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Star-shaped barriers have been removed, and road bumps have been put in place of the Mario universe's Chain Chomps. The lore idea that the track was entirely rebuilt on a much larger scale in F-Zero, can accommodate both the fact that the tracks are different from each game, and the fact that the vehicles somehow roll the map in the same times in all three games while being hyper-speed hover modules able to reach 1000Km/h on Zero and simple Go-Karts on Mario Kart 64/8.

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Every game in the Mario Kart series has a different version of the track, serving as the Grand Prix Finale. Because the coloring of the tracks and the slower background speed produced a rather gloomy scenery shift, the name 'Phantom Road was eventually adopted.

Game info System : Nintendo 64 Genre : Racing Developer : Nintendo EAD Publisher : Nintendo Save : Yes Memory size : 128 megabits Peripherals : Controller PAK, Rumble Prerelease info F-ZeroXDate : 10/26/1998 ESB : E Catalog # : NUS-NFZE-USA (Zero) Date : 7/14/1998 Catalog # : NUS-NFZJ-JPN F-ZeroXDate : 11/6/1998 Catalog # : NUS-NFZP-EUR Cameo appearances and references Mr. EAD, one of many unlockable racers, has a Mario-like face and a Starman for a belt buckle. His name refers to Nintendo EAD, the development studio that brought us Zero.

EBGDAE1=15054423710101312151417151634795607784591011121314151617181920212223242526910271012281214291415303132331093491035101236121437141538394041424344450463710101312151417151647487949500751524553545556575859606162636465666768697091071101272121473141574757677109789107910128012148114158283848586878889090371010131215141715169192799394079596459798Shift pitch (R) All content on this page is the property of the copyright owner of the original composition Jump to navigationJump to search I think that the Smash games really miss some cool music.

So feel free to add music you like to be in Smash games! No music that has already appeared in a Smash game may be added, but feel free to add another series if it has not been listed.

Medley LightningBlueJust Plains Mario Land: Shake It! Gold version Awesomelink234Title ScreenWarioWare: Smooth Moves Original From Music From which game YouTube link (optional) ReiDemonLast Day Teethe Legend of Zelda: Major's Mask Original Miles of SmashWikiMiniboss Battleaxe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Water OriginalRemix Miles of SmashWikiGoing Down the Rapids Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Original Unknown the Hedgehogs.

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Teaming up with Mess Logos DS, I bring you a celebration of Mario Kart, all the way back to the original SNES outing to the more recent ones, focusing on an aspect that remains on all entries of the game: RainbowRoad ! That's right, no matter if you're racing underwater, in the sky, upside down, with one or two pilots, using a bike or a kart, there is always RainbowRoad waiting for you in the end.

The track is basically the RainbowRoad theme from Mario Kart 64 redone Zero -style. The “Fortress Boss” music from Super Mario Bros. 3 appears once in its original form, then again in track 22 as an extended “arranged” version by Nintendo sound staff, complete with wailing electric guitar by Mutsuhito Hiking.

5 N/Fan Arrange01.18 Con Sanger DE Gamer / Con Sanger DE Gamer / Con Sanger DE Gamer N/Fan Arrange 10.22 All Your Nostalgia Are Belonged to Me / All Your Nostalgia Are Belonged to Me / All Your Nostalgia Are Belonged to Me N/Fan Arrange09.27 Try Blowing on the Cartridge / Try Blowing on the Cartridge / Try Blowing on the Cartridge N/Fan Arrange05.31 Press Start! N/Fan Arrange 11.10 Retro Emulation Vol.1 / Retro Emulation Vol.1 / Retro Emulation Vol.1 N/Fan Arrange11.09 Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume II / Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume II / Scarlet Moon Christmas Volume II SMRC-1026Fan Arrange10.19 Year 5 / Year 5 / Year 5 N/AUnclassified09.28 VG Metal Covers Vol.

In the original F-Zero for the SNES, White Land has two tracks, both are medium-sized tracks with a difficult layout, however White Land 1 is usually considered easier for beginners while White Land 2 is trickier as it requires the player to perform a special jump that can only be done by pushing down on the D-Pad. The first track, Dangerous Steps, is spent mostly doing jumping tricks and loops, the second track, as its name implies, features a half-pipe and the third track's layout makes it resemble a star on the map, it has many tricky turns, loops and a single jump trick.

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