Criteria For Zumba Dance Contest

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• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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This requires the tasteful use of color, space, texture, and plant shapes. Balance and Proportion------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 30% Involves the volume and color of plant materials.

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The parts of the arrangement, the plant materials, and the container should be in proper relationship. Size of flowers and foliage and stem length are major considerations.

TOTAL POSSIBLE SCORE------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 100%BOOTH MAKING CONTEST 1. Cleanliness and orderliness----------------------------------------------------------10 points NUTRI-JINGLE CONTEST Relevance to the theme- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 40% Clarity of the message- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -20% Creativity- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 20% Impact and Presentation- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 20% Total- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 100% Speed-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------50% Skillfulness and Neatness------------------------------------------------------------------50% TOTAL----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------100%VEGETABLE COOKING CONTEST Uniqueness and innovativeness Of the dish- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -40% Palatability- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -50% Overall Presentation- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -10% Total- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -100%Search for MR. & MS.

NUTRITION 2017 OPENING/PRODUCTION NUMBER: a. Costume and Overall Appearance- ----------------------------------------------------------50% b. Poise and Confidence--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20% c. Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20% d. Audience Impact---------------------------------------------------------------------------------10% Total- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------100% a. Originality------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 30% c. Audience Impact---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30% Total- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------100% COSTUME Creativity-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30% Uniqueness---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------50% Poise and bearing-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20% TOTAL-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------100%.

JANUARY 6, 2021, PARTY SA SHANGHAI SA RADIO Bandera-Polangui 90....3FM “IBA KIT” WITH DJ PATRICK BELGRADE CAP UZ 11:00 AM -1:00PM Please Like And Share MGA Kassandra PASTA RADIO?? Members of the group may be composed of all males or females, or any thereof.

Three points (3) are deducted if there are excess of deficient of participants. Order of Performances will be based on the number they had picked prior to the contest.

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There should be a back-up copy in case the submitted music fails to play. There shall three points (3) deduction in the contest if the groups fails to follow.

Any excess in time will have three (3) points deduction/ min total score. However, each group will be given 2 minutes to prepare / set up any props or equipment’s needed on stage/ performing area.

Use of props will be allowed as long as it will not cause any delay in the program and any harm to the performance of other groups 10. Attire may include accessories such hats, caps, gloves, scarves, jewelries, etc.

Removing pieces of clothing during the performance is allowed provided that it is not offensive or out of the character. Venue of performance and judging will be In Li dong Polanski Albeit Pavement at exact 4:00 in the afternoon.

39K views4 pagesSaveSave Criteria for Judging DanceContest For Later (Staging, Spacing Formations, Originality (30%) (20%) Audience Execution Showmanship, (Dance Arrangements & (Musicality, Beat impact No.

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Demonstrates good knowledge of choreography. Demonstrates some knowledge of choreography, but unsure of some movements.

Remembers a few of the steps/ movements and tries, but looks lost and out of sync with others. Technical skills Pointing toes, back straight, arm placement is not sloppy, moves are executed smoothly.

Dance performed with great attention to quality of movement, body position, placement on stage and other details of dance. Also demonstrates an excellent understanding of dance style.

Footwork, quality of movements, body positions) demonstrated in performance. Performance Skills Projection of eye contact and cheerful facial expressions with the judges.

The dancer draws the judge in to want to watch them and is able to engage the audience completely through their performance. The dancer communicates with audience/judges through eye contact and facial and body expression.

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The dancer communicates with audience/judges through eye contact and facial and body expression. The dancer is generally focused, but only some attempt made to grab attention of the judges with eye contact and good facial expression.

The dancer is not very focused on making eye contact, concentrated or committed to performance. Rhythm/Tempo Staying on count and with the beats of the music.

Shows a complete understanding of tempo and beat and stays on rhythm throughout the dance. Generally accurate in beat, tempo, rhythms of dance sequences most of the time.

Shows a basic understanding of tempo and beat, but falls behind and/or speeds up in places or makes errors in rhythm. Attempts to keep a rhythm, but gets off beat and speeds up or falls behind often.

In order to relate the criteria of the evaluation, it is necessary to say that the final verdict is formed by the judge based on a comparative analysis. The pairs that are on the track (those who participate in a specific tournament) are compared to each other, and not each of the couples with an ideal model that the judge has in mind.

There are eight basic evaluation criteria, four of which are strictly professional, and the final decision on those criteria can only be taken by the «line» judge or, in moments of dispute, the main judge of the competition. With the rest of the same conditions, the judge can take into account the criteria of the public.

In the Standard program the arms are fixed in a certain position, but that does not mean that they do not work. Many figures have some allowable range of movement of the arms, necessary for the conduction and maintenance of balance, and also for the construction of harmonious lines.

In addition, we must not forget that the arms and legs make up the basic rhythmic background of the dance, and its rational (technical) movement allows the dance to be lighter and more showy. In the Standard program that work is basically related to the swing of the couple, while in the Latino, besides that, the body is another dynamic component.

Driving and interaction is the part of the judge’s note that reflects the «rapport» of the couple. Evaluating the conduction and / or interaction the judge answers the question, is there in the couple the understanding about physical movement ?, or in other words, is there contact ?.

The driving is used to change the direction of the movement of the driver, and the interaction, to increase the functional possibilities of the couple. The pressure balance is the position in which the force is directed towards the center of the couple.

The balance of the tension is the position in which the force is directed from the center of the couple. The correspondence of the media and artistic methods chosen with the image of the dance created (5%).

