Dark Wizard Quest Lineage 2

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• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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Description: Quest that must be fulfilled to change occupations to a DarkWizard. Witch Varied speaks of the four seeds representing anger, despair, horror, and lunacy.

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The quest begins at the Altar of Rites, which is to the south of the School of Dark Arts. You must speak to the Witch Varied, and she will tell you that you need to bring her 4 seed to complete the quest.

Next you must travel to the School of Dark Arts and speak to Annika (who is located at the entrance). She will ask you to collect 2 Knee Bones from the undead inside the School of Dark Arts.

Once you have the required items return to Annika, and she will give you the Seed of Horror. The next person you must speak to is Chartered (who is located near the entrance of the waterfall south-east of the Swampland).

He will ask you to hunt Marsh Zombies, and collect his Families Remains. They are located to the north-west of the Swampland, again be careful as although they are easy to kill, some monsters around them as they are aggressive.

You must next travel to the Ruins of Agony to hunt the monster Skeleton Scout (which is spread throughout the outskirts of the area. Once you have collected the required number of the quest item Heart of Lunacy return to Witch Armenia at the Altar of Rites.

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To satisfy this test, you need to recover their remains from the slaughter of Marsh Zombies, but finding the right ones that hold the 3 ashes you seek may take some time. Collect 3 Family's ashes from the marsh zombies and return them for the seeds of Anger.

Once recovered, return to him, and he will extract the seed from his heart, that has burdened him for so long. Talk to Annika to the right of the entrance of the School of Dark Arts.

She gives you the Hub Scent and directs you to kill scout skeletons. 3) Hand in all 4 seeds to Varika, and she gives you a Jewel of Darkness.

Hand this in to Grand Master Xenon in Gliding to change occupations to a DarkWizard Race Dark Elf Start Dark Elf Village Armor Robe Weapon Magic weapon Role Attack Dark Wizards divide the magical forces in the world into four elements, as well as light and darkness.

They then amplify the power of these elements and combine them to use in their magic. Dark Wizards are similar to other wizard classes, but the nature of their magic is based on darkness and death.

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Also, like Dark Mystics, their magic is powerful, but they have low MP recovery speed. When completing the second class transfer at level 40, the DarkWizard can choose between being a damage-dealing and buffing mage, or a Phantom Summoner.

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