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Carole Stephens
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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Our team have specialized equipment to make sure your wheels are correctly aligned. You simply haven't had one for 6 months, or you have travelled more than 10,000 km since your wheels were last re-aligned.

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When potholes, curbs, and even routine road wear knock your car wheels out of alignment, the results can range from the subtle (tires that wear prematurely) to dramatic (poor handling). We’ll help make sure you’re getting the most from your tire investment, so you can enjoy the road (and the destination) uninterrupted.

A thorough alignment check Careful inspection of your tire condition, air pressure, steering, and suspension A detailed printout of our alignment test readings for your records Front-end and/or rear-end mechanical adjustments, if needed A series of electronic and road tests to confirm that our alignments meet your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications A nationwide limited warranty for coverage no matter where you go First, we’ll use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to see if your wheels meet your vehicle manufacturer’s precise alignment specifications.

Proper wheel alignment creates a smoother ride by minimizing steering pull and vehicle wander. It also can save you hundreds of dollars on replacing tires due to premature tread wear.

When installing a new set of tires After hitting a bad pothole or steep curb Following an accident or collision At Goodyear Auto Service centers, we can perform both a 'front-end' alignment or a 'four- wheel alignment, depending on the symptoms you may be experiencing when driving your vehicle.

Your vehicle is properly aligned when all suspension and steering components are sound and when the tire and wheel assemblies are running straight and true. Proper alignment is necessary for even tread wear and precise steering.

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Uneven front-or rear-tire wear, or changes in your vehicle's handling or steering response (i.e. pulling to one side) can indicate misalignment. Goodyear Auto Service centers can provide expert alignment should your vehicle need it.

Your alignment should be checked annually, or whenever you notice abnormal tire wear, a crooked steering wheel, or a drift in the steering system. This helps to ensure proper tread wear and precise steering.

Tire alignment corrects the angle of your wheels by adjusting your vehicle’s suspension. This helps maintain proper tread wear and precise steering.

Your tire alignment should be checked annually, or when you notice abnormal tire wear, a crooked steering wheel, or a drift in the steering system. You are leaving the Goodyear Auto Service website and are being directed to a website run by Citigroup, which issues the Goodyear Credit Card.

Don't Remove, Cancel Not all products fit every vehicle or tire size. Please note that pricing and services offered may vary by location.

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To help save you time and miles, we can send you over to the Just Tires website, where you can find exclusive deals and schedule an appointment online. Select the size found on your tire’s sidewall.

A variety of factors can cause your vehicle to go out of alignment, most commonly impacts with potholes, brushing up against curbs or other objects. Each of these jarring blows shakes your suspension, causing it to stray from its ideal alignment settings.

Normal wear and tear causes rubber suspension components to crack, ball and socket joints to loosen, and the build-up of thousands of small impacts can eventually effect your vehicle’s ideal alignment settings. Worn springs can slightly lower your ride height, altering your vehicle’s geometry and creating misalignment.

Weak springs contribute to uneven tire wear, sometimes referred to as “cupping”. Worn ball joints can commonly cause erratic handling, slow steering response and irregular tire wear.

If you notice your vehicle pulling to the left or right, you detect irregular tire wear, or if the steering wheel is off center when driving straight, you should have your vehicle inspected for possible alignment concerns. Alignment issues that go uncorrected will cause tires to wear down and need to be replaced prematurely.

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Caster refers to the angle of the steering axis, which is the suspension component supporting the wheel and tire assembly. Camber describes the tire’s inward or outward tilt, when viewed from the front of your vehicle.

Toe describes the relationship between a tire’s front and rear end, as viewed from above. Ride height simply refers to the distance between the road and the vehicle frame.

Any deviation from the factory ride height, such as lifting or lowering a vehicle, will need to have an alignment check after the customizations have been performed. Each of these cases will need an alignment to correct the issue and prevent future irregular wear.

Put simply, wheel alignment is the science of precisely measuring and then positioning the wheels on your car to ensure the least amount of wear to your tires. When correctly set it will significantly extend the life of your tires, your car also should handle better, be safer to drive and enjoy greater fuel economy.

We recommend a wheel alignment twice a year to ensure your vehicle's safety, to improve handling and to help maximize the life of your tires. Two of the most common problems that can cause rapid tire wear are incorrect Camber and Toe-In settings.

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Camber This measurement determines whether your wheels lean in, out or sit straight up in a vertical position. Incorrect camber makes your car feel as if the steering is pulling to either side.

Both lead to tire scrubbing and excessive tread wear and may also cause unpredictable steering response. Wheel Alignment | Pep Boys Skip to main content We are unable to add items to your cart from two different locations.

Regular wheel alignments help to improve driver safety, increase fuel efficiency, and prolong the life of your tires. Schedule an appointment today with an automotive technician near you to have your wheels properly aligned.

You might need to get an alignment sooner if you’ve noticed uneven tread on your tires, your vehicle pulling to one direction, or an off-centered or vibrating steering wheel. Schedule an appointment with an automotive technician near you if you need car alignment services.

*If your vehicle requires replacing of suspension parts, it is best to have these repairs completed prior to your alignment Properly aligned wheels are essential to improving vehicle performance as well as maintaining your tires and steering system.

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With the right wheel alignment tools, you can efficiently and accurately complete alignments by measuring camber, caster, and toe on a variety of vehicles. From tools to full systems, find everything you need to gauge and adjust alignment in this wide selection.

Equipment and accessories range from replacement parts to additional tools to make it easy to properly align tires. Choosing the right options to meet your needs is essential to realizing a return on your investment.

Some options are designed to handle cars, trucks, and even vehicles with specific adjustment procedures. User interface : Select an option that is easy to use and provides clear alignment readings that help you properly gauge your tire adjustments.

Vehicle protection : Choose a machine that keeps the wheels and the rest of the car or truck safe. They are used to setting alignment by adjusting caster and camber for both front and rear tires.

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