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Ellen Grant
• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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'They sent me a camel...' Close large version of image. The story ‘ Dairies was used to teach Talk for Writing created by Pie Corbett that schools started implementing in their Literacy blocks.

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Using Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing we acted out our story with the help of our story map. We used actions, connectives, storytelling language and repeated phrases to retell and learn the story.

Math activities include weighing the animals using Rubicon and literacy activities include using talk for writing actions, drawing story maps and innovating the story. Various letters are sent, 'pets' arrive and are then sent back as unsuitable for a variety of reasons, e.g. the elephant is too big, the lion too fierce, the giraffe too tall, the monkey too naughty, the snake too scary.

Each animal is returned to the zoo until finally the zoo sends the perfect pet. The text is simple, direct and rhythmical with a lot of repetition, making it ideal for Early Readers. A repetitive pattern is easily recognized by junior primary children and repeated throughout the text.

Language Features Simple clauses featuring nouns (zoo) and verbs (wrote, send) e.g.' I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet' Adjectives which relate to each animal, e.g. 'They sent me an elephant, but he was too big ', They sent me a snake, but he was too scary'. Basic conjunction, 'but', was repeated throughout. Other textual Features (illustrations and layout) The bright animal drawings provide more information to the reader and 'clues'.

Verbs and Adjectives scary, fierce, hunts, hairy mane scary, fast, stalks, stripes, furlong, slithers, scary, scales, dangerous jumps, climbs, hangs, naughty, funny, furry big, strong, slow, tall, long legs, long neck spits, chews, grumpy, brown fur To identify students prior knowledgeThis can be referred too later to see new knowledge.

map story stage curriculum writing talk key text stages approach innovation
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The following sentence outline can be provided and modelled prior to the students completing their individual writing task. Point out that this book is written and illustrated by the same person, Rod Campbell.3.

Read the book through, stopping at each page to point out various features, e.g. adjectives used to describe each animal, repetitive pattern of sentences. Students produce a text to describe their animal mask.

Encourage the students to identify the important components of a letter. Discuss the process of placing a stamp on the letter and putting it in the post box.

Ask students to identify how this information will help in the planning and organizing of our excursion. The ideas for some of these activities came from discussions with teachers at Mooloolaba State School and Matthew Flinders Anglican College on the Sunshine Coast, and from the Schools Net website.

Documents to help you with this are available on the ‘Home Learning Information’ section of our school website. Remember if you would like to do more activities look at the learning web in your Class area.

talk writing dear zoo corbett pie foundation lower story map primary
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WEEK 4 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY NURSERY (Can we explore it?) Read the story ‘Pirates love Underpants’ written by Claire Freedman and Ben Cost.

Draw your favorite part of the story and tell an adult all about the picture. Your adult will bury small objects such as buttons, pebbles and 1p,2p,5p, coins in sand.

Ask your adult to write down the numbers 0-10 on separate pieces of paper (If your child is ready, they could write the numbers themselves) then fold the pieces of paper up. BBC Teach School Radio have lots of songs and rhymes around the theme of the sea.

January, February, March and April, May, June, July and August, September, October, November, December... these are the months of the year! Find out when everyone's birthday is and add their face to your chart.

Remember if you would like to do more activities look at the learning web in your Class area. YEAR 1 (Paws, Claws and Whiskers) Book List Puss in Boots The Hedgehog The Tiger Who Came to Tea Dairies Just So Stories Listen and read along with ‘ Dairies on YouTube.

dear zoo writing talk foundation lower story
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Listen to a podcast on Freebies Radio to find out about what it takes to be a zookeeper. Write a list of the jobs a zookeeper does, adding some extra ones you think so.

Documents to help you with this are available on the ‘Home Learning Information’ section of our school website. Remember if you would like to do more activities look at the learning web in your Class area.

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