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On Friday, May 27, the current era of X-Men films that began with X-Men : First Class will come to an end with the release of X-Men : Apocalypse. In the new movie, Apocalypse awakens after thousands of years to begin implementing his plans for world domination.

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By this film’s timeline, it’s been roughly a decade since the events of X-Men : Days of Future Past, and Xavier is once again mentoring a team of his mutant X-Men. Although Jennifer Lawrence has recently indicated a willingness to return as Mystique beyond X-Men : Apocalypse, it probably won’t happen any time soon.

While the trailers have presented Mystique as the field leader of Xavier’s new X-Men, Raven is said to have been working alone prior to the events of X-Men : Apocalypse. If we didn’t know that Oscar Isaac was playing Apocalypse, it would be hard to identify him under all of that makeup.

By the time this film starts, Erik has seemingly left his mutant persona behind as he lives with a human woman in Poland. Locke is the second horseman of Apocalypse, and the movie is focusing on her telekinetic powers and ninja skills.

Comic book fans know that Jean’s powers also come with the downside of making her vulnerable to the thoughts of everyone around her. His powers are still the energy beams that he projects from his eyes, which are uncontrollable without his signature shades or visor.

As the only student to remain with Professor Xavier throughout the prequel trilogy, Nicholas Hoult’s Beast has now become one of the most important X-Men and a mentor to the new generation of mutants. “You didn’t see that coming” when Evan Peters Quicksilver stole the movie in his brief X-Men : Days of Future Past scenes.

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Nightcrawler will first join up with Mystique, who was his mother in the comics, but it’s not clear if that relationship will carry over to the movie. For the purposes of this film, Ben Hardy’s Angel is recruited to be the fourth and final horseman of Apocalypse.

In the comics, Apocalypse replaced Angel’s feather wings with metallic blades when he was transformed into Archangel. Lana Condor is playing Jubilee in this film, and she can create pyrotechnic energy plasmids with her hands.

After basically having a cameo role in Days of Future Past, Lucas Till will return as Havoc, the older brother of Cyclops. In this movie, Havoc will bring his brother to Professor Xavier to train him to control his powers.

Rose Byrne didn’t appear in Days of Future Past, but she will reprise her role as Moira MacTaggert in X-Men : Apocalypse. In X-Men : First Class, Moira was a CIA agent who fell for Professor X before he wiped her mind.

And finally, Josh Herman is returning as William Stryker, the main human antagonist in X-Men : Apocalypse. At the end of Days of Future Past, Mystique briefly replaced Stryker, but she obviously didn’t kill him.

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The female version of Death is one of Apocalypse's Horsemen in Ancient Egypt Famine is one of Apocalypse's Horsemen in Ancient Egypt, but she doesn't go by Olson.

Moira was married at one time to a man named Joseph and had their son Kevin, but they eventually divorced. Moira was married at one time to a man named Joseph and had their son Kevin, but they eventually divorced.

Director(s)Writer(s)Producer(s)Studio(s)Distributor(s)Inspired ByBudget$178,000,000.00 X-Men: Apocalypse has a huge cast of characters, some of whom are returning to roles from previous films, and quite a few of whom are inheriting younger versions of characters that appeared in the first three films.

While on the set of X-Men : Apocalypse last year we talked to many of the cast members about what is new and different for their roles in this film. Below, Evan Peters, Jodi Smit-McPhee, Olivia Mann, The Sheridan, Nicholas Holt, and Michael Fassbinder explain where their characters are in life as the new film opens.

Peters explained that Quicksilver has “kind of matured a little. As a younger version of the character originated by Alan Cumming, Nightcrawler is both familiar and unknown.

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According to the actor, Nightcrawler and Angel “do have a little of an ongoing scuffle, and it’s very entertaining.” The most reticent of the actors, at least when speaking to press, The Sheridan let Jodi Smit-McPhee do a lot of the talking when we spoke to the two of them together.

