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NAO is of average height and has a Sadako-like appearance, due to her very long jet black hair that flows down to her lower back. Her long flowing bangs commonly covers her right eye, even when she ties her hair back whenever she cooks.

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Two years prior to SOMA's entrance into Katsuki, when NAO challenged Hispano to a Shokugeki, her hair was much shorter, at about shoulder-length and had an umbrella shape to it. NAO would do anything to get close to Erica including sending her 30 letters daily or watching her from afar using binoculars.

As a girl who has strong obsession, her pride and desire to fulfill her fantasies often clouds her judgment. NAO has gained a profound amount of respect for SOMA due to their shared interests in making food that are disgustingly delicious.

This respect was so great that she was able to forgive SOMA for spending a whole week with Hispano during the Staggered period. She worked around this by staring at her idol from a distance using binoculars and continuously sent 30 letters each day to Erica.

Much of NAO's Katsuki high school life is unknown, but it is shown in the anime that she was present during SOMA Yukihira's speech during the orientation ceremony. Several months after the camp, NAO was chosen as one of the 60 participants for the 43rd Annual Katsuki Autumn Election.

While everyone else was checking the names for the election, NAO sat in a tree and looked Erica from afar with her binoculars. Infuriated by the scene and jealousy in her mind, NAO vowed herself to defeat her in the Autumn Elections in order to get close to Erica, while begin to laugh hysterically.

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Her laughter caught the attention of the academy security guards, but they were deterred by her dark aura. After the summer break where she spent choosing her recipe for the preliminaries, NAO joined the 59 other students and listens to Nair Senzaemon's speech about the many past Elite Ten members who battled in the very halls they are standing in.

Sensation officially started the challenge and NAO quickly headed to the “B” Block to begin the preliminaries. As she prepared her dish, she watched Hispano from afar with spite, muttering to herself that her time with Erica is nearly up.

As judgement time finally came, NAO was among the first to present her dish, a Jet Black Curry Lassa. The smell alone nearly caused her to fail the challenge if not for Erie's insistence on fulfilling her role as a judge.

As she snapped out of her delusion, she realized that the next person to present their dish is none other than her rival, Hispano, whom she declared that she now has the chance to defeat in public. As NAO ate the dish, her sinister thoughts slowly began to fade away, as if being exorcised.

NAO temporarily assumed a much more pure and innocent appearance before returning to her creepy persona. On the last day of submissions for setting up a booth at the Moon Banquet Festival, NAO found herself in competition with Don RS for a location on the Main Avenue, and was challenged by INAMI MITO to a Shokugeki, which she accepted.

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NAO ultimately lost the Shokugeki, but still managed to run a fairly popular stall in a corner of the Central Area, where she served Kusama. As she predicted, her stall was a hit (mostly with older people who wanted to eat her food with beer, which puzzled her), although some expressed annoyance at the smell's spread over the area.

While cleaning up on the second day, she ran into SOMA Bukhara and Legume Tandoori, who were taking their Chinese Cuisine cart around the grounds and offering free samples of their items. NAO and SOMA quickly bonded over their shared love of disgusting foods and promised to taste-test each other's creations in the future (which deeply concerned Legume).

Made exclusively by NAO Satsuma, this dish is infamous for using the Kusama salted fish method and NAO decided to use mahi and flying fish to create the incredibly awful stench of the dish. Satsuma () uses the kanji for “chaste” ( Sad, an alternate pronunciation for Ta) and “mound” or “hillock” ( Osaka).

Wielding the best palate in the world, God's Tongue and a member of the illustrious Nair family, Erica stands above everyone in her class as the top prospect of the 92nd Katsuki Generation and is a former 10th seat of the Elite Ten Council. Add a photo to this gallery Erica is a pale-skinned girl who is considered to be extremely beautiful (by most of the students in Katsuki) with lower-back length honey-blonde hair that has side bangs partially crossing her cheeks and goes down all the way to her neck, purple-pinkish eyes, large breasts and a plump butt; a trait coincides with her status (according to her fans and followers).

She has never been shown in casual clothing except for a cotton jacket and a bikini during her pool outing and a simple nightgown when sleeping. Hailing from a wealthy and noble background, Erica comes across as a highly privileged and pampered girl, used to only the best things in life.

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She enjoys a great reputation across the culinary world for her “God Tongue” which was said to either make or break a chef's career. Much of Erica's personality is a result of the abusive training that Adam Nair subjected her to in her early childhood.

She also developed a deep-rooted fear of her father, becoming petrified in his presence and unable to think or do the right thing. However, during her time in the dormitory, she gained many general living skills and even showed pride in knowing what all the laundry symbols on clothing meant.

