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Edit Episode cast overview, first billed only: Alyssa Milano ... Phoebe Caldwell Rose McGowan ... Paige Matthews Holly Marie Combs ... Piper Caldwell Brian Krause ... Leo Wyatt Drew Fuller ... Chris Caldwell Christopher Newman ... Sigmund Jim Cirri ... Corr Elaine Hendrix ... Clear Bod hi Elf man ... Kyle Done Vicki Davis ... Tali David Ramsey ... Upper Level Demon Betsy Randle ... Mrs. Waterborne Steve Cell ... Apprentice Demon Gil dart Jackson ... Gideon Kevin Previous ... Brute Demon View production, box office, & company info. Edit The mansion buzzes with speculation why so many demons are being vanquished, and by whom.

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Gideon not only tries to guide them, but also instructs, with his magic school assistant Sigmund, upper demon Corr to organize, without harming the Charmed Ones, a reality TV show competition to lure lower demons into trying and failing, to collect enough powers to enable a serious strike on Wyatt before he grows too powerful. From Paige's POV the acid potion is the green one and the smoke bomb is the yellow one.

From Phoebe's POV the yellow and green potions have changed position. Quotes Paige Matthews : That explains how the demon knew that a witch had died last night... he watched it on TV.

Written by Johnny Mary and Morris Performed by The Smiths more » The Charmed Ones' powers are in jeopardy when they are tricked into taking part in a new demonic reality television show, where demon contestants compete to hunt down the sisters.

Upper-level demons with overwhelming physical strength. They work alone, generally crushing the skulls of their victims. Explosive potions have proven effective in vanquishing them but caution is recommended as Brutes are often fond of camouflage before attacking. The unique design of Cheatham pictured above is used as a power absorbing channel from its victim.

Any magical individual killed by this weapon has their powers transferred and stored within the blade. Paige gave three to Phoebe which were explosive, acid and smoke bomb.

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Telekinesis : Used by Gideon to close the door of his office at Magic School and to let the Crying Crystal drop. He also made the surveying Onyx Crystals flying and closed the Magic School doors.

Working : Type of Teleportation used by Leo, Paige, Gideon and Chris. Projection : Used by Gideon to get the surveying Onyx Crystals in the walls in the Manor.

Hologram : The Projecting Onyx Crystals shows what is in line of sight of the Surveying ones. Divination : Used by Gideon and Sigmund to spy on the Charmed Ones, Leo and Chris.

Transformation : Used by Gideon to change two pages in a book into an entry on Onyx Crystals. Energy Ball : Used by Clear, trying to attack Phoebe and Leo, but she got stabbed before she could.

Crystal Ball : Used by Gideon to observe the sisters, Leo and Chris. The episode “Homecoming” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a similar theme.

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It's also one of just three episodes which were watched by less than 3 million, Generation Hex and Care Demon being the other two. Martin Kebab previously played one of the seven dwarfs, who first appeared in season 5 episode, Happily Ever After “.

In the real world, the term witch war' is used by the Wicca community to describe a heated debate about an issue in their way of life. The title is a reference to the epic film series “Star Wars ", created by George Lucas.

Chris says, speaking about Witch Wars “Kind of like Survivor, only for demons”. This is a reference to the highly rating reality television show “The Apprentice”, in which a group of young entrepreneurs compete to become Donald Trump's assistant.

During the scene where Gideon checks out the demonic cameras, the stage ceiling can be seen on the screen behind him. After Leo vanquishes Clear and gives Phoebe the theme, she shimmers away with it in her right hand.

French: Ex dangerous (Dangerous Game) Finnish: Linssiluteet (Posers) Italian: Reality show Czech: Carolina Slovak: Love Na arodejnice (Hunting for Witches) Spanish (Spain): Las Guerra DE leis brutal (The Wars of the Witches ) Spanish (Latin America): Guerra entire Bros (War Between Witches ) Serbian: Vertical satori German: Witch Wars Hungarian: Boszorkányháborúk (Witch Wars) Stream thousands of hours of hit movies and TV shows, plus the latest in news, sports and pop culture.

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She says she wants to dedicate a month of her column to protection of children and wants to know how she might find someone who is after Wyatt. Paige orbs in, worried that Phoebe has no powers, and hands her some potions.

With the pregnant Piper taking refuge at Magic School, the Power of Three won't be a factor. Gideon orbs into the manor and tells Leo that Piper has become paranoid and is terrorizing Magic School.

Paige series for witches under attack; Gideon fakes a finding and tells her and Chris to hurry after her. Alone in the manor, Gideon plants a number of small Onyx crystals in the walls, cameras for Pitchers.

Chris and Paige orb the witch, Tali, back to the manor. Piper argues with a teacher at Magic School about an incident in the preschool.

Leo manages to calm her down, noting all the people around Wyatt who love and protect him. Paige series for Tali's amulet and she and Leo orb to its location.

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Leo orbs back to the manor and Paige grabs the crystal and the Brute demon's theme. Paige calls Phoebe and “Kyle” tries to accompany her to the manor, but she becomes suspicious.