“ the younger version” of the character, but Sheridan isn’t trying to be glib. You evolve as a human being with knowledge and attitude and challenges and obstacles in life.

X-Men: Apocalypse is a 2016 American superhero film directed and produced by Bryan Singer and written by Simon Kin berg from a story by Singer, Kin berg, Michael Dougherty, and Dan Harris. The film is based on the fictional X-Men characters that appear in Marvel Comics and is the ninth installment in the X-Men film series.

It is the sequel to X-Men : Days of Future Past (2014) and stars James McEvoy, Michael Fassbinder, Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Isaac, Nicholas Holt, Rose Byrne, The Sheridan, Sophie Turner, Olivia Mann, and Lucas Till. In the film, the ancient mutant En Sarah Our / Apocalypse is inadvertently revived in 1983, and plans to wipe out the modern civilization and take over the world, leading the X-Men to try to stop him and defeat his team of mutants.

The film was announced by Singer in December 2013, with Kin berg, Dougherty, and Harris attached to develop the story. Casting began in October 2014, while principal photography commenced in April 2015 in Montreal and ended in August of the same year.

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X-Men : Apocalypse premiered in London on May 9, 2016, and was released in the United States on May 27, 2016, in 3D and 2D, and in IMAX 3D in select international markets. The film received mixed reviews, with critics praising its themes, direction, and acting performances, while the portrayal of Apocalypse, overuse of CGI, and formulaic nature of the film were criticized.

A sequel, titled Dark Phoenix, was released on June 7, 2019. In 3600 BCE the powerful mutant En Sarah Our rules Ancient Egypt until he is entombed alive.

Aiming to destroy and remake the world, he recruits Promo Monroe and upgrades her power. In Communist Poland Erik Lehnsherr uses his powers to save a coworker during an earthquake, prompting the militia to capture him.

En Sarah Our takes Erik to Auschwitz and shows him the true extent of his powers. Erik destroys the camp and joins En Sarah Our.

En Sarah Our remotely accesses Cerebra, the device Xavier uses to locate mutants, and forces Xavier to make the global superpowers launch their entire nuclear arsenals into space to prevent interference with En Sarah Our's plan. He and his Four Horsemen arrive at the mansion and kidnap Xavier.

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Attempting to stop them, Alex causes an explosion that destroys the mansion. Peter Maxim off arrives just in time; he uses his super-speed to evacuate the building but fails to save Alex, who dies in the explosion.

Colonel William Stryker's forces capture Hank, Raven, Peter, and Moira, and take them for interrogation. Scott, Jean, and Kurt follow covertly, and liberate their comrades using Stryker's experiment Weapon X (Wolverine), whose memories Jean partially restores.

Erik uses his powers to control the Earth's magnetic poles causing destruction across the planet. Sarah Our plans to transfer his consciousness into Xavier's body and enslave every person on Earth.

Xavier sends a telepathic distress call to Jean, and the others travel to Cairo to battle Sarah Our and his horsemen. Angel and Locke attack the plane and Nightcrawler teleports them away.

Locke jumps to safety while Angel is killed in the plane crash. Erik and Promo turn on En Sarah Our and, with the help of Scott, keep him occupied physically while Xavier fights him telepathically in the astral plane.

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Xavier encourages Jean to unleash the full strength of her mental/extrasensory abilities, incinerating En Sarah Our while Locke escapes. Erik and Jean help reconstruct the school, but Erik refuses Xavier's offer to stay and help teach.

Using confiscated Sentinels, Hank and Raven train the new X-Men recruits: Scott, Jean, Promo, Kurt, and Peter. In a post-credits scene, men in black suits visit the Weapon X facility to retrieve an X-ray and a blood sample marked “Weapon X”, on behalf of the Essex Corporation.

