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Nobody wanted him because they thought he was a gross little worm thing. He crawled into a small hole to die and found out Monty lived there.

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He is very geeky and plays video games for 19 hours a day. Wiggler has many useless skills and talents such as growing an extra leg and having the ability to smell peanut butter from miles away.

He has anger issues too and turns red when mad. Wiggler seems to be a pet of the group, however Maj jigger and Froggy can also be seen as this.

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Super Mario World Artwork of a Wiggler from Super Mario World Wigglers are also used in a glitch that allows the player to obtain 9,999,990 points very quickly. Sprites found in prototype revisions of the game show Wigglers with large eyes and pointed hats.

Inside, Wiggler is angry with Mario because he has flooded its house, and claims it has had bad luck and felt strange ever since it acquired a Power Star. Like many circular things in the game, Wiggler's segments and nose are not actually modeled spheres, but flat pictures that constantly face the camera.

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In Super Mario 64 DS, the Wiggler's appearance is more in line with its normal look. The segments (aside from the head) still use flat textures but have rotating spots superimposed over them (like the features of Bullies and Bombs) that make them look more spherical.

Players, with a time limit, have to choose a Wiggler with a correctly matching pattern to the one in the top screen. If the incorrect pattern is chosen, the Wigglers become angry and ten seconds are deducted from the time limit.

The Wiggler attacks by attempting to charge into Mario, and train whistle sound effects can be heard. To defeat it, Mario must spray a small Dune Bud growing in the sand.

When he sprays the Dune Bud enough, it explodes into certain shapes like pyramids and domes. If the Wiggler is stomping on the formation the Dune Bud created, it will flip and slide on its back.

After being defeated, it turns into sand and dissolves, leaving behind a Shine Sprite. The only way to defeat them is to use a Shell, a Mega Mushroom, or a Starman, although a ground pound is able to flip them over and stun them.

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Furthermore, World 7-3 is notable for featuring a giant Wiggler with twenty-nine body segments, including its head. Once it flips itself back over after a short while, or it gets jumped on without being stunned, it turns red, a vein will bulge from its head, and it starts chasing Mario.

However, unlike the other games, the effect is temporary, and after a few seconds, the Wiggler cools back down. However, as in their previous appearances, they are not affected by fireballs nor can they be frozen by ice balls.

Super Mario Odyssey Artwork of a Tropical Wiggler Moreover, a massive infection robot based on the Wiggler called Mechawiggler appears as one of the many bosses fought in the game. Despite the lack of physical resemblance, Mechawiggler gets angry and charges like one after taking enough damage.

Three Caterpillars from the Super Mario World television series episode “Party Line”Wigglers (referred to as Caterpillars “) appear throughout several episodes of the Super Mario World animated series. Here, Wigglers are portrayed as being constantly angry and possessing large fangs.

After running from this Caterpillar, Joshi, after gaining a pair of Magic Wings, eats it. Chasing Mario and Luigi up a large tree, this swarm of Caterpillars begins trying to reach and devour them.

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A Caterpillar, managing to bite Mario's leg, sends him rocketing through the air, hitting a ? This group of Wigglers is seen near the end of “Party Line,” where they look on as the evil dinosaur, who had been tossed into space by a Starman-powered Mario, soars by.

In Unjust Desserts, Maricopa shrinks some Wigglers, and sends them into Joshi's body after Mario, who encounters them in a passageway. If Mario has picked up a wrench, he can escape from them by using it to open a valve, closing it immediately after jumping through it.

Some more Wigglers appear later in the palace garden, after all the creatures (Mario included) that Joshi and Luigi have eaten are ejected from their bodies. In Brain Drain, some Wigglers are spotted prowling around the MUSH radio station after Iggy Korea takes it over, and they will give chase to Luigi if he steals some Fungus Up cola from the Synapse Switcher.

Wigglers are also seen among the crowd later in the story when Bowler is ready to marry Princess Peach. Game and Bowler find an otherwise harmless Wiggler, and they enrage it by removing its flower.

Wigglers appear as a common enemy in the Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Finally, Wigglers are notable for having six feet rather than eight in Super Mario RPG, while their artwork for that game depicts them with the traditional number of eight.

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The Fuzzy Wiggler turns blue when stomped on, and once it is defeated, it drops a Melon. First appearing in Mario Party 2, Wigglers have made infrequent appearances throughout the Mario Party games, usually as friendly and helpful non-playable characters or as characters in the background.