The Dark lighter tries to claim his prize, but the male game master vanquishes him with his theme. Gideon magically forges a page that describes the projector crystal and presents it to the sisters.

Phoebe speaks an incantation from the page; Gideon secretly gestures At that moment, and the crystal activates, showing the teaser from the beginning of the episode. She throws energy balls, vanquishing several demons and causing the rest to flee in panic.

Back at the manor, Paige has to stab Phoebe with the theme to remove the demonic powers from her. Sigmund is worried that he and Gideon might themselves end up turning Wyatt evil by their attempt on his life.

Corr: (voice over) Welcome back to Pitchers. Tonight on a very special episode, you'll see the ultimate battle when the Game Masters themselves take on, not just any witches, but the legendary Charmed Ones.

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Phoebe: Okay, I hate to rush things, but what do we say we get this family meeting started, huh? Piper: You know, you could cut back on those triple lattes a little.

Gideon: He's on the witch killer path, which you all should be focusing on as well. Phoebe: We actually have bigger things to deal with, Gideon.

Look, we've relied on magic all this time, and it's gotten us nowhere. And since I can't rely on my premonitions to help, I've had to resort to statistics.

Did you know that fifty percent of violent crimes are perpetrated by someone the victim knew? Whoever turns Wyatt evil might actually be someone we know or even care about.

Because the crime reporter at the newspaper said that it's usually someone you least expect. Piper: Alright, now you're making me nervous.

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This theory might make some sense in the lives of normal people, but you aren't normal people. There's an entire underworld of demons out there who want you dead and today is no exception, which brings me back to the witch killer.

Paige and Chris, you help Leo with the witch killer, I'm going to go chase my theory. We're going to find this guy, I promise.

(Paige puts the crystal back down and zaps him again. Paige: Tell us everything you know about the witches that were murdered.

(Paige puts the crystal back down and zaps him again. The one last night, she put on a great show, she shot fire from her hands, and-and she put up a great fight.

Paige: Alright, we just happen to trap the apprentice to the exact demon that we're trying to catch and know nothing about. Chris: Oh, the fact that Paige just vanquished our lucky break.

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And unfortunately, I seem to be the only person that is concerned about the fact that Phoebe is out there roaming around the world without any powers. So when the demon attacks her, let's hope that Phoebe can come up with a little rhyme just in time.

Corr, Clear and an upper-level demon are there.] Corr: Fame, glory, the respect of the entire underworld and of course, the powers of the witch you kill.

Clear: Well, we can't take all the credit. You'd think demons would've invented reality television, but somehow humans beat us to it.

Corr: So that your powers, should you for any reason lose, will revert to us. Corr: I'm sorry, I thought you were planning to win.

Clear: And if you don't, you'll be dead, so you won't need your powers anyway. Get all these guys to sign their powers over to you and risk their lives all for the chance to kill some stupid witch.

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Clear: If we don't get an upper-level demon to play, we will never collect the powers we need. As the game gains in popularity, more and more powerful demons will want to play.

Corr: Because if human beings are foaming at the mouth to humiliate themselves on national television, and they are, then demons are an easy mark. Corr: Donald Trump has his own show.

Gideon appears sitting in a chair nearby.) Gideon: What I have to offer is far better than anything my death will ever bring you.

So many bad guys, I knew I'd never be out of work. Um, thanks for those statistics yesterday, they really helped me a lot.

(Phoebe races into her office and closes the blinds.) And I'm glad that while I'm panicking, you have the time to be clever.

Phoebe: Okay, it's very sweet that you're worried about me, but I am fine, and I have a lot of work to do here. It's about a reporter, one who knows everything there is to know about crime and criminal investigation, and since we don't have Darryl's help anymore, he's the only resource we have.

Gideon: If I can find you through my demonic contacts, then how long do you think it'll be before the Charmed Ones find you and shut you down. They already know about the witch killings, so it's really only a matter of time.

Gideon: I need the Charmed Ones distracted for a while whilst I accomplish an important mission. I thought your game might be the perfect thing.

Corr: You want us to target the Charmed Ones? Gideon: No, I want you to use them, make them your next stunt if you will.

We'll plant a witch in their care, have her be the next target in your game. That's a suicide mission, no one will sign up.

You will set up a series of tasks, have the demons, oh, I don't know, steal something from the witch to begin with, let it escalate from there. Gideon: If you kill innocents or in any way harm Charmed Ones, then your game will be over, and you will be dead.

But with all the powers that we'll get from the demons who sign up, we'll have more than enough to kill him when the time comes. Chris: Uh, any demon that can be powerful enough to be organizing the underworld or any demon who might be running some sort of training camp for younger demons or any demon who could be...

For over a year now I've been looking, and you didn't know this deadline was looming, but I did. Leo: Chris, we're your parents, we're supposed to protect you, not the other way around.

I thought we could use the extra power boost. I don't want any more of them getting killed, and that includes my sister who is now determined to stay at the office, ever since your son dropped his little bomb this morning.

