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Note: Coincidentally, that's also the maximum segment length for an axis-aligned road in CSL. So you're also paying 16% less on the roads to grid the same area with more stuff.

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For some concrete numbers, let's compare a 60×60 area (as it divides evenly in a bunch of ways) using a variety of block sizes and the basic small two-lane road: Note: That table also shows that notable area drops slower than road cost, but don't forget that lower density is also increased cost for any service with a radius of effect.

If you want the densest square grid, make it 12×12 (using small roads). You'll fit 124 more RICO in the same space but spend 16 less on the roads, compared to a 10×10 grid.

Indeed, if you restrict yourself to integers (so you can draw it with Snap to Road Length), then the only things that beat the best square block are {10, 11}, {13, 14, 15, ...}. Getting up to 75% density takes 10×32, which is more oblong than I personally like for a grid.

The limit is parallel lines that are infinitely long and never connected, as that way there's never any potentially-zonable area taken up by a cross street. These are measured from satellite maps, so don't always match the “canonical” answers.

It’s especially strange to see a tall wall of buildings on the outskirts of your city where usually you’d see small houses. So one of CitiesSkylineslayout tips is to find a good area or several for your business district.

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Avoid surrounding your skyscrapers with small housing Place some unique buildings which have a similar style. And it looks strange when someone places a high-tech building surrounded by cozy European houses.

I create special old town areas with walking streets and some tourist attractions to make it look realistic. During your cities skylines urban planning it’s always lucrative to place roads at the right angle and fill the cells with zoning.

Although there are some real cities with such planning as Barcelona, you need to combine different approaches. Place some touristic areas, crosswalks, and water buildings, and you will make great use of this option.

Most likely you will have a quiet old town area that was created when high-density zoning was locked. Also, it would be realistic and good for your road traffic is you place some of such areas to your suburban parts.

Add some low-density commercial zone to make it a center of a small suburban community. Real cities grew for a long time facing numerous challenges.

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This means you don’t always have to rebuild the imperfect areas but accept them and expand further. Thanks to Natural disasters DLC, you may face some additional challenges which will affect your city design such as floods, earthquakes and asteroid strike.

I’ve decided to expand this guide with some CitiesSkylineslayout ideas which came to my mind as I play a full game with all the LCS. For instance, I know that I would need a lot of space for the University next to the city center and transport hubs.

If I’m placing industries in the area then definitely there won’t be residential buildings or landmarks here. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

NOTE: this method exploits respawning object of the game itself to cut off the unnecessary traffic. Here I used cargo trains, for they are faster and hold more stuff in 1 trip, rather than line of trucks.

Yellow connects to Red by 1 way road, whichever the type you prefer. Here I used combination of 6-lanes 1-way, splits into 2 highways (3 lanes) for 2 identical generic industrial zones.

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Here I used 6-lanes 2-ways road, so imports trucks can delivery material to multiple factories, and services vehicles can fully cover all the area. After delivering material, import trucks will DeShawn if emptied, because it can not go back to import station (cargo train station), thus eliminated the need of extra trip back, just so it can DeShawn there.

If there is still extra material left, it will go to BLUE section for export, and also DeShawn there. All the BLUE section is covered with 1-way road, whichever the type you prefer.

Specialized district may not need input cargo bay, provides they produce enough material for processing and generic use. Because the main section is 2-ways road, so you will just need minimum requirement of services for full coverage.

Here I have the extra pair of fire department and police station just in case. But same method is applied, so no truck will ever return to their owner, thus respawning after loading goods.

You will not want extra trains dock in it, just so it can release a short trip of vans to the station next to. One more important thing: the input station MUST HAVE a local fire department near it.

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You can place a T shape road for best vehicle speed when they come out of the station. Same method is applied again, after loading goods to store, vans will DeShawn.

No need local fire department for output station, provides that it has an incoming road to it. And became no one will look at your industry district, or talents it isn't the focus point of your city, so it doesn't need to be pretty.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Cities : Skylines. In this guide, I will show you that you don't just have to select your zones in large blocks, you can be a bit more creative and allow for more building variety as well.

If you just select the entire notable area by each road, most of the buildings by default will take a full 4×4 square, the only time you will have seen smaller buildings would have been where the notable grid has been broken up, like on bends or with junctions with other roads for example. However, the game includes buildings to fit all sizes from 4×4 right down to a single 1×1 square.

I'll be zoning for 1×2 size houses in low density, you can go for 1×1 if you like, but I prefer them to have gardens! In this pic you can see I've drawn a set of side roads that are four squares apart, this is easy to judge as the game's marker guides space at four block intervals.

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Here, I'm zoning a small retail area next to some high density residential using the same method as above, Filling in the gaps, And complete, a nice little street full of little shops, instead of all the larger businesses that would have popped up if I'd just filled the entire block in one go.

And before long, you will have a nice little office park along with a couple of shops to buy a paper from or get that morning cup of coffee! I wouldn't recommend mixing commercial and residential as the people won't like the noise pollution that shops create however.

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