Activating the orb results in a Wiggler appearing on a flower, asking the player if they want to be taken to the Star Space. It retains the same effect it had in the previous game, and it costs 30 coins at the Orb Shop.

Wigglers have appeared as background characters in Garden Grab at day and in the Decathlon Park. There is a few props based on Wiggler, one being a roller-coaster in Slot Trot and a merry-go-ground in Stage Fright.

When Wiggler's health reaches its midway point, it begins to move faster. Characters start with a long vehicle, but lose Wiggler segments if enemies flank and collide with them.

Crashing into it will send the racer tumbling, making them lose all items that they had, along with the rear character dragging behind for a little while. According to early screenshots, it seems multiple Wiggler Wagons were planned to appear on Mushroom City.

Mario must race it on GUN Mushroom Bridge, and each lap it gets faster. Mario must use item boxes that contain superstars and Mushrooms to avoid getting hurt and go faster in order to win.

However, in, a Wiggler appeared in Mario's Gold Mine, where the racer must attempt to avoid hitting him as they raced around the course. On the last lap, the Wiggler got mad and turned red, chasing the racer around the course at twice his normal speed.

If Wiggler is being played as, and gets hit with an item or runs into an obstacle, it will get angry and turn red temporarily, though this doesn't affect gameplay. Wiggler is a Cruiser-type racer, and as a result, its speed, weight, and off-road stats get an above average boost.

Wiggler and Honey Queen are the only characters not to return in later Mario Kart installments. When the update is released, or more information about this subject is found, this section may need major rewriting.

This time, running into them causes the driver to pass through them and spin out rather than simply bounce off of them unharmed. It is fought while Mario and Luigi are looking for Chuckle Fruits, and is first encountered sticking out of a small hole in the wall.

Any attacks to the head that does not defeat it simply enrages it, causing it to stomp and create a shock wave that can damage Mario and Luigi. Its normal attack is to charge directly ahead, allowing for its segments to be stomped on.

Bowler first meets him after he pulls up the Giga-carrot, a family heirloom, which is blocking the Wiggler's burrow. As soon as Bowler finishes the carrot, the Wiggler, who has apparently forgotten his command, yells at Bowler for destroying generations of hard work and care by eating the carrot and then attacks him.

The most noticeable attack is seen when Wiggler stands up straight and his front pair of feet morph into hands, reminiscent of his appearance in Mario Power Tennis (below). Two Leaf Guys then pull up the Turnip and hover above the battle on the top screen, waiting to drop it on Bowler as an attack; Bowler is able to inhale the Leaf Guys and the Turnip will drop.

Wiggler's other attacks include ramming and a body slam, where he rises up and attempts to fall on Bowler. Topple is nearby watching Wiggler under the assumption that he was a security guard hired by the collector who lives in the house he is currently attempting to break into.

After Mario and Luigi arrive and are spotted by Topple, he enrages Wiggler by calling him a moth and drags the Bros. into a battle against him. After being defeated by mainly Mario and Luigi as Topple hindered them throughout the battle, Topple turns on Mario and Luigi attempting to take down, failing and as a result getting defeated himself and knocked into a daze.

After both parts of the battle, Wiggler, while in a meager amount of pain, questions the motives of Topple and restates his intention of making a flower garden while doing so. At the very start of battle, Topple climbs on top of Wiggler and pulls the flower on his head, turning him hostile and making him lift his front half into the air to slam it down soon after.

After several rounds of this, Wiggler flings Topple into the air, him eventually landing on the Bro. Regardless of the result, Wiggler will come charging back to his starting position from behind the Bros., this time Topple approaching the next targeted Bro.

And clinging on to them (unless they have the Dizzy status in which case he won't at all), making them jump as if they were carrying a defeated Bro. If Topple jumps into Wiggler's face, he will skid back a bit, then walk backwards off-screen to reappear enraged from the background, where he will then chase the trio, Mario running on the left, Topple in the middle and Luigi on the right.

Mario and Luigi find Wiggler famished in Gloomy Woods and feed him a berry, replenishing his energy. Star low explains that Paper Game used his magic to create piles of trash to block their path.

Wiggler, outraged that someone took advantage of his weak state and made a mess of his forest, becomes mad and smashes the rubbish in front of him. The trio finds Wiggler with no energy again, who cannot move unless they feed him 10 berries.

Coincidentally, a Yellow Joshi declares he has found a melon, which Wiggler explains is one of his most favorite desserts, and also refuses to move from the spot he is until they feed him his treat. Wiggler realizes Paper Game left more piles of trash and smashes through them.