Cast of X-Men : Apocalypse at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con International. Top to bottom (scrollable): McEvoy, Fassbinder, Lawrence, Isaac, Holt, Mann, Peters, Smit-McPhee, Turner, Sheridan, Ships, Condor, Till, and Hardy.

James McEvoy as Charles Xavier / Professor X : A pacifist mutant and the world's most powerful telepath, who is the founder of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and leads the team of mutants known as the X-Men, in order to protect humankind and battle against the deadly enemy within. During the latter part of the film's production, McEvoy shaved his head for the role.

Michael Fassbinder as Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto : A mutant Auschwitz survivor with the ability to control magnetic fields and manipulate metal, who was once Xavier's closest ally and best friend, until his belief that mankind and mutant kind would never coexist led to their separation. He is globally infamous for attempting to assassinate U.S. President Richard Nixon on live broadcast 10 years prior.

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Bill Milner appears in archival footage as a Young Erik. Jennifer Lawrence as Raven Darkroom / Mystique : A mutant with shape shifting abilities, globally renowned for saving Nixon's life 10 years prior.

He added, “When things start to go awry, or when things seem like they're not moving towards evolution, destroys those civilizations.” Isaac had to go through extensive makeup and prosthetics applications, and wore high-heeled boots to appear taller and a 40-pound suit.

The full costume was uncomfortable, particularly in the humid environment of the outdoor scenes, which forced Isaac to go to a cooling tent between takes. Our's previous old-form (seen at the beginning of the film) was played by Bird Arabian, a 70-year-old Canadian real estate agent, and avid silver screen fan in his first credited film role.

Nicholas Holt as Hank McCoy / Beast : A mutant with leonine attributes, prehensile feet and superhuman physical abilities. Hank acts as a teacher in Xavier's school, and he builds inventions for troubled students.

Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert : A CIA operative who first met and fell in love with Xavier in First Class, where he wiped portions of her memories of him and the X-Men at the end. Simon Kin berg said they are “essentially, strangers” when they meet in this film.

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Evan Peters as Peter Maxim off / Quicksilver : A mutant who can move, think, and perceive at hypertonic speeds, and the son of Magneto. The Sheridan as Scott Summers / Cyclops : A mutant who fires destructive optic beams and wears a ruby visor or sunglasses to stabilize and contain them, and who is the younger brother of Havoc.

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey : A mutant who is scared of her telepathic and telekinetic power, and one of Charles Xavier's most prized students. Turner states that she was cast in the film because of the “dark side” of her character Santa Stark in Game of Thrones.

She compared Jean to Santa and described being an outcast in the human world, who struggles with her power and gift, the same way Santa, who wanted to live a normal life, felt. Turner learned archery in preparation for the role.

She practiced sword fighting in preparation for the role. Jodi Smit-McPhee as Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler : A German teleporting mutant and one of Charles Xavier's new students.

Singer said Nightcrawler is a source of comic relief. Alexandra Ship pas Promo Monroe / Storm : A young mutant orphan who can control weather.

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Ships shaved her head partially, and sported a Mohawk for the role. Lucas Till as Alex Summers / Havoc : A mutant who has the ability to absorb energy and release it with destructive force from his body, and the older brother of Cyclops.

Josh Herman as Colonel William Stryker : A military officer who hates mutants and has, in the ten years since Days of Future Past, been developing his own plans for resolving “the mutant problem”. Ben Hardy as Angel : A mutant with bird-like feathered wings, gaining metallic wings which can also be used as razor sharp projectiles as a result, similar to his Archangel counterpart in the comics.

Hardy practiced indoor skydiving in preparation for his role. Lana Condor as Jubilee : A mutant student at Charles's school who has the ability to create psionic energy plasmids.

Discussing her first day on X-Men : Apocalypse, Condor says, “I was very new, and it was my first role. The first day we shot scenes in a 80s-themed mall with hundreds of extras in 80s gear, plus crew and cameras.