After defecting to Polar Star Dormitory, Erica's perspective on cooking changed after she met the residents over there. Erica comes to care a lot for her friends and shared her knowledge with them, which allowed the rebels to pass the rigged promotion exams.

Like her father, Erica adulates Samba Joachim as the ultimate chef, when the latter had once cooked for her in her early childhood. Born into the prestigious Nair Family, Erica is gifted with “God's Tongue”, the ability to accurately judge a food's quality to the highest degree.

Since her gift became well known, most of her baby food was made by professional chefs to satisfy her incredible tasting abilities. Around this time, she became friends with another young girl named Hispano Erato, who pledged all of her efforts to serve Erica.

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Though Sensation told her she had to return to her room, after hearing her stomach growl, Joachim prepared a dish for her. Six months after Joachim's departure, her father, Adam Nair, subjected Erica to a particularly brutal regimen, forcing Erica to compare foods and determine precise errors in each, then throwing away the inferior dish, even using physical force to prompt her to do so.

With time, this training created Erica's haughty personality as well as a deep-seated fear regarding her father. Once Sensation found out, he exiled Adam from the Nair Family and Katsuki and tried to repair the damage done to her.

Her prodigious skills and renowned fame easily allowed her to be the top of her class and become the youngest Elite Ten Council member in the history of Katsuki Culinary Academy before she even entered the high school level, holding the 10th seat. Shortly before the start of her high school life, Erica was asked, as a member of the Elite Ten Council, to judge numerous dishes for various companies, most of which left her unimpressed.

Upon arrival at the exam, Erica introduced herself and decided that their task was to make any dish with eggs as its basis. Any dish that managed to satisfy her would grant them entrance into Katsuki, however she also mentioned that they had one minute to withdraw from the examination.

To her surprise, one student stayed: SOMA Bukhara, who accepted the challenge and decided to cook a dish from his family restaurant's secret menu, a Transforming Frigate Golan. Much to her disbelief, the simple dish had impressed her, but her pride and SOMA's cockiness immediately caused her to deny him entrance into the school.

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One month later, Erica was welcomed as the top prospect of the 92nd Katsuki Generation from the Middle School section during their Entrance Ceremony. After her grandfather, Sensation Nair, gave his entrance speech, declaring that 99 percent of their class would ultimately fail, Erica smugly told herself that she will stand at the top of Katsuki while the rest will fight for second place.

However, before the ceremony concluded, Sensation introduced the only student to transfer into the high school section: SOMA Bukhara. Confused and angry over his unexpected entry and his entrance speech, Erica continued to degrade SOMA and tried to devalue him by declaring that everyone else in their generation had studied for three years during middle school.

SOMA vowed that he would make Erica admit that his food was good by the end of high school. For much of Erica's initial reign as the tenth seat of the Elite Ten Council, she began her “Nair Cooking Lab Extension” project to expand her kitchen which she claimed was too small.

Many of her targets were deemed “unnecessary” to her due to her belief that simplistic “B-Class” dishes do not belong in Katsuki. The day after SOMA joined the Polar Star Dormitory, Erica challenged the Chan RS president, Kibosh Kobayashi to a Shokugeki to move forward with her project.

Taking time to taste Kibosh's dish she immediately identified 27 different flaws. With the results of the Shokugeki finalized, Erica called a demolition crew to tear down the Chan RS clubroom.

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After leaving the arena and receiving an ovation by her personal butlers, she was greeted by Hispano who brought her the news of SOMA's high grade in Roland Chapelle's class, causing her demeanor to instantly snap. INAMI later reported to Erica that she was challenged to a Shokugeki by none other than SOMA on behalf of the Don RS with the condition that he would be expelled if he lost the match.

Delighted to know that her opportunity to expel him had arrived, she allowed INAMI take the challenge in her name. After INAMI notified her that she would be using A5 beef to secure victory, Erica confidently left the Shokugeki in her hands.

Several days after the Shokugeki between SOMA and INAMI, Erica received a letter from the academy, announcing that the Katsuki Friendship and Rapport Training Camp was coming up soon. As expected, Erica faced very little challenge during the camp's assignments, completing all of them with relative ease.

Erica voiced her skepticism against SOMA's grade in Roland's class and his victory in the Shokugeki against INAMI. As Hispano arrived after completing her task, Erica told SOMA to leave her presence.

SOMA obeyed and left to go into the bath as Erica told Hispano that she was not going to play any card games that night as she felt they were too “happy-go-lucky.” On the third night, Erica and the rest of the 92nd generation was summoned to the main hall for a surprise announcement.

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After Gin Dogma announced that their task for the next morning was to serve a breakfast dish for the hotel's guest, Erica confronted SOMA. Overhearing rumors about his Shokugeki from the previous day, Erica told SOMA not to present a “vulgar” dish like his Transforming Golan.

