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• Monday, 17 January, 2022
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This resource could be used with the story of ‘ Dairies by Rod Campbell and includes all the animals featured in the book, plus more! Two simple letters writing frames that can be linked to ‘ Dairies by Rod Campbell.

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Printable writing frames for escaped zoo animal posters. A set of posters featuring a selection of fun animals with simple words to describe them.

An ideal accompaniment to the story of ‘ Dairies by Rod Campbell. A color banner for your ‘ Dear Santa’ story display.

A set of posters featuring a selection of Christmas presents from Santa with simple words to describe them. This resource could be used with the story of ‘ Dear Santa’ by Rod Campbell and includes all the gifts featured in the book.

Plenty of play ideas and printable for the classic picture book Dairies perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten. 'I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet...' and so begins one of my (and my kids) favorite books.

This past week, we've been reading Dairies at preschool as it's a perfect book for early readers in so many ways making it ideal for book based learning in the Early Years. They can easily make connections and for those that can't, the book provides plenty of opportunity for sharing experiences during group time by those who can.

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I've written about activating prior knowledge in young readers before. At home, we used to make the animal sounds to match and depending on your group size, you can try that at school.

The children have also been making stripy zebras using the tape resist method and fine brushes to add the stripes. They were making patterns with some other printable and dressing up like animals using some costumes I made a few years ago.

We've played Sleeping Animals which is requires everyone to lie down firstly, pretending to be fast asleep. While the children are lying quietly, you tell them that when the music starts, and they wake up, they will be bouncing kangaroos, snappy crocodiles or tiny mice.

Various letters are sent, 'pets' arrive and are then sent back as unsuitable for a variety of reasons, e.g. the elephant is too big, the lion too fierce, the giraffe too tall, the monk By ‘ Dairies, ’ written & illustrated by Rod Campbell, is a classic ‘lift the flap’ book. In this story a youngster writes to the zoo asking for a pet.

He is sent a variety of pets before the perfect one arrives. Product DescriptionActivities included in this pack are primarily literacy based with two. The pack is carefully structured to give you a golden opportunity to engage your child in interactive reading experiences.

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A fantastic selection of activities includes a flash presentation of the book vocabulary to master, sequences a The pack is carefully structured to give you a golden opportunity to engage your child in interactive reading experiences.

A fantastic selection of activities includes a flash presentation of the book vocabulary to master, sequences a After reading discuss what kind of animals the students would like to ask the zoo to send them, and write a letter.

And if you want a FREE printable version of these activities & directions, click HERE! We are a participant in the Amazon services LLC associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to amazon.com and affiliated sites.

This same pattern repeats over and over until finally, the zoo sends the perfect pet! Check out these fun Dairies activities that can help bring this story to life for your preschoolers or kindergartners.

Activities include a snack, two craft ideas, and a FREE animal movement game that gets your little ones up and moving! Then put a Villa wafer in the middle of the cracker toward the bottom.

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Making a paper chain countdown is a great visual for our little ones to know how many days they have left before something fun happens. Add a head by cutting out a triangle and gluing it to the first chain.

Cut out the inside of a paper plate, leaving only the outside circle. Have your little ones cut out strips of yellow and orange construction paper.

This is such a fun game that helps your little one work on their gross motor skills. Then, make the playing cube by gluing or taping one card to each side of a square tissue box.

To play the game, take turns tossing the box and acting like the animal that’s on the top. To add in some literacy practice, have your little ones spell their name or a sight word while acting like the animal.

You could also print two sets and play Memory, acting out the animals once you get a match. The FREE Activity Library is password protected.

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The password is updated every so often, so make sure you stay subscribed, so you don’t miss any of our freebies! Browse through our extensive collection of Dairies activities based on the book by Rod Campbell.

Make learning fun with activities from our picture cards, PowerPoints, writing frames, posters, and more. We have gathered a lovely bunch of resources above to help support your teaching of the brilliant storybook, Dairies by Rod Campbell.

Incorporating these lovely activities after reading the storybook is a great way to engage children further with the story and help bring it to life. Try using these at home to mix up your reading sessions, perhaps try one of these resources after completing the book or before to introduce a new story topic.

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