The three help Wiggler by disabling the electric fences Bowler and his henchmen used to block the path with. Wiggler attacks by creating shock waves that all three characters must jump over, followed by spitting at one bro.

Wiggler then proceeds to chase one of the bros, who must hammer the Monty Moles and Paper Spear Guys that get in the way. Paper Game will eventually attempt to ram into the bro, and if he is hammered he will crash into Wiggler and the attack will end.

Paper Game can attack by firing magical blasts at the trio, with different shapes aiming for different characters. Finally, Paper Game can create a giant ball for Wiggler to ride on and chase Mario and Luigi with.

Paper Mario folds into a boomerang, and Mario and Luigi must throw him at Wiggler's ball several times to destroy it, before he rams into one of the bros. Paper Game will eventually slowly fly across the background, and hitting him will instantly destroy Wiggler's ball. Once Wiggler's HP has been defeated, Paper Game will be able to be attacked normally.

Paper Game must be defeated for the battle to end, otherwise he will revive Wiggler with lots of HP after several turns and retreat into the background. After the battle, Paper Game flies away while Wiggler apologizes saying he didn't know what got into him and passes out, shortly being carried of by Paragoombas.

The heroes and Star low mourn over the loss of Wiggler, but he returns to the form of a butterfly and offers to take them to the peak of Mount Barr. Unlike in other appearances, this Wiggler's body is curved upwards and has two gloved hands to hold a tennis racket.

It has the best reach in the game, but its swing ends slowly, and it lacks power and speed. Its power shot is Anger Management, where it becomes mad and spins and hits the ball.

Receivers that do not use their defensive power shot are knocked back and spun in a tornado, making lunges difficult. Its defensive power shot allows it to morph into a Flutter and fly to get the ball.

If Wiggler wins, it becomes overjoyed and becomes a Flutter, but when it loses, it transforms into its angry form. Daddy Kong and Luigi anticipate its anger, but Wiggler notices its trophy and calms.

Luigi and Daddy Kong then panic and flee as Wiggler turns red with anger and begins to chase them. Main article: Fury Volcano 4-6 A Wiggler in Super Princess Peach In Super Princess Peach, a Wiggler serves as the boss of Fury Volcano, the fourth world of the game.

It attacks by becoming angry and sending rocks down while running back and forth, some of which contain crystals. To defeat it, Peach has to use Rage to push a spring underneath the platform down.

After three hits, the Wiggler spews out smoke from the flower on its head that damages Peach gradually unless she uses the Joy Vibe to blow it away. After landing two more hits, Wiggler is finally defeated and another Toad is rescued.

In Challenge Mode, it acts as a roller coaster in Joshi Park, but has lost its temper and speedily races on the track. Mario must change the direction of the rails in order to steer Wiggler off the track and calm it down.

Wiggler uses Angry Attack as its special ability, which it knocks its opponent in a successful close play. Wiggler has a similar appearance as in Mario Power Tennis, having one pair of arms to hold its glove or its tiny bat.

However, while doing this, he is captured by Poison Bloopers and subsequently split into pieces by Game (or, as he calls, his “children”). It is later revealed that Game did this as a means to dissuade Mario from attempting to get the purple Royal Sticker, as Wiggler is the only entity besides a boat that is capable of travelling to the island where the Royal Sticker was located.

When Mario finds his segments, Wiggler helps him to get to the source of the pollution, which is revealed to be the purple Royal Sticker on Cooper Blooper. He later ages into a Flutter and helps Mario and Kermit get to Bowler's Sky Castle.

It appears on Hole 1 of the course, and if the player hits it with the ball, it will turn angry. Wiggler graphics exist unused in Super Paper Mario.

A Wiggler can be found walking across the top of a railway tunnel in the Wii U and Nintendo Switch versions of Lego City Undercover. Wigglers featured in the Forest of IllusionWigglers, since their initial incarnation in Super Mario World, are depicted as large yellow caterpillars with large brown noses, with a small flower on their heads, wearing shoes.

Wigglers in the Super Mario World cartoon are shown to be completely red, have sharp teeth, and be more hostile than the ones in the game. Finally, some Wigglers have arms to allow them to play baseball as in Mario Super Sluggers, tennis as in Mario Power Tennis, and even boxing in Game & Watch Gallery 4.

One instance is in Mario Party DS, where a Wiggler tends a garden that is attacked by a Piranha Plant. In games featuring a playable Wiggler, he is shown to be a rather agile character.

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