Erica reflected on SOMA's entrance exam, declaring that she would show him the true power of a Katsuki dish. Erica watched as SOMA began to serve out his dish at record speeds, stealing some attention from her stand.

Erica watched as Alice entered the hall and declared that she will stand at the top of Katsuki. When she returned to her room, she retrieved what she had forgotten: A diary with a photo of a young Erica with her cooking idol, Joachim Bukhara, inside.

As Erica left the hotel with her car waiting, ironically SOMA had also forgotten something and had missed the bus. During the car ride, the two sat silently until SOMA brought up her earlier claims that he would fail the camp.

Fuming in anger over SOMA's cheeky quote, Erica retorted that he will continue to struggle and will never be considered for the upcoming Autumn Election. Seeing that there was not anything else to talk about, SOMA decided to take a nap while Erica looked out her window, blushing, as she thought about Joachim.

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During the June holiday week, Erica was summoned along with her fellow Elite Ten Council members to decide on the participants from the 92nd Generation for the preliminaries. However, the rest of the council already deemed him worthy of participating with Satoshi Dashiki and Etsy Iran defending his selection personally.

The next day, as she returned to the Academy after performing her duty as an Elite Ten member, during her car ride back, Erica sensed Joachim's presence, who had just left Polar Star Dormitory. Erica immediately stopped the car and jumped out, hoping to catch a glimpse of her idol.

Nair Cousins' Holiday During the month break during summer, Erica watched Hispano as she prepared for the Autumn Preliminaries. Proud that her secretary wished to show her own strength, Erica let Hispano work unassisted.

Erica believes that such things do not happen, but unbeknownst to her, her bodyguards and Rio Kurokiba's intimidating appearance scared off most of the boys at the pool. As she waited for Alice's car, so she could return home, Erica saw a few couples holding hands together, but she deems such relationships as boring.

Returning to the Nair Mansion, Hispano talked to Erica, worried that Alice belittled her during the vacation. During the opening party ceremony, she met all kinds of the renowned figures of the culinary business, and she begins the meeting with the smile on her face.

Among the more notable people who managed to catch her attention was Rio Curitiba, whom she acknowledged because of Alice's trust in him. Satoshi entered the booth along with Audio Daimio as SOMA presented his curry dish immediately after Akira.

To her surprise, SOMA's curry dish was met with praise from all the judges as Satoshi and Audio told Erica that SOMA was the ultimate sore loser, using the ideas from the Breakfast Challenge and the duel between his father to create his dish. Erica stood silently, reflecting on her previous claims that a chef can never fail to SOMA.

Erica continued to stand in silence as SOMA's dish earned him a 93, qualifying him for the main tournament. A day before the Main Tournament, Erica, along with Satoshi and Etsy, gathered at Katsuki HQ to announce the first round match ups to the 8 participants.

SOMA jokingly mentioned that it was hard to talk to her and Erica, confused, became increasingly frustrated with their conversation. Already upset from her defeat, Alice told Erica to wait for their eventual duel in the future.

Crushed by her defeat, Hispano decided to take a leave of absence to improve herself, even though Erica tried to stop her. On the day of the Semifinals, Erica arrived at the Arena to watch SOMA's match against Subaru Himalaya, expecting him to lose based on her previous critique.

She finally revealed that a high class beef stew needs to be delicious from the first bite and not be a building experience like a special-of-the-day shop should be. To her surprise, from the little critique she had given him, SOMA brought out some beef tail which she figured that he was using due to the gelatinous properties which was a technique used by Hispano in her quarterfinal match.

Regardless, Erica continued to observe the Shokugeki where SOMA, despite his early disadvantages, achieved a decisive victory over Subaru, qualifying himself for the Finals. Before SOMA left the Arena, he approached Erica and reminded her that he has one more match to win in order challenge her for the top.

The two cooks battled fiercely and the judges were ultimately unable to declare a clear winner of the match. Gin, the head judge, asked Erica if they could make a special condition for the finals: a three-way duel between SOMA, Akira, and Rio.

Shortly after the conclusion of the 43rd Autumn Election, the next event in the class whittling process for the 92nd Generation was the Staggered. Erica was assigned to Excellent, a French restaurant that was very close to earning its first Michelin star.

The head chef of Excellent, Alabama, walked in and ordered the two to start out by washing dishes. Erica bluntly refused, stating that her job in the restaurant should reflect her skill set, much to Alabama's anger.

However, one significant event came when Legume noticed from the plate residue that the customers were using a varying amount of sauce. Over the course of the week, they had greatly improved the efficiency of the restaurant and the quality of their dishes, thus the two passed the first stage of the Staggered events.

