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The team consists of some of the most powerful and skilled heroes around, facing down threats that no one else could handle. They also have a very interesting mission mandate: they aren't just superheroes, but also teachers of the next generation of mutants and a group that exists to defend mutants from the racism of humans while also showing how foolish that racism is, defending a world of bigots who hate and fear them.

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Cyclops has been leading the X-Men since he was a teenager and all of that time as leader has gotten him used to making some very hard choices. After her amazing powers manifested, she was a goddess to the people of the African veldt and this prepared her for leadership.

While one would think this experience would make her haughty, she was actually a very compassionate leader of the team, always ready to listen to her teammates when they had better ideas. Cyclops's optic blasts are easily underestimated as just some beams he shoots from his eyes.

Their power and utility allow him to lead from the front, taking the fight directly to the team's foes. Cyclops has been leading the X-Men for most of its existence, starting off with the team back when they first revealed themselves to the public.

Kitty Pride has had a chance to lead the X-Men, taking over after the team's war with the Inhuman. However, the team was sort of in flux at this point, and it's not a well regarded run as a leader.

However, she did a very good job as leader with what she had to work with, running the school and group after a very stressful time for mutant kind. Lately, Kitty has proven how good of a leader she is with the Hellfire Trading Company and the Marauders, and it would be a great time for her to prove what she can do with the main team after her stint there is over.

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He's also an expert at setting up training regimens that put the team through their paces, readying them for anything they face on the battlefield. Jean Grey is a long-time member of the X-Men who hasn't gotten as much chance as one would imagine in leading the team.

She's lead the main team on occasion but her most successful stint as leader was her time in charge of X-Men Red. She led that team against one of the X-Men's most dangerous foes, Cassandra Nova, and was able to counter her at every turn.

Defeating someone as formidable as Nova is a big feather in Jean's cap and proof positive she has what it takes to lead the X-Men against any threat they come across. He would get his first cracks at leadership with X-Force, the mutant black ops squad, but after a fight with Cyclops over how the team was run, would strike out on his own.

But after being completely annihilated by the plasma-shooting leader of the Xavier's ground force, Apocalypse's protégé has been dealt with once and for all (sort of). The event goes down in X-Men : Inferno Crossovers when Cyclops battles against the villain after Essex blows up Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the blast, but in retaliation Scott Summers confronts Sinister and incinerates him with an optic beam at full throttle. Such is the case in X-Men : Schism when the two rivals battle it out after becoming increasing frustrated with one another during a campaign against Magneto and the Hellfire Club.

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Every fan knows Cyclops as the point man for the original X-team, acting as Xavier's chief lieutenant on the front lines. Cyclops began his tenure as team leader in Uncanny X-Men #1, carrying on through the 80s revamp and into the 90s saga with his epic rivalry with Wolverine.

Love him or hate him, Cyclops is an iconic staple of the X-Men franchise, and his leadership has proven his bona fides as a great mutant in the X-Verse on many occasions. One time Scott Summers was one of the worst mutants in the comics verse was when he not only condoned but personally deployed child soldiers.

In one such case, Cyclops encourages a teen girl to use her powers to kill a room full of people. As fans know, Cyclops grew up to become the leader of the X-Men while Alex Summers aka Havoc became part of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants.

When Cyclops met Emma Frost it was lust at first sight, engaging in psionic side sex while couched comfortably in a relationship with longtime girlfriend Jean Grey. During the Dark Phoenix Saga, Grey learns of the affair and tracks the White Queen down in order to mentally torture the Hellfire Club member with her own worst memories.

Scott Summers did indeed take on Master Mold one on one while defending a police officer unlucky enough to get caught in the Supreme Sentinel's path of chaos. Using his brilliant tactical mind and OP optic blast, Cyclops gives the ever-growing robot a run for its money.

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The battle almost claims his life, however, but after remembering his training he manages to thwart Master Mold and escape death. Together, he and the rest of the Phoenix Five took to the streets to use their newfound power to fight crime and promote moral living with an iron fist.

Because of this, Summers destroyed his former mentor and friend, cutting him down with an optic blast until the widened professor lay dead at his feet. In conjunction with taking on the Master Mold, Cyclops also kicked the ever-living crap out of Apocalypse once, making him a true force to be reckoned with.

However, after a boost from brother Havoc, Cyclops unleashed a fully uncapped optic blast that brought the world's first mutant to his knees. When he's not terrorizing the protagonists in his stories or writing about his favorite IPs, Luke enjoys hiking, travel, singeing 90s TV shows with his cats, and catching up with family and friends.

The X-Men are one of the most beloved superhero teams to date with a huge variety of popular storylines, coupled with the fact that they serve as a metaphor for marginalized people in today's society. Written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Carlos Pacheco, Frank CHO, Daniel Lacuna, Alan Davis and Adam Hubert; Schism is often overlooked by the following era.

