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Edit Episode cast overview, first billed only: Alyssa Milano ... Phoebe Caldwell Rose McGowan ... Paige Matthews Holly Marie Combs ... Piper Caldwell Brian Krause ... Leo Wyatt Drew Fuller ... Chris Caldwell Christopher Newman ... Sigmund Jim Cirri ... Corr Elaine Hendrix ... Clear Bod hi Elf man ... Kyle Done Vicki Davis ... Tali David Ramsey ... Upper Level Demon Betsy Randle ... Mrs. Waterborne Steve Cell ... Apprentice Demon Gil dart Jackson ... Gideon Kevin Previous ... Brute Demon View production, box office, & company info. Edit The mansion buzzes with speculation why so many demons are being vanquished, and by whom.

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Gideon not only tries to guide them, but also instructs, with his magic school assistant Sigmund, upper demon Corr to organize, without harming the Charmed Ones, a reality TV show competition to lure lower demons into trying and failing, to collect enough powers to enable a serious strike on Wyatt before he grows too powerful. From Paige's POV the acid potion is the green one and the smoke bomb is the yellow one.

From Phoebe's POV the yellow and green potions have changed position. Quotes Paige Matthews : That explains how the demon knew that a witch had died last night... he watched it on TV.

Written by Johnny Mary and Morris Performed by The Smiths more » The Charmed Ones' powers are in jeopardy when they are tricked into taking part in a new demonic reality television show, where demon contestants compete to hunt down the sisters.

Upper-level demons with overwhelming physical strength. They work alone, generally crushing the skulls of their victims. Explosive potions have proven effective in vanquishing them but caution is recommended as Brutes are often fond of camouflage before attacking. The unique design of Cheatham pictured above is used as a power absorbing channel from its victim.

Any magical individual killed by this weapon has their powers transferred and stored within the blade. Paige gave three to Phoebe which were explosive, acid and smoke bomb.

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Telekinesis : Used by Gideon to close the door of his office at Magic School and to let the Crying Crystal drop. He also made the surveying Onyx Crystals flying and closed the Magic School doors.

Working : Type of Teleportation used by Leo, Paige, Gideon and Chris. Projection : Used by Gideon to get the surveying Onyx Crystals in the walls in the Manor.

Hologram : The Projecting Onyx Crystals shows what is in line of sight of the Surveying ones. Divination : Used by Gideon and Sigmund to spy on the Charmed Ones, Leo and Chris.

Transformation : Used by Gideon to change two pages in a book into an entry on Onyx Crystals. Energy Ball : Used by Clear, trying to attack Phoebe and Leo, but she got stabbed before she could.

Crystal Ball : Used by Gideon to observe the sisters, Leo and Chris. The episode “Homecoming” of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a similar theme.

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It's also one of just three episodes which were watched by less than 3 million, Generation Hex and Care Demon being the other two. Martin Kebab previously played one of the seven dwarfs, who first appeared in season 5 episode, Happily Ever After “.

In the real world, the term witch war' is used by the Wicca community to describe a heated debate about an issue in their way of life. The title is a reference to the epic film series “Star Wars ", created by George Lucas.

Chris says, speaking about Witch Wars “Kind of like Survivor, only for demons”. This is a reference to the highly rating reality television show “The Apprentice”, in which a group of young entrepreneurs compete to become Donald Trump's assistant.

During the scene where Gideon checks out the demonic cameras, the stage ceiling can be seen on the screen behind him. After Leo vanquishes Clear and gives Phoebe the theme, she shimmers away with it in her right hand.

The sixth season of Charmed, an American supernatural drama television series created by Constance M. Burke, originally aired in the United States on The WB from September 28, 2003, through May 16, 2004. Paramount Home Entertainment released the complete sixth season in a six-disc box set on October 17, 2006.

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^ “Weekly Program Rankings”. Edit Episode cast overview: Alyssa Milano ... Phoebe Caldwell Rose McGowan ... Paige Matthews Holly Marie Combs ... Piper Caldwell Gala Cuzco ... Billie Jenkins Ivan Sergei ... Henry Mitchell Barbara Given ... Helen Jenkins David Stark ... Carl Jenkins Meager Fay ... Santa Colby French ... Chuck Pelham Sean McDermott ... Rod Salvos Brandon Morale ... Rocco Tiffany Phillips Prada ... Corrie (as Tiffany Phillips) Marion Basso ... Dominique View production, box office, & company info.

Edit Young Jules and Paige find dating hard due to trust issues on top of time lack. Unsure if Leo can be liberated, Piper obsesses about household details and recording everything on video.

Billie Jenkins's nerves about a first visit in years from her parents Carl and Jenny Jenkins since her sister's kidnapping unexpectedly triggers her projection power, which turns them both into unstoppable hit-men. Bile's theory about demonic abductions and magical test work on Rod Salvos, the evil heir to a major company.

His demon Nana plots to eliminate human partner Pelham, so the Charmed Ones must mobilize. Plot Summary | Add Synopsized Goofs Paige says crying won't work because Billie's parents aren't magical.

Soundtracks How Soon Is Now Written by Johnny Mary and Morris Performed by The Smiths more » Edit Episode complete credited cast : Alyssa Milano ... Phoebe Caldwell Rose McGowan ... Paige Matthews Holly Marie Combs ... Piper Caldwell Brian Krause ... Leo Wyatt Julian McMahon ... Cole Turner Dorian Gregory ... Darryl Morris Akin Matthews ... Angel of Destiny Leslie Grossman ... Phoebe's Assistant Bruce Campbell ... FBI Agent Jackman Samantha Shelton ... Selena Gwen Stewart ... T.V.

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Edit While Phoebe feels Cole trying to contact her, the Angel of Destiny comes to the Caldwell manor and proposes to remove the powers of the sisters as a reward for vanquishing The Source. Meanwhile, the FBI agent Jackman bugs the manor and discloses that he knows that the sisters are witches.

(opening credits theme) Written by Morris and Johnny Mary Performed by Love Spit Loves more » Tonight on a very special episode, you'll see the ultimate battle when the game masters themselves take on not just any witches, but the legendary Charmed Ones.

Pitchers was a short-lived demonic reality game show hosted by the Game Masters Corr and Clear, which was later violently cancelled by Phoebe. Pitchers was a demonic reality game show hosted by the Game Masters Corr and Clear.

Participants would have their powers transferred to the game masters if they die as part of the contract drawn by blood. In a “Round 1” for one fateful day, a Brute Demon, a Shape-shifter, and a Warlock were assigned to steal a necklace from the witch Tali, as part of Gideon's plan to distract the Charmed Ones.

The Shape-shifter knocked out Kyle Done and impersonated him to trick Phoebe, while the Brute Demon set a trap for Paige and Leo. However, Clear was vanquished by Leo with one of the power-sucking Thames used in the show, which Phoebe used to gain the demonic powers.

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