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Vehicle- Select YearS elect MakeS elect ModelS elect TypesSelect Options Search Now Welcome To ExtremeWheels Start Your Search Here You work hard, and you deserve a new set of wheels and tires for your vehicle.

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In our effort to be the largest rim distributor, we are constantly adding new wheel brands. Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 6:00pmWeekends: Saturday – 9:00am to 3:00pmAddress:1497 E. Baseline Rd.

Suite 4-109 Gilbert, AZ 85233E-mail: info@ExtremeWheels.com Phone: 480-892-9433 In our effort to be the largest rim distributor, we are constantly adding new wheel brands.

In our effort to be the largest rim distributor, we are constantly adding new wheel brands. Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 6:00pmWeekends: Saturday – 9:00am to 3:00pmAddress:1497 E. Baseline Rd.

We are authorized dealer for Format, Saving, Lean & Lean tires, Format tires, Nitro, Goodyear and many more Repair Rim Services If you are in need of our custom wheel repair service, stop by. Our state-of-the-art machine puts bent wheels back into its 360 circumference.

Custom lighting for your vehicle under carriage, console, inside interior, etc. When you really want to step outside the realm of ordinary in motorcycle wheels, no one does it better than Extreme Machine.

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Since 2000, Extreme Machine wheels have been turning heads and making other riders jealous with their outrageous and unforgettable designs. You won't find any classic spoke wheels in their lineup.

Instead, Extreme Machine motorcycle wheels scream style with anodized, forged designs and mirror polished aluminum edges. Shop Extreme Machine USA wheels at great prices direct from J&P Cycles, and choose rim diameters from 16 to 23 to fit your chosen ride.

Whether you’re looking to make your car or SUV feel more sporty, upper class or both, Curve Concepts wheels will get you there. New rims instantly differentiate a car from the thousands of other rides rolling with OEM wheels.

Written by Sarah Aguirre Did you pay attention in your chemistry class? You probably never thought chemistry could help you choose the best cleaning supplies for the job.

Alkaline solutions are better at cutting through dirt, grease, proteins, oils, and other organic items. The Spruce / Xenia Tang Here are the pH levels of common household cleaning supplies.

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Chlorine bleach nearly tips the scale all the way to the top of the alkaline level. Because it's near one of the ends of the pH scale, we know it is corrosive and will require you to use proper ventilation when being used.

On the other hand, bleach is fantastic at whitening and removing stains. Do not mix bleach with other types of cleaning supplies or chemicals.

Ammonia can work wonders with tough dirt and grime, making it a formidable cleaner. Most oven cleaners are just as alkaline as ammonia giving them great power to cut through tough grease and grime.

Of course, at the top of the alkaline scale, extreme care needs to be taken when using oven cleaner. Tub and tile cleaner is another alkaline substance that removes dirt and grime effectively but can be corrosive.

With a 10 on the pH scale, Borax is not as corrosive as some of its cousins like bleach and ammonia. But Borax is still an alkaline substance, good at breaking down oils and organic dirt.

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This is one of the reasons that Borax makes such an effective laundry booster. Because baking soda has enough alkalinity to power through grease and dirt, but not enough to make it corrosive, it can be a great option to use in many places in your home.

When it comes to neutrality mild dish soap usually hits the mark perfectly. If your dish soap is labeled mild, gentle, or great for hands, chances are its pH level is somewhere right around 7.

Most surfaces won't be damaged by dish soap, and there are a lot of places it can be used besides in the kitchen sink. Since stone surfaces can be damaged by pHs that are too alkaline or too acidic, manufacturers usually produce a neutral pH.

They tread through uneven roads, tracks, and landscapes and face harsher weather conditions, heat from the friction, abrasions, and our experiments with breaks and gears. Earlier versions of automotive tires lacked the driving stability and agility to maintain speed, fuel efficiency, and safety, unlike the modern ones.

They have evolved to provide improved safety parameters, ride through with a flat tire, exceptional control even at higher speed, swift cornering, braking abruptly, quick gear switches, and be eco-friendly. While navigating through challenging terrains and varying weather conditions, these components might go through wear and tear.

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On a slippery hill, watery surface, or gravel road, the vehicle should align stably. The grid patterns on them and rain grip and water clearance decide the essence of a good tire.

With the right tread, the automobile can move smoothly as the tires can pass the water through the grids and keep the vehicle grounded. Car tires with good tread patterns are suitable for rides on rough surfaces.