(The witch hits the Shape-shifter with the pipe, knocking him to the ground. Paige throws a potion at demon #1 and vanquishes him.

Piper pushes Wyatt down the hall in his stroller. I just wanted you to know that Wyatt will not be in your class tomorrow or ever again, for that matter.

You mean like when Wyatt was playing with that little girl at the Play-Doh table this morning? Piper: She stole his dough, right out of his hands, and you did absolutely nothing.

(to Mrs. Waterborne) Would you mind taking Wyatt for a stroll just for a minute, please? Mrs. Waterborne: I'll be over there.

Leo: Piper, do you realize you're driving everybody nuts around here? Piper: Well, I don't really care, see I'm trying to protect our son.

What if he saw what this life did to us, and-and how hard it was and just decided to take the easy way out. Leo: Because Wyatt is surrounded by love.

He's got a brother that risked everything just to save his life. Plus he's got two aunts who would rather gauge out their own eyes than see anything bad happen to him.

Saving my nephew or kleptomaniac demons. I'm going to draw up a police flow chart of everyone in Wyatt's life who can possibly be a suspect, and I don't want to forget anybody.

Gideon: This whole distraction isn't working as well as I'd hoped, especially not on Phoebe. She's meeting with a reporter again, and I won't have him feeding her any more information.

Corr: Still, he is a demon, which means there's only so much we can control in the risk department. Corr: He must be more desperate than we thought, which means that maybe he won't shut us down after the first witch dies.

Demons are there drinking, playing darts and pool. A male demon sinks the black ball into one of the pool table's pocket.

In round two, these three upper-level demons will again have to get past the Charmed Ones to get to the witch. Corr: Before we get started, let's introduce our newest contestant.

Corr: Now, remember, your Thames will absorb the powers of your victims as well as each other. The last demon standing will be awarded all the powers collected at the end.

Since the Shape-shifter failed to get the witch's amulet at the end of round one, he must now take on the added risk of confronting a Charmed One directly. Corr: And the Brute Demon, having won round one by claiming the amulet, has won the rights to make the first move.

Brute Demon: One of the Charmed Ones is getting ready to cry for the amulet, right? But if I could persuade Phoebe to invite me home with her, she'd be leading me right to the witch.

Dark lighter: All's I have to do is bide my time, wait for that stupid brute to get himself killed, then make my move. Kyle: Uh, anyone the child originally came in contact with in the last six months.

Kyle: And his mother's hairdresser, or your handyman or clergyman. Phoebe: Ok, let's just say, hypothetically speaking, that the police are running out of time.

And they can't possibly research everyone the child's met in the last six months. Phoebe: They've ruled out the immediate family.

Kyle: Okay, I kind of preferred the fake flirting to this. I just get very emotional when things have to do with my family.

Kyle: Well, that's why the cops usually do this part and not the parents, or the aunt. Kyle: Phoebe, it sounds to me like you're looking for some kind of magic formula, and there just isn't one.

Phoebe: Well, can't you just narrow it down a little? Kyle: Uh, statistically, when it's not a crime of necessity, you're looking at white men between the ages of twenty-five and fifty, usually someone you least expect, maybe even trust.

I mean, if they wanted to kill me, they would have done it when they had the chance. Brute Demon: Lambs to the slaughter.

(The Brute Demon lays Tali's necklace on the ground, then hides out of sight. (The Brute Demon jumps in front of them and attacks Leo.

Paige: Okay, that's your theme song of today. Well, at least it explains how the demon we trapped today knew that the witch died.

Phoebe is talking on her cell phone.] Phoebe: Well, thanks again for all your help, and maybe we can talk more tomorrow.

Shape-shifter/Kyle: Uh, to check out your place... look for any, you know, easy entry points. I mean, most bad guys usually attack at home.

She jumps up and grabs onto the door frame and kicks him in the chest. The shape-shifter stumbles backwards and the Dark lighter holds out an theme, stabbing the shape-shifter in the back.

Corr is waiting there for the Dark lighter to return. Dark lighter: The witch is dead, and I'm the last demon standing.

Gideon: Sacrifices must be made for the greater good. That was my plan all along, to get the Games masters to try to kill the Charmed Ones.

To get them believing that it's the Games masters who are after Wyatt, as if they've been after him all along. Gideon: I have no intention of letting that happen.

Gideon: I think I might have found something that can help. Gideon: It's actually an ancient form of magical voyeurism.

Leo orbs in behind her and stabs her in the back with the power-sucking theme. (Leo gives Phoebe the athame, and it glows and sparks with electricity.

Piper: So we're a hundred percent certain these were the demons we were looking for all along? Chris: I can't believe it's finally over.

What if, in trying to eliminate a threat, we are actually creating a monster? That's such a tender age to be betrayed by those who have sworn to protect you.

But armed with this future knowledge, we have to try to make sure that it doesn't happen this time. Sigmund: That's a very good question, sir, and with all due respect, it's why I can't let you go through with this.

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