It's a lot easier when you have the costume, as that helps bring everything to life. Additionally, Tomas Le marquis portrays Caliban, a mutant with the ability to sense and track other mutants, and wrestler “Giant” Gustav Claude Outlet plays The Blob, Angel's opponent in an underground fight club.

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Monique Gander ton, Warren Shear, Rochelle Okay, and Fraser Aitcheson play Apocalypse's prior lieutenants, Death, Pestilence, Famine, and War respectively. Carolina Barack portrays Magda Risky, the wife of Erik Lehnsherr and mother of their mutant daughter Nina Risky.

Zebra Lever man reprised her role as Quicksilver's mother Ms. Maxim off Hugh Jackman makes an credited appearance as Logan / Wolverine, in his Weapon X form.

In that same scene, director Bryan Singer cameos as a guard who is killed by Wolverine as he attempts to escape the complex. X-Men co-creator Stan Lee and his wife Joan B. Lee make a cameo appearance together, as bystanders witnessing the launch of nuclear missiles worldwide; this was Joan's last film before her death the following year.

The scene is not in the theatrical film, but is included on the home video release. The film was announced by Bryan Singer in December 2013 via Twitter, before Days of Future Past was released to theaters.

In the same month, Simon Kin berg, Dan Harris, and Michael Dougherty were revealed by Singer to be attached to work on the film's story. According to Singer, the film would focus on the origin of the mutants, and features the younger versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm.

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Singer also said that he was considering Gambit and a younger version of Nightcrawler to appear. According to Kin berg, it would take place in 1983, and completes a trilogy that began with 2011's X-Men : First Class.

In September 2014, 20th Century Fox officially announced that Singer would direct the film. Singer has called the film “kind of conclusion of six X-Men films, yet a potential rebirth of younger, newer characters and the “true birth of the X-Men “.

It will address historical mutant, meaning the deep past, mutant origins and things like that. It's something that's always intrigued me when we think about our Gods and our history and miracles and powers.

Singer said that Apocalypse is the main focus of the film. Kin berg said that the younger versions of Scott Summers, Storm, and Jean Grey appearing in the film are “as much a part of the film as the main cast”.

He described Summers as “not yet the squeaky-clean leader”, Storm as a “troubled character who is going down the wrong path in life”, and Grey as “complex, interesting and not fully mature.” Kin berg also said that the film delivers on the dramatic story and emotion of the last two films and that it acts like the culmination of the main characters portrayed by Lawrence, McEvoy, Fassbinder, and Holt.

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Kin berg said First Class, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse formed a trilogy about Mystique, explaining, She starts in First Class entirely on Charles' side, ends up following Erik, and we then find her in Days of Future Past, and she's on her own because Erik is gone.

She's on her own side in that movie but is drawn toward Charles by the end of the film and shoots Erik. There's a full circle narrative over the span of this little trilogy that is about Mystique from beginning with Charles in the mansion and ending with Charles in the mansion, but not as the same timid little girl we met in First Class.

Kin berg was paid $8 million for writing the script, the same amount he received for X-Men : Days of Future Past. The plot was partially inspired by the 1986 X-Men story arc The Fall of the Mutants “.

In November, Singer confirmed that Oscar Isaac would portray Apocalypse. In January 2015, Singer announced that Alexandra Ships, Sophie Turner, and The Sheridan would portray young Storm, Jean, and Cyclops, respectively.

The same month, Kin berg confirmed that Rose Byrne would reprise her role as Moira MacTaggert in the film. In March, Singer announced that Lana Condor was cast as Jubilation Lee.

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In April, Singer confirmed that Hardy would portray Angel, Olivia Mann would portray Locke, and Lucas Till would return as Havoc. In May, Singer announced that the mutant Caliban would appear in the film.

In July, Holt revealed on Conan that Josh Herman would return as William Stryker. In April 2016, Hugh Jackman confirmed that he would make a cameo appearance as Logan / Wolverine.