A lower patch means more fuel saved, but a bit behind in grip factor. The build, style, and material of automotive tires will affect the vehicle's life's safety, performance, and longevity.

Besides the addition of updated styling cues and a number of exterior paint, the entire cabin space has been introduced with upgrades to ensure a more comfortable ride to the occupants. Additionally, the automaker has also added a number of safety upgrades besides reducing the weight of the car to 200 kg.

Offered in two variants namely Suzuki Swift GL MT and Suzuki Swift GL CVT, the vehicle is powered by a four-cylinder 1.2-litre petrol engine churning out a maximum power output of 82hp besides generating a peak torque of up to 113Nm. It comes with the option of a 5-Speed Manual and Variable Speed CVT transmission gearbox.

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Features for Comfort & Convenience include Air Conditioner, Power Windows Front, Power Windows Rear, Automatic Climate Control, Heater, Engine Start/Stop Button, Adjustable Seats, Height Adjustable Driver Seat, Accessory Power Outlet, Power Steering, Foldable Rear Seat, Remote Trunk Opener, Low Fuel Warning Light, Rear Seat Headrest, Cup Holders-Front, Bottle Holder, Cruise Control, On Board Computer, Keyless Entry and Central Console Armrest. Features for Entertainment & communication include Touch Screen, FM/AM/Radio, Navigation System, Bluetooth Connectivity, CD Player, Speakers Front, Speakers Rear and Integrated 2DIN Audio.

The interior features include Tycho Meter, Electronic Multi Trip meter, Fabric Upholstery and Digital Odometer. The safety features of the Model includes the Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Child Safety Locks, Anti-Lock Braking System, Brake Assist, End, Rear Seat Belts, Seat Belt Warning, Height Adjustable Front Seat Belts, Rear Camera, Parking Sensors, Crash Sensor, Front Impact Beams, Side Impact Beams and Door Ajar Warning.

Amongst the Asian nations, hometown Japan got it and India (from where the Swift is currently imported). The previous generation car was outstanding, and it won over everyone with its finesse and handling prowess.

The cabin of the new Suzuki Swift still follows the gray theme adopted by the previous generation. A touchscreen system with good resolution is also available and is Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay compatible.

Needless to say, the top spec trim is the GLS CVT, and it comes with all the bells and whistles one will expect from a car of this category. The Suzuki Swift GLS brings in LED headlights with daytime running lamps, a more lithe face with a wider grille, sculpted bumpers with fog lamps and a thin chrome strip.

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The side profile more or less subscribes to the same Swift silhouette but a quick look at the rear door confirms that a lot has changed as well. The door handles at back are neatly tucked into the C-pillar while the alloy wheels look trendy enough.

Suzuki's engineers have increased the wheelbase from the older car to now 2,450 mm. We have always said that this side of the Volkswagen Polo or GT, the Suzuki Swift is the one to beat in terms of handling.

It is not so stiffly sprung to upset the ride quality but is good enough to plaster a smile on your face. Both the Swift and the Dire have come to our shores with a 1.2-litre K12M VVT-equipped petrol engine that is good for 84 PS of power and 113 Nm of torque.

Suzuki says that they have increased the compression ratio of this engine to eke out better mileage. The meat of the matter though is that while there is an AMT option for the Dire, the Swift gets a CVT.

Suzuki says that the Swift is always perceived as the car for singles while the Dire is more of a family-oriented vehicle. The manual in the meanwhile is a smooth shifting unit and coupled to the light clutch, is a joy to use.

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Twin airbags, ABS with END, SOFIA child seat locks, reverse sensor, energy absorbing bumpers and bonnet as well as height adjustable seat belts are part of the standard fare. The sportiest yet the most practical hatchback in the compact segment is back with a bang.

Be updated with the latest Suzuki Swift Price in the Philippines with Pinwheels. Check out the updated Suzuki Swift price list with lowest down payment and monthly installment.

Write a Review Suzuki Swift GL 1.2 M/T: Lighter, more responsive hatch lives up to name One of the most popular subcompacts in... Lauded for its great handling, the Suzuki Swift has been one of the most favored hatchbacks in the market.

With its dynamic look and standout style, the Suzuki Swift can surely uplift your drive. MANILA: With more and more global automakers shifting towards hybrid, pure EV, and fuel cell tech, auto giants in India...

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