Charles Xavier's work with Wolverine truly molded him into the man he is today which is seen in his desire to once again open a school for gifted youngsters. Conversely, Cyclops sees this as a time for big changes to be made in order for Xavier's dream to be realized.

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While the X-Men had a whole host of stories that were all over the place and suffered from editorial interference in the '90s, The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix is one of the more memorable ones. They were taken to the future courtesy of Mother Assani to raise baby Nathan Day spring (aka Cable).

Cyclops and Jean would inhabit the bodies of mutants Red and Slam to help Nathan, who was combatting the techno-organic virus. It showcased Cyclops challenging relationship with Cable and how Scott & Jean helped shape him into a hero in his own right.

Following the Avengers Vs. X-Men storyline, Cyclops continued down a dark path in the hopes of ensuring the survival of the mutant race. Written by Brian Michael Bends, it shows Cyclops escaping from prison after his incarceration and joining up with Magneto.

Another one of Chris Claremont's works, it sees Phoenix seemingly return and Scott face off against the rest of the team. The true fate of the mutant race was seldom tested like it was after the events of the House of M storyline in Messiah Complex.

It is later revealed that Proteus is none other than Moira MacTaggert's son who possesses the ability to jump into other peoples' bodies and warp reality to an extent. The epic saga shows Cyclops shines as a leader, testing everyone and putting his own life at risk in the process.

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This war with Apocalypse and the choice he made to save his son would stay with Cyclops long after it happened. In this event, Scott Summers comes to be directly at odds with Captain America, someone who very few heroes choose to stand against.

The story also sees Cyclops launching an attack on the Avengers after they journey to Utopia and ultimately leads in his arrest. Written by Joss When and illustrated by John Cassady, Astonishing X-Men is one of the more popular and talked about modern X-Men stories.

It incorporates meaningful character analysis, dialogue, and humor all mixed in even doses to make this a truly memorable story. It also highlights some epic optic blasts and his struggle to control his powers at times along with his relationship to Emma Frost.

Danny is a graduate of Seton Hall University with experience being an editor for The Diplomatic Envoy as well as writing for The Estonian and The Stillman Exchange. A tactical genius, Scott has guided the team through some of its darkest periods, often while trying to figure out his surprisingly complicated personal life.

Mark Said, Humberto Ramos, and Victor Alabama finally revealed the answer in Champions (2016) #12 by having Cyclops exposed to feedback from the Psycho-Man’s latest emotion-altering machine. Using Scott’s resultant mood swings as a framing device, the issue explored just about every major facet of Cyclops personality, including his desire to fit in, his frustration over how his friends saw him, and how he really wanted people to perceive him.

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While pondering the question, Cyclops ran afoul of Patrol the Leaper and a new Circus of Crime, who had stolen Hydra technology for mysterious purposes. While pursuing them, Cyclops actually began enjoying himself, charmed by the villains’ antics and the unusual lengths he went through to keep up, including stealing a bicycle and hiding his costume under a hoodie.

Cyclops found himself having to fight with his eyes closed after a street gang knocked off his glasses, mistaking him for a blind person. Afraid to open his eyes for fear of badly hurting someone with his optic blasts, Scott instead defended himself by using the many fighting skills he learned from his fellow X-Men.

The series was a fun and heartfelt sci-fi adventure epic that explained even the more complex continuity of the time period in a way any first-time reader can understand. Neither theory was confirmed, but “Duel” by Chris Claremont, Rick Leonard, and While Portico was an excellent look at how Scott’s single-minded dedication to the X-Men could easily transform into tunnel vision.

Uncanny X-Men #175 by Chris Claremont, Paul Smith, John Romina Jr., and Bob Wick was the culmination of a long-running subplot, in which Mastermind had been manipulating Scott’s insecurities over Madeline Pryor’s physical similarities to Jean Grey. The story was a brilliant display of Cyclops physical prowess and inventiveness and concluded with a major event in Scott’s life: his wedding with Maddie.

While Scott and Jean were at the center of the story, the issue was narrated from Professor X's viewpoint, who received a surprise from the bride that’s bound to have at least a few readers’ eyes tearing up. Though the story took its liberties with continuity, it still got to the core of Cyclops character, recapping his childhood and showing a slightly different take on Magneto's first encounter.

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The story dovetailed neatly with established continuity and was filled with Easter Eggs for fans of the X-Men and Edition’s podcast and a completely accessible look at what really made Scott into an X-Man. While that Pizza Hut went away, Tomás’ love of comics didn’t, and in time his room became stuffed to the brim with four-colored stories of drama, adventures, suspense… it’s a long list.

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