After completing the Stagier, Erica, along with Satoshi and Etsy was in the stands, watching over SOMA after he provoked everyone in the audience, with Nine Kinking and Tenor UGA. However, she became defensive when Hispano told her to properly thank SOMA for the shoo manga he lends to her, refuting that it was remuneration for tasting his dish instead.

However, she remains unfazed as her classmates' fighting spirits were kindled due to the disparity between them and the current Elite Ten members. Though he had not showed up, Erica had left one table always open in case Joachim made a surprise visit to keep his promise to her.

Though Hispano told him that he could not without a reservation, he noticed the open table left for Joachim and promptly sat in it despite Erica's attempt to protest. Ultimately powerless to stop him, Erica nearly submitted, but SOMA paid her booth an unexpected visit.

After SOMA asked if he could eat with him, Adam left the premises only to be stopped by an entourage of cars led by Sensation. After a heated debate about their respective culinary doctrines, Adam brandished an official document signed by six of the ten Elite Ten Council members, stating that it was the academy's desire to have Adam installed as the new Director of Katsuki.

Several days later, the Elite Ten Council met up to officiate the new Director proposal, while Erica was extremely downtrodden the entire time. Returning to the Nair mansion, Adam had relieved Hispano of her duties as Erica's secretary, placing himself in that role instead.

With each passing day, Erica lost control of her life to her father's whims and was plagued by nightmares she had not had in several years. Unsure where to go, they stumbled upon the grounds of the Polar Star Dormitory, and were hiding in the bushes outside the dorm in the rain, where they were found by Legume Tandoori, who ushered them inside for their safety.

Inside, the residents were informed of Erica's situation and Audio Daimio granted her a room for the time being. With the inevitability that the dorm was destined to close down in ten days, Erica was saddened to see the now spiritually crushed residents.

The next day, news had arrived that SOMA had issued a Shokugeki challenge in order to overturn the decision to close down Polar Star. The residents quickly barricaded the dorm and put up a terrific defense thanks to some industrial hoses, much to Erica's amazement.

After watching the Polar Star residents do the opposite and bounce ideas off of each other, she realized that there was more than one way to improve a dish. That night, the Polar Star residents as well as the Aldine Twins celebrated the Shokugeki victory.

As the party continued, Erica reflected on her time there thus far, seeing how much the dorm and even Hispano herself seemed to believe in SOMA through blind faith in his ability to pull of miracles in his duels. Suddenly, the doorbell for the dorm had rung and when SOMA went to answer it, Adam had let himself in and immediately headed to the dinning room.

After finishing his business and revealing that he was once a Polar Star resident himself during the Golden Era, Adam started to vacate the premises. However, Yuri showed her a picture of Joachim next to SOMA and the current Polar Star Residents after his last visit.

Upon realizing it was all true, a horrified Erica thought back to her treatment to SOMA as she was shocked that her former arch-nemesis was also the son of her idol who she treated cruelly in their time. She and her father wondered on how the other knew Joachim Samba, before Adam realized something and was amused before leaving.

Crossroads Erica happened to pass by a classroom where SOMA and EISTI were beginning a cooking duel. SOMA's dish put up a valiant effort, but EISTI's was superior in the end.

Though she still vividly remembers the day when she was introduced to Joachim's unique cooking, she could not deny the ideals her father held as she had been exposed to countless bland, ill-made dishes. SOMA offered to make her a Bukhara Style dish for her in hopes of giving her the answer she desired.

Despite being no more than a mere high school girl, Erica's skill level is already on par with most professional chefs. The clearest demonstration of Erica's cooking prowess came during her Staggered assignment where a French cuisine head chef, who single-handedly built the reputation of the said restaurant almost to their first Michelin star, submitted and gave Erica full command of the kitchen in just a few short hours.

In the BLUE finals, she was still able to defeat him and win the tournament, despite his dish causing her to have the strongest stripping pulse in the Nair family history. This skill is shown clearly on her Hokkaido Seminar on her giving ammunition to the rebels of Central.

She relinquished this position during the Promotion Exams to fight alongside the rebelling students against her father and Central. Rivals CulinaryTheme Dish Stipulations Results Record(W-L-D) Kibosh Kobayashi Seafood Ravioli Di Saragossa Win : Chan RS will be disbanded and its clubroom will be demolished.

Lose : Chan RS would not be demolished and Erica must give up her Elite Ten Council seat. And ranked 1st in the third popularity poll with 3350 votes, According to the Volume 23 Extras, Erica's favorite song is Amaryllis, and she enjoys Card Games (Especially Seven) Erica currently holds the record for earliest inauguration into the Elite Ten, entering the council while she was still in Middle School.

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