italy and France in the medieval period.

It is often considered to be a predecessor to the sonnet, but unfortunately, since its peak popularity, it has fallen out of fashion. At the time, writers such as Petrarch and Dante utilized variations.

The can zone, sometimes also known as a cannon, is a 16th-17th century Italian verse form that is made up of somewhere between one and seven stanzas, each of which is of a similar length. In some variations of the verse form, the poet makes use of keywords rather than a traditional rhyme scheme.

Often times the verse form is compared to a madrigal or a setting. The first of these is the elegiac can zone which contains elements of an elegy, or lament for the past, or someone deceased.

Comic, tragic, and romantic are the other three most common ways the can zone is categorized. Auden speaks on the complications of human life and emotions, as well as time and death.

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From just this small section a reader should be able to pick out the keywords Auden chose to repeat. With just these five words at the end of the lines, a reader can interpret something about the poem’s content before even making it through the first stanza.

I am simply including the inventor’s description here, but note, in my template, I have replaced the capital letters with numbers to indicate the chosen words. The can zone is an Italian form with strong similarities to the setting.

“Manky” means “rotten, bad, nasty”. It comes from either Scots, or English dialect, or Polar (homosexual slang), depending on which dictionary you believe.

Anyway, as you see, there are five stanzas of twelve lines each, followed by a five-line envoy (which I am tempted to call a tornado, as for the setting). No particular line length or meter is prescribed.

Anyone addicted to writing settings should be encouraged to write can zones instead, as a kind of aversion therapy. The can zone goes on too long to be enjoyable for either writer or reader, in my opinion.

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