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Daniel Brown
• Sunday, 17 October, 2021
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Meek September 14, 2004, 12:40pm #1This it should be obvious from the title, but just clarification; I mean on the “standard” wedges. For instance, the font is most noticeable on the Bankrupt wedge, with the capital R showing aspects of the font, and proving it's no longer in common use.

font fortune wheel sf italic condensed
(Source: www.azfonts.net)


Frontage Condensed by Jury Zach I found a font that is very close too authentic to that of the one used on the modern puzzle board.

It is called Nee Helvetica 87 Heavy Condensed:According to this link, it costs $29.00 USD. And now that this mystery may be solved, the countdown is on till we find out what font was used on the classic puzzle board.

If memory serves me correctly, I think I may have seen the classic letter font on something else not Wheel of Fortune -related. I remember way back in the late 1980s, my mother had a container of Crosby's Molasses stored in the pantry, and on top of the container, showed the words “GOLD STAR BRAND” and its French translation on the other side (“MARQUE GOLD STAR”, I think?). When I checked the French translation, the “Q” was the big giveaway, and I safely declared it to be a Wheel of Fortune -style font.

However, I am working on creating classic letters using screenshots of letters from whatever exists on YouTube, plus PowerPoint, MS Paint, and Photoshop. I will start work on them over the weekend, but right now I have to batten down the hatches, as there is a Hurricane headed for Newfoundland soon (Maria, that is, though not as bad as Igor).

Various Made It and Played It VIP PhD in Wheeloffortunology A derivative of it called “Rockwell Condensed (Bold)” is what I used for some letters in my classic tiles.

font wheel fortune sf italic extended
(Source: www.azfonts.net)

Starting in August 1983, the logo was placed over a top-down view on the Wheel. This is a Charon version of the previous logo.

The spaces on the wheel are now filled in with white. This computer-generated logo was used before the introduction of Pat (or Rolf) in the mid-late 1980s.

The spiffy-for-its-time fully computer-animated Wheel logo used from the late 80s to the early 90s, in both the daytime and syndicated versions. Not to mention, the wedges from the Wheel come alive in the intro thanks to computer animation as well.

Used as Wheel celebrated its 10th Anniversary (and continuing into Season 11); it's appropriate, as an occasion as festive as this brings out the party atmosphere, as seen by a hanging disco ball at the top. 1992-1993, around the time of the 1992 “Changing Keys” (Seasons 10 and 11).

This alternate version of the logo had rainbow hues and was used in the full credit crawl during Season 12 (1994-1995). This is when Wheel started to gain the nickname of “America's Game”; this was first used as an alternate logo in Season 12, and it became regular in Seasons 13 and 14.

fortune wheel round australia 2001 deviantart
(Source: designerboy7.deviantart.com)

“Stage 11” on the right refers to where they tape, while on the left is the Columbia-TriStar Television logo. Scrapped title card for season 29.

Also in Season 31, we see that they revived the Sony Pictures entrance from the 1990s but it's more updated. Plus, the left door now has the Sony Pictures Television logo.

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