Deadpool And X-men Origins Wolverine

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• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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The first solo character spinoff of the lucrative X-Men film trilogy threw Hugh Jackman's beloved Wolverine even more front and center than he already was and forced in a pair of fan-favorite Marvel Comics characters in supporting roles. Fans can be as thankful as original X-Men director Bryan Singer that the creative and producer team of Matthew Vaughn, Simon Kin berg, and Lauren Ruler Donner pitched the idea to finally bring in time-travel to the X-Men movie universe with the sequel to First Class.

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It's practically meant to be in an effort to emphasize the point that every X-Men movie can exist in the same continuity by explaining plot holes and differences away with the concept of alternate timelines. As we explored previously in an article about our visit last summer to the set of X-Men : Apocalypse, Bryan Singer has found a way to do anything he wants with future X-Men movies.

Bryan Singer adds, “I rebooted the universe, so now anything can happen,” with the caveat that their theory of time-travel and alternate universes revolve around immutability, in that things may differ, but key events in every timeline will remain mostly similar. Xavier will always form the X-Men, Wolverine will always enlist in Weapon X and get his adamantine claws, and Wade Wilson will always become a version of Deadpool.

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Scott Adkins, who served as Ryan Reynolds' stunt double on X-MenOrigins : Wolverine, said he knew right from the start that the movie's depiction of Deadpool would be terrible. As he stands right now, Reynolds' Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, is largely considered to be one of the best comic book characters in cinema right now.

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Reynolds brought the wise-cracking mercenary to the big screen in 2016's Deadpool, a massive success that led to a sequel and worldwide acclaim for the actor. Reynolds played a version of Deadpool in the 2009 film X-MenOrigins : Wolverine, which tracked the early years of Hugh Jackman's Logan.

Seeing as his nickname in the comics is often the “Mere with a Mouth”, it was clear X-MenOrigins took a hard left turn with its portrayal of Deadpool. As Adkins stepped in for the Deadpool stunts when he became Weapon XI, he saw the early concept art for a Wade with his mouth sealed.

When they brought me in, and I saw the concept art of the mouth sewn shut and the laser eyes and the claws that pop out… I thought, ‘This isn’t going to work.’ (Laughs)” The Deadpool 2 scene was also the perfect representation of Wade as he was always meant to be shown: Violent and full of brilliant meta humor.

Currently, Deadpool 3 is in development at Marvel Studios with a new pair of writers, signaling a continued interest in the property. It's a relief for both him and audiences that the character received second life on the big screen, and hopefully he'll continue to entertain fans for years to come.

An avid reader who constantly buys books before reading the ones she already owns, Rachel is a huge fan of superheroes (especially of the Marvel variety) and wizards and will likely never be able to catch up on all the movies/TV shows she longs to watch. Maybe you remember when Peter Parker (Today Maguire) acquired the alien symbiote that not only gave him stronger spider powers, but also turned him into an over-emotional dancey-pants.

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A few years earlier, Nicholas Cage even got his time as a superhero in Ghost Rider. While it would be hard to deny that the Deadpool or Weapon XI was a huge mistake, it did present an off-kilter look at an oddly overpowered PG-13 version of the “mutant, with other powers pooled into him.” While it is a blatantly obvious way to present the character's name, it also reveals that Weapon XI was a mutant prior to the experiments of Stryker, whereas in the comics and the Deadpool film, he is a human being with cancer.

Ryan Reynolds knew that the Weapon XI version of Deadpool was going to miss with fans, and he tried to tell studio executives in order to get it changed. In the case of Deadpool, his singular blade reduces even more area, making it more proficient at cutting and slashing.

It doesn’t take a lot of science and math to figure out Weapon XI’s blades are way too big for a character of Ryan Reynolds’ stature. Sure, Wolverine’s claws are too long, and it could cause loss of mobility in the wrists or elbows, but it is a much easier pill to swallow than the blades used by Weapon XI.

According to Google, the average weight of a Katina is between 900-1400 grams or 2 to 3.5 pounds, which may not seem like much but when held very far from the body would become tiresome. After Wolverine takes a swipe at Deadpool’s neck and kicks him off the ledge, a few interesting things happened.

The scene was clearly used to introduce the idea of a standalone film for the “Mere with a Mouth.” It would just take seven years to get the green light. Luckily, the ending to X-MenOrigins : Wolverine would not be permanent, as the movie was essentially reconned out of Fox’s universe for the Marvel with the altered timelines of X-Men : Days Of Future Past.

