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Despite the ticket selling being announced late in December, VIPs did their best to be able to attend Sung’s first solo concert in the Philippines. Thirteen years after debuting as the youngest member of the phenomenal boy group Big bang and being the only member currently active, Sung is finally having his first solo tour “The Great Sung”, kicking off in Seoul and continuing in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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When it was announced that Sandra Park or Data of 2ne1 is a guest to Sung’s concert in Manila, our 2neBang hearts were bursting with so much happiness. And when they both sang a cover of Iñigo Pascal’s Dahl SA’Yo, we went straight to heaven for a good 5 minutes.

From helping fellow VIPs to purchase tickets or donating the little extra amount they have for projects to welcome the youngest member of Big bang, they did all things possible to make the experience truly wonderful not just for Sung but for the whole PH VIPs. Check out the clip posted by Sung himself using the studio version of Dahl SA’yo.

Tagged #Big bang #Sung #Dragon #Staying #TOP #Samsung #SandaraPark #2neBang #VIPs Entertainment The much awaited movie about the life of Freddie Mercury and the Queen opened last week in Philippine Cinema.

Bohemian Rhapsody followed the journey of the British top rock band Queen. But more than the journey of the band to stardom, it also tackled the elusive and controversial life of its superstar vocalist Freddie Mercury.

Freddie Mercury known for his four-octave vocal range, is instrumental to writing some of the band’s hit songs “Killer Queen”, “Somebody To Love”, “Love Of My Life” and the movie title “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The movie headlined by RAM Malik paid tribute to one of the greatest band of all time and their iconic music.

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It showed the struggle, triumphs and downfall of the band leading to their performance in the historical 1985 Live Aid concert. The movie offered electrifying performances and stellar acting from all the casts.

Though it did not talk much about Freddie’s childhood nor the bands' music after the Live Aid concert and before Freddie’s death, it pretty much summed up the important details thanks to Brian May and Roger Taylor's. If you want to travel back in time and feel nostalgic with Queen’s music, then head on to the cinema near you.

But how it was re-enacted in the movie will make you appreciate all the songs especially Radio Ga. Goosebumps! Entertainment It’s been a few days since the mega hit musical Mother Mia by Benny Anderson and Bjorn Slaves opened at The Theater at Moliere.

The feel good musical started its Manila run last September 29, 2018, and will end on October 21, 2018. To those not very familiar, Mother Mia follows the story of “Sophie”, a young bride-to-be who invited three men to her wedding hoping to find her father.

Tagged as the “World’s Sunniest Musical”, the whole production is based on the songs of Swedish pop group ABBA. Just like its movie counterpart which most of you might be more familiar with, the musical is both pleasing to the eyes and most especially to the ears.

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If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, get yours now via Ticket World and experience the hilariousness and wonderfulness of the whole cast and get transported back to your happy childhood with 22 of ABBA’s greatest hit being sang to you live. Give Sophie, Donna and The Dynamos, The 3 Fathers and the rest of the casts a chance to entertain you for a good two and a half hours.

A Piano Student's Journey: Learning “Asian Key Iron?” This piece was one of the assignments in our Filipino Music- Piano Literature class under Prof. E. Laurel at the College of Music, University of the Philippines.

The discussions we had made in class at the beginning of the semester had been very helpful when I started learning this piece on the piano. Our teacher made us read the lyrics first, and presented a picture of what this whole Indian is actually about.

In this way, I was able to gather lots of ideas to help me with the technical and interpretative aspects of the piece. Typical of Filipino Indians, this piece has a lot of retardants, rubatos and dynamic gradations, which were of course, another challenge.

Singing while playing the piece also helped me with the interpretation, because the music followed the natural flow of the Filipino language (such is Picador Abelard's composition talent). One good thing about this piece is that the words provide actual information about the song.

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With such a beautiful piece (song), I found my nervousness drifting away as I began, and instead there was the sudden feeling that I wanted to share what I could see in the music. As I was getting carried away by the music, Prof. Laurel corrected me for playing so loudly at the last system of the first page, where the phrase begins with Submit Asian... (But where....) Although it was marked ff, he said that I could play it softly, because the character could also be asking in a soft voice.