Australia-based Rising Sun Pictures provided, as it did for X-Men : Days of Future Past, the effects for Quicksilver's time-stopping, quick motion effects in the mansion rescue scene, and also other effects, including when Cyclops splits Professor Xavier's favorite tree in half. Aerial footage of snow-capped mountains as Stryker traveled in his helicopter to the secret base was provided by Smartphones of St. Albert, Alberta, Canada.

Singer had at one point left the production for 10 days, forcing screenwriter Simon Kin berg to fill in as director. Singer claimed he had a thyroid issue and had to be treated in L.A.

In July 2015, Singer, Lee, Hugh Jackman, and cast-members McEvoy, Fassbinder, Lawrence, Isaac, Holt, Mann, Peters, Smit-McPhee, Turner, Sheridan, Ships, Condor, Till, and Hardy gave a presentation at the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con International, together with the release of the film's first teaser poster, featuring En Sarah Our and a wreckage of the X-Mansion. The deal included retail displays and special packaging markings, TV and cinema commercials, and social media posts featuring M&M's characters mixed with elements of the X-Men.

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The first image of M&M candies wearing Storm and Magneto costumes was released on the day of the announcement. In December 2015, Kia Motors collaborated with 20th Century Fox to create a custom Kia Shortage to promote the film.

Designed after Mystique, the car was revealed at the 2016 Australian Open. It is Kia's second “X-Car” project after the Kia Sorrento customized for the home media release of Days of Future Past and the 2015 Australian Open.

A trailer released in the same month received criticism from Trajan Zed, a United States-based Hindu cleric, who stated that the part where Apocalypse claims himself to have been called Krishna was an offense to the Hindu religion, and demanded that Singer remove all references to Krishna from the trailer, and the film itself. The references to Krishna were removed from the film's final cut.

If there isn't the order and the worship then I'll open up the Earth and swallow you whole, and that was the God of the Old Testament. I started from there and when Oscar and I met we began discussing, since he isn't really God, he's the first mutant perhaps, but he's not God necessarily, he's imbued with certain unique powers.

In April 2016, Caldwell Banker partnered with 20th Century Fox to list the X-Mansion for $75 million. The fictional listing included a video tour of the mansion and stories of the home from the perspective of characters such as Charles Xavier and Scott Summers.

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The fake property was listed by agent Gala V. Homered, an anagram for Raven Darkroom. That same month, Fox released a faux TV show called “In the Footsteps of ...” narrated by George Take which is inspired by the classic TV series In Search of ... that focus on En Sarah Our's origins.

In May 2016, Fox released a faux TV commercial for the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters with Lana Condor as Jubilee. They also released a video voiced mail message a week later and a faux TV show called Fables of the Flush & Fabulous with Robin Leach which is inspired by Leach's show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Billboards in Los Angeles and New York City promoting the film garnered controversy for showing an image of Apocalypse choking Mystique, with critics saying the ad advocates violence against women. Among those opposed to the material was actress Rose McGowan, who told The Hollywood Reporter : “There is a major problem when the men and women at 20th Century Fox think casual violence against women is the way to market a film.

The fact that no one flagged this is offensive and frankly, stupid.” In apologizing for the billboard, Fox said it intended to remove the image from circulation.

The film was released in 20,796 screens across 76 international markets on May 18, 2016, one week before its North American debut. Apocalypse was issued triple 3D, 4DX, and 2D formats, and in IMAX 3D in select international markets, using the .

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X-Men : Apocalypse opened in the United States on May 27, 2016, alongside Alice through the Looking Glass and was projected to gross around $80 million from 4,150 theaters in its opening weekend, and up to $100 million over the four-day Memorial Day weekend. In its second weekend the film grossed $22.3 million (a drop of 66.1%), finishing second at the box office behind Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Elsewhere, X-Men : Apocalypse was released one week before the United States in 76 markets, and grossed $101.5 million from 20,796 screens over the May 18 weekend. It opened in China on June 3 and brought in $59 million, the second-largest Fox opening in China and $20 million more than Days of Future Past.