Based on the criteria of the «Norwegian» valuation system developed by ESPN Sal berg. Translated and expanded by the director of the complementary art education center of Sakhalin State University, Maxim Borovskiy.

Children start at the age of 4 and the most successful reach the professional level. Apart from sport dance, in MANDELA we also have Yoga, gymnastic, salsa, ballet classes.

The International summer dance training camp MANDELA was started to be organized in 2011. The best teachers from all over the world come here to share their professional knowledge and develop participants‘ dancing skills.

Yes, I organize the winter dance camp in Lithuania every year before the national Lithuanian championship. This International summer dance training camp MANDELA will stand out with great physical preparation.

EVERYBODY IS WELCOME TO THIS AMAZING INTERNATIONAL SUMMER DANCE TRAINING CAMP MANDELA 2019 IN LITHUANIA REGISTRATION IS ALREADY OPEN Go ahead the recognition that, even enthusiastic follower and apprentice of this our magnificent discipline, the ANCESTOR, I do not pretend because I can not teach anyone.

In other disciplines that I do know more thoroughly, such as Piano and Tennis, share the same basic principles to which I am going to refer for ANCESTOR: the PRECIPITATION at the time of proceeding to the stage of making the movements in a FAST, EXPLOSIVE way, without -not much less-, being the chosen moment mostly the appropriate one. I see in Dance sport what I see also in many pianists and tennis players apprentices or in developing process They want to be fully employed immediately, and play as a professional.

That is precisely the serious mistake of which I humbly claim attention. In the learning of a movement it is necessary to take to the limit the CONCEPT OF NEAT REPETITION, knowing what one does, controlling the movement deforms slowly and mentally «recording in the mind its execution».

(It is called Revolutionary because the author transmitted in the piece his willingness to support the Revolution of the Polish Cadets against the Russian authority in which he could not participate because of his health problems). The complexity of the piece is to play it at such speed, taking into account also that the protagonist of the piece is mostly the left hand that has literally «to fly» with millimeter precision playing dozens of notes in fractions of a second.

Largo 40-60 beats per minute (usually black (quarter) note). Normally a Pulsation is equivalent to the duration of a quarter note in a compass.

You have to «FASTEN» the learning also at low speed and repeat and repeat hundreds of times until you generate «an independent finger memory» in the fingers of each hand, an «automatic and precise automatism». But the piano players know that even if they are able to play the piece at maximum speed, they should always try it at low speed and play it only a couple of times at maximum.

Because the repeated practice at maximum speed messes up the interpretation in the medium term. The difficulty of tennis is to «adapt» body to an external element: the ball.

Although for different types of hits (drive and backhand) and subtypes (cut, flat, topspin), and several kinds of grips, finally only 4-5 are the «hinges corporations that have to adjust to accommodate the ball and perform the chosen hit». I sincerely believe, however, that in Dance sport the number of «body hinges» is much greater.

And many of them give in and allow the young players away from the technical purism in order to get good results instantly: win the games. In fact, until 10-11 years playing competitive games, at least very often, it is worse than better, because to win you end up hitting the ball in a less orthodox way, moving away from the technique that is less still entrenched in the boy.

When a tennis player for the sake of winning forgets to hit with the correct technique even if he fails, he will win that match and many more in the next few years, BUT A MOMENT WILL ARRIVE AND THERE will be no evolution. However, other players who lost but who continued to invest in PURISM Y TECHNIQUE, will reach that level and surpass those who bet on RESULTS and will see them years later «through the rear-view mirror».

In the present, International Dance sport has recognized worldwide the dedication to the refined technique naming Latin World Champions to Armed Saturday & Svetlana Guano (main trainer Ilya Danilo) and in Standard dances to Dmitry Kharkov and Olga Kulikova. Both couples are from Russian school, strongly characterized by betting on the most refined technique and working hard from early ages.

As ANCESTOR is a competitive sport, and you want to win, young dancers tend to perform movements with great energy and speed, without realizing that SPEED MASKS TECHNICAL FAULTS AND PROVIDES THEM AT A TIME. We see many parents excited about their children seeing «the amount» of dance but not the «quality», because not only do they not understand it, but as a consequence, they are not able to see it.

And they encourage their children to make an effort by dancing «loud» «fast» and if it is with «special effects» then better yet. At early ages it is impossible to combine speed and energy, with technique, quality and precision in movement.

There comes a time that no matter how hard you train, for many hours that you dedicate to it, you will reach a level from there, there will be no possible evolution: bad technique makes further progress impossible. You have reached the border of your capacity because of your lack of technical qualification.

Other dancers in their initial stages, perhaps pressured by the parents or environment, before learning the basics begin to exaggerate the postures and gestures (special effects). I have to admit that I have fallen as a father in that temptation sometimes, but I have the great good fortune to have a son’s teacher who has even more clear than me the principle that I am proposing.

I am aware that in some competitions we have won some couples who danced with a lot of energy (Latin) or that fell more than us, but they dismounted up, and we did not (standard) and I have not gotten it well, but thanks to our coach we are beginning to collect the fruits of these appropriate didactic and methodology. Be patient, run away from the speed of the moment and bet all the chips of the casino by the Technique.

Alex Gascony & Alexandra Diego, several times Spanish juvenile and Junior 1 champions and several International Open DSF Latin & Standard champions. If you are parents and want the best for your children as dancers of Dance sport, my advice is that you invest everything you can in good teachers and classes.

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