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If you choose to fight as Deadpool in Marvel Vs Cap com 3 and Wolverine as an opponent, after you finish beating the stuffing out Movie, Deadpool has the ability to say, And that's how you beat Wolverine, people ... AND YOU DON'T EVEN NEED OPTIC BLASTS! The line is a very clear reference to the unnecessary optic blasts handed to him in X-MenOrigins : Wolverine.

The optic blasts very well may be one of the most controversial changes made to the slightly psychotic anti-hero, since it is an ability that he has never had in the comics. During 2007-2008, there was a writer’s strike that ended up affecting X-MenOrigins : Wolverine in an arguably negative way, but in turn, it also provided some of the best lines in the movie.

Every line I have in the movie I just wrote myself because, in the script we had, it said, ‘Wade Wilson shows up, talks really fast.’ I was like, ‘What?! What he ended up doing was improvising the lines himself, with dialogue very similar to what would make the cut in the later Deadpool film.

While most fans were livid about the mostly silent, hulking Deadpool presented in the film, it seems clear the best aspects of this awful character were all thanks to the clever wit of the actor who played him. Much to Reynolds’ credit, he managed to push through Green Lantern to make a movie that completely rewrote the character from the events of X-MenOrigins while also acknowledging that the older film was lackluster.

Once again, he brought that fast-talking sarcasm along to drive the standalone Deadpool film to the top of the box office. John Wraith was never really a popular character like Nightcrawler, despite the fact that they share the ability to teleport.

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Deadpool’s ability to teleport is important to the character but not important enough to just “pool” it into him, all for the sake of creating a villain for Wolverine to fight at the end of a movie that would send fans into an uproar before the film ever hit theaters. But for X-MenOrigins : Wolverine’s version of Wade Wilson, the machine uprising shouldn’t have ever been an issue.

The only reason Ryan Reynolds actually agreed to play X-MenOrigins bizarre version of the Mere with the Mouth was so that he could eventually rectify all of Fox’s mistakes with a solo Deadpool film. Reynolds was basically threatened with losing the character when he tried to raise his concerns over the modifications the studio was making.

A year after X-MenOrigins : Wolverine premiered, Reynolds, got tired of waiting around for Fox to not actually green light the stand-alone Deadpool film. One of those other projects was Green Lantern, which he deliberately tried to leverage over Fox, threatening to go make that film if the studio didn’t agree to his terms.

The Mere with the Mouth does have an advanced healing factor that is derived from Wolverine’s powers, but that’s where those similarities should end. However, when William Stryker pooled a bunch of mutants’ powers into Wade Wilson in X-MenOrigins : Wolverine, he went ahead and gave Deadpool an adamantine skeleton, which makes basically everything that happens in the final battle of the film completely impossible.

We know that the Boss Fight between Logan and Wade ends with Deadpool scattered around in a bunch of pieces. Ignoring any and all real-world science, if the film wanted to be true to its own universe, Deadpool should have been just fine after his fall.

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His special skeleton combined with his healing factor should have meant he simply could have gotten back to his feet and walked away, no harm done. Aging slower, the misused nephropathy, and the blades from his arms are all useful powers, but the way Fox had used the character rendered most of them useless.

He could have easily still used the swords, teleportation, and eye beams, and it would have had the same outcome since aging slower does not help in a fight. It’s been made very clear that Ryan Reynolds was not a fan of his X-MenOrigins : Wolverine portrayal of Wade Wilson.

He may have been forced into this lackluster performance by the studio, but not all the execs who worked on the film agreed with the revisions made to this iconic character. Hood didn’t want to come straight out and blame the studio for the failed version of Deadpool, but that’s the basic impression he gave off.

Hood commended Reynolds for correcting the mistakes that had been made and returning Deadpool to his foul-mouthed glory. When the standalone Deadpool film kept getting the runaround from Fox, somebody who may or may not have been Ryan Reynolds leaked some test footage.

Fans were immediately pumped for the sarcastic, Gwen Stefani-singing, red spandex-wearing hero, and demanded the full film to be given the green light. X-MenOrigins : Wolverine leaked online a full month and a half before the film was supposed to be released, and let’s just say comic book fans were not okay with what they saw.

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The outrage was so intense that studio execs begged Reynolds to get on a plane and come fix the end of the movie. Reynolds felt vindicated, he had told the studio from the beginning that their version of the Mere with a Mouth was going to go over like a lead balloon.

Kurt Wagner had an uncanny teleportation ability that consistently made him an asset to the X-Men team. Whenever Nightcrawler teleports from one spot to another, even if he’s just traveling across one room, he makes a quick stop in the Brimstone Dimension first.

For the most part, Nightcrawler only teleports short distances, as longer jaunts can become exhausting and take their toll on the mutant. He could essentially teleport to any given location in the world, regardless of distance, with no side effects or damage done to his body.

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