Helen O'Hara of Empire criticized the performances of the main cast and stated that the film felt “messier and heavier than Days of Future Past.” On the other hand, Mick Basally from the San Francisco Chronicle gave the film a positive review, calling it “a thinking person's action movie” and complimenting its high stakes.

He separately said the post-credits scene mentioning the Essex Corporation was related to Logan (2017), and that it could have ties to Gambit as well as the following X-Men film. Bryan Singer said he would be interested in having the villain Proteus in an X-Men film.

He also said he would be stepping away from the franchise but could envision returning later in some capacity. The film's sequel, Dark Phoenix, was released on June 7, 2019.

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X-Men : Apocalypse Easter Eggs & Secret Details”. ^ “Montreal real estate agent gets big break in X-Men : Apocalypse ".

Describing the relationship between Quicksilver and Magneto, Peters stated, “I have learned that he's my father at this point, and I am trying to ... “The Sheridan on getting locked up in Stanford Prison Experiment and joining the X-Men ".

“Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner says she was cast as Jean Grey in X-Men thanks to “Dark Santa ". ^ X-Men : Apocalypse cast photo: Sophie Turner prepares for Jean Grey role by imitating Jennifer Lawrence character Katniss Everdeen”.

X-Men : Apocalypse star Olivia Mann on Locke's latex costume”. ^ X-Men : Apocalypse star Olivia Mann shows off sword skills”.

“Bryan Singer on Instagram: “Excited to welcome @kodismitmcphee to the cast of #XmenApocalypse as young #Nightcrawler. “ ^ “Storm, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Armor, and Cyclops in new X-Men : Apocalypse stills”.

“First look at Apocalypse and Locke's costume; Storm seen with a Mohawk”. “Exclusive: Bryan Singer confirms Ben Hardy is Angel in X-Men : Apocalypse ".

^ X-Men double shot: Angel takes flight and Lucas Till talks Wolverine and Vulcan”. ^ “Lana Condor's armor in X-Men : Apocalypse : New powers, old costume”.

^ Performer: Summer 2016 Goldberg, Isaac (July 12, 2015). “Tomas Le marquis may be playing Caliban in X-Men : Apocalypse ".

^ X-Men : Apocalypse features a cameo only hardcore wrestling fans will recognize”. ^ X-Men : Apocalypse star Carolina Barack on working with Michael Fassbinder”.

^ X-Men : Apocalypse will star Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm”. “Bryan Singer talks which mutants he'd like for X-Men : Apocalypse ".

^ “The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith: X-Men : Days of Future Past Q&A”. X-Men writer on Apocalypse plot twists, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and much more (Exclusive)”.

“Bryan Singer set to helm X-Men : Apocalypse ". ^ X-Men : Apocalypse : See concept art from director Bryan Singer's new mutant sequel”.

“Exclusive: Bryan Singer reveals new X-Men : Apocalypse concept art”. ^ X-Men : Apocalypse is the “culmination” of a trilogy, says Simon Kin berg”.

“The Consistent Link: Simon Kin berg on X-Men : Apocalypse ". ^ “Hollywood salaries 2016: Who got raises (and who didn't), from movie stars to show-runners”.

“Oscar Isaac to play title villain in X-Men : Apocalypse ". “Sophie Turner, The Sheridan, Alexandra Ships join X-Men : Apocalypse ".

“Ben Hardy joins the cast of X-Men : Apocalypse ". “Bryan Singer on Instagram: “I'd officially like to welcome our newest mutant #Jubilation Lee, #Armor @LanaCondor to #MEN # Apocalypse ".

^ X-Men : Apocalypse will feature Marvel mutant Caliban”. “New X-Men : Apocalypse official set photo confirms Caliban”.