Airing performed by Chinese soprano Jin Man http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5Vk17OFD3c The picture is taken from a separate event, “Performers sing Airing, a traditional Korean folk song, during the World Airing Festival in Jensen, Gang won Province, Sunday (Oct. 1).

when you see your guy flirting with someone doesn’t break down and cry instead stand up, straight, stomach in, chest out...satay saw “TANG-INA...MAS MAGAÑA AKO DIVAN!” So take my hand and don’t let go...tarot din AKO pro Hindi kit Iowan.

I may fool around with things but when it comes to my feelings, I never lie…so like I said: “Mahan PO kit, cobra!” you never Adam who cares SA’yo till your bong world gets film.

King bait content Na AKO SA sang handling Akita kit. King bait ranging law ang Munro KO... Kahit Na Adam Kong Fabian Lang AKO SA bu hay mo.

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Hindi KO man wasabi SA’yo noon Na gusto kit, pinaramdam KO Haman SA’yo Na Kisangani kit at Mahayana key. May MGA pagkakataong Nagasaki kit, Hindi KO man Lang wasabi Dahl Adam Kong Karnataka key.

Sana Saskatoon AKO NG pagkakataong sailing, “Adam mo Mahan kit.” Pro natatakot AKO Dahl aka making key at Sabin mong...“Matsuda Siva Dahl SA wakes managing kayo Na.” “Hindi KO matandaan King Kaplan key nagsimulang mapamahal SA akin…big la Na Lang Padang Sabik Na Sabik along Alabama key unit.

Hindi man kit ma-text, Hindi man kit makeup, Hindi man kit Nikita....Andean mo Na...bandit Lang AKO, bandit Lang AKO, bandit Lang Malaga AKO! Hindi man Mayo nag-uusap Arawakan o Nikita NG mandalas, nagtatawanan NG gay ang data, nagtritrip wait bad trip...pro, to tatandaan mo...waling sing man ang Sweden puma lit SA’yo...

Hindi mo BA Mittagong King Mahan kit? Salary, Hindi Na Kisangani along DI’baa lam mo Haman ang sago...Leigh at cobra...

Hinihintay Lang Yang Sabin mong Mahan mo in Siva... Keypad young Mahan mo Hindi key pinapansin…ang longest visiting Hindi mo Siva Malawian, Arawakan o makeup man Lang.

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Hiram wasabi NG “sorry...”, Hiram wasabi NG “Mahan kit...”, Hiram wasabi NG “Kisangani kit...” pro Malayan KO Na pinakamahirap pa Lang Sabin young...” mahalin mo Haman AKO oh...please?...” Hiram managing mabalewla...ang mass at machinery SA walk...leching push keys ‘to eh...minimal keys kit ang Masada...pro ang pinakamasakit Lang Malaga eh...ang Hindi key man Lang napalm NG Hindi pa NGA Mayo nagsisimula...

human King mass Na habang bu hay Mayo ang magkasama, human key mass Na habang bu hay, Leigh along Malaya, pro mass kana habang bu hay, mammalian kit… Human cascading malambing, aka Marlin Na kit.

Delikadong analog AKO SA’yo…at aka walk key ring balk Saladin AKO… human mo along agrarian NG granite...may tidal Haman me SA’yo eh... Sana Lang human mong was akin...hawk mo ang push KO...

I know it's not easy to forget the one you loved, it really hurts...tagus-tagusan NGA SA but oat Lamar DI’BA... But then life and love has a lot of things to offer you, don’t close your heart, give yourself a chance... Think that your love for her wasn’t meant to be (SA Gabon)...but who knows DI’BA...maybe one day she’ll be knocking at your door and ask if you’ll take her back again.

I watched the ants crawl upon the wall, I noticed that no matter how busy they are, they’d still stop and talk a while. It’s hard to find time pro Sana canon din Mayo...

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I wonder if you know how special you are to me, sometimes I don’t know how to let you know, but if ever I could control my destiny and choose the people who’ll be part of my life forever...gusto KO law run... I’m an angel kicked from heaven keys Niagara AKO NG bad, kaya my punishment Bataan day kit para ragbag key.

HIIT mo keys Leigh...“what the hell, Adam NIO naming IBA Mahan KO eh...” Pro ang joke day Kalahari Toto, at Minoan mas Toto pa day SA Toto...Sana wait Minoan Lang...bruin mo Haman AKO Na Mahan mo din AKO...

Hug you tight, hold your hand, kiss you on the forehead and whisper…” tahan Na…Kaplan BA kit Indian?” Hyung bang Tao naming walk basing nagmamahal SA Manila.

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