^ “Hugh Jackman just teased an X-Men : Apocalypse Wolverine cameo”. ^ X-Men : Apocalypse begins production; first official look at Jodi Smit-McPhee as Nightcrawler”.

X-Men : Apocalypse headed back to Montreal for reshoots”. ^ “Rising Sun Pictures extends its mastery over time in X-Men : Apocalypse ".

“Latest X-Men movie features sky-high mountain footage by Edmonton-area drone company”. “Before the Bohemian Rhapsody Mess, Bryan Singer Reportedly Went AWOL From X-Men Movie Sets”.

“: Why Fox Hired (Then Fired) Bryan Singer on Bohemian Rhapsody ". “Olivia Mann spills all the tea on Bryan Singer and his very “bad behavior ".

“Olivia Mann Says Bryan Singer Went Missing for a 'Thyroid Issue' While Shooting X-Men : Apocalypse (EXCLUSIVE)”. ^ X-Men : Apocalypse poster reveals the movie's big villain”.

^ X-Men inspired Kia Shortage created ahead of Apocalypse (Press release). “Kia builds Shortage SUV inspired by upcoming X-Men : Apocalypse film”.

^ X-Men : Apocalypse : Does the trailer really hurt Hindu religious sentiment?” International Business Times, India Edition.

“Exactly on brand: 5 questions with Caldwell Banker's Sean Blankenship”. X-Men : Apocalypse video explores En Sarah Our's origins with the help of George Take”.

“Fables of the Flush & Fabulous explore Charles Xavier's mansion”. “Rose McGowan criticizes violent X-Men poster as 'offensive and frankly, stupid “.

^ “Huge new batch of X-Men : Apocalypse character posters lands”. X-Men : Apocalypse Comic-Con booth will let fans battle villain”.

X-Men, Purge sequels debut in top two spots on DVD, Blu-ray disc sales charts”. “Summer box-office revenue hits $4.48B against the odds: “It's tough out there ".

X-Men & Alice to boost Memorial Day weekend after last year's holiday apocalypse ". “Box-office preview: X-Men : Apocalypse, Alice 2 suit up for Memorial Day battle”.

“Box office: X-Men : Apocalypse nabs strong $8.2M Thursday night”. “Box office: X-Men : Apocalypse scores troubling $26.4M Friday”.

“Why nobody chased Alice through the Looking Glass : Memorial Day box office postmortem”. ^ “Box office top 20: X-Men lags and Alice flops”.

Ninja Turtles 2 muscles up on Saturday for OK est. ^ Ninja Turtles 2 opens #1 with soft $35M while Utopia crosses $1 billion worldwide”.

Apocalypse pits the strengths of the X-Men series against the weaknesses”. ^ X-Men : Apocalypse is a waste of a perfectly good Oscar Isaac”.

^ X-Men : Apocalypse a thinking person's action movie”. “Quicksilver's heroics rev up routine X-Men : Apocalypse ".

^ Hacksaw Ridge leads with 13 ACTA nominations”. ^ “Justin Timberlake & Alexandre Display among winners at Hollywood Music in Media awards”.

“Teen Choice Awards 2016: See the full list of winners”. ^ “People's Choice Awards 2017: Complete list of nominations”.

“Saturn Awards nominations 2017: Rogue One, Walking Dead lead”. Rogue One leads Visual Effects Society feature competition with 7 nominations as Doctor Strange, Jungle Book grab 6 each”.

^ “Kids' Choice Awards 2017: The complete list”. “Simon Kin berg confirms the next X-Men movie will be set in the '90s”.

^ X-Men : Bryan Singer wants to see Proteus in a future movie”. X-Men director Bryan Singer reveals how he built the Apocalypse ".

^ “How Jessica Captain emerged as a leader in gender equality”. “20th Century Fox shuffles release dates for Bohemian Rhapsody, Dark Phoenix & more”.

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