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You need to unlock the related technology and build the right station for zombies to do the following: You may salvage one zombie at the beginning, but you can also make your own on a resurrection table by using 1xzombie juice on a corpse and 10xFaith.

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It's important to note that you cannot create a zombie without an Alchemy workbench (tier I), which is impossible to get early game. One can modify a zombie much like a regular corpse, as many times as is necessary, either by autopsy at the preparation place or injections at the embalming table.

Removing skull (+) & bone will not change the zombie quality. You can work around this by either temporarily replacing other organs or applying dark injection.

Prayer for repose can also be used to increase the chances of obtaining parts with +3. Zombies are your tireless allies who work day and night to bring you new resources.

Obtain access to the church and accumulate 7 units of faith (Bishop). Snake asks you 5 units of faith, then a key to open the vault.

You then have access to two new features: the dungeon and Günter, a locked zombie NPC. Günter informs you that a very first zombie can be found somewhere north, in the direction of the forest.

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Once the first pile of stones is eliminated, you can work on the second and bring out the zombie in question. He goes back and forth and carries the logs from A to B, from the timber stockpile near the giant tree to the one near your house.

Hauling zombies like this can also be placed at the mine, quarry and crate factory. Here you can place two other zombies that will alternate between mining iron ore and coal.

Iron ore and coal will be transferred to your base if you create a porter station and place a zombie in it, near the cabin. Here again, placing a zombie in a porter station will transfer stone and marble to your base.

Zombies are not particularly smart, but if you supply them with paper, they are able to write stories of the lowest quality. With the release of the Stranger Sins DLC, zombies learned about growing grapes and hops to assist you in the wonderful alcohol business.

Unfortunately, you can only build one single winery and progress go super slowly. I would suggest placing your very best zombie here as this is a station where high efficiency has a real impact on profits.

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This works like the zombie winery but produces 10 beer units at a time. Beer is worth less than red wine and is more complicated to produce (water and wheat).

He offers to buy crates of vegetables or materials for about 10 silver coins each. A hauling zombie can also be placed under the house on a porter station, to transport crates from this location to the merchant.

Got hundreds of steel bars to turn into iron parts or nails? The advantage is that the stations near the house are very close to each other, so it is very easy to move the zombies around.

GraveyardKeeper is a great simulation game, with a macabre twist. The answer, if you have too much on your plate, is to get the DLC Breaking Dead, available in the Switch shop.

After you have downloaded the DLC Gerry the friendly skull will advise you to go and look for Günter as soon as you next step into the morgue. Snake is the shady character that stand in front of the gate in your cellar.

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If you’ve been to the Alchemist and have given him a skull, you’ll have gotten a key in return. You’ll find two new things: a dungeon with several levels, and an undead person chained to the wall.

Very handy, but more important: he tells you where to find dig up your first Zombie. When you proceed on the path past the stone blockage you will find the Felling Site.

Just follow the path across the bridge in front of your graveyard to the north, and after clearing up some blockages, it will lead you to a little house. Build a Porter Station or two at the quarry after unlocking the Zombie Logistics blueprint on the tech tree, if you put a Zombie into the Porter Station he will transport the resources back to your house and yard, and he even puts the supplies in the right place.

You can do the same at the Felling Tree which has a built-in porters station to get those big logs transported. As the picture below shows you can pick and chose what supplies you want the Zombie at the quarry’s porter station to deliver to your yard.

You want to have a productive resource chain supplying you with continuous logs, stone, marble and Ore after all. In the morgue you can build a Resurrection Table after the tech Second Chance blueprint is unlocked.

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Zombie juice can be crafted at the Alchemy workbench and requires 1x Health Powder and 1x Blood. Health powder can be purchased from the Witch that lives in the swamp (across the same little bridge but then head West, after you’ve done her first quests).

Cabbage, garden waste or pumpkin can then be turned into Health Powder. I have found that a Zombie with around 7 or so white Skulls works fine, and I’ve never run out of resources.

To increase a Zombie or soon to be Zombies work efficiency you can place them on the Autopsy table and insert somebody parts which have the random effect of adding white or red skulls. Using the Alchemy table 1 and 2 and the Church Workbench you can make all the fluids used in embalming.

The order you apply the embalming fluids doesn’t matter though if your zombie has no red skulls you won’t be able to use the Silver and Gold Injection. On these tables Zombies will make alchemy potions and powders in various quantities.

If you supply them with paper, they are able to write stories of the lowest quality. Last but not least is the Keeper’s work yard where you can place as many zombies as you have need for on any of the wood, stone or metal machines, and they will make firewood, stone blocks or what ever you have lined up for them to make.

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Between the Zombies at the Felling Tree and Quarry gathering and transferring those resources to your yard and a few Zombies in the work yard making items you can then focus on your Graveyard and Church. The felling site (aka the Saw Mill) is located near the path leading through the eastern half of the forest near the river.

After unlocking Zombie Woodcutting, you are able to build a single, but complex sawmill. The sawmill includes a huge tree (upper left corner).

This is where you may put a zombie to work, which keeps on cutting down trees, until the timber stockpile overflows with log s. This sign on the logs' means, that the stockpile is full and the work is blocked until some storage space is freed up. If you assign a zombie here, it hauls the logs back to the timber stockpile of your work yard.

If you want to get the porter zombie off its work, you can deselect the logs and wait until it's back to the station. The other possibility is to intercept the porter zombie, stand in its way, and talk to it by hitting “E”.

All undead need a free space in a grave and a fresh corpse to spawn. If you don't need Undead and just need to store corpses, one mass grave is sufficient.

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Build and manage your own graveyard while finding shortcuts to cut costs, expand into entertainment with witch-burning festivals, and scare nearby villagers into attending church. Gather valuable resources and craft new items.

Expand your Graveyard into a thriving business, go ahead and gather valuable resources scattered in the surrounding areas, and explore what this land has to offer. Take a trip into the unknown and find useful new ingredients which may or may not poison a bunch of nearby villagers.

Part of your grave keeping duties in GraveyardKeeper is, of course, taking care of the graveyard. The graveyard starts off as a mess, but you can quickly turn things around and earn some extra cash though it.

Early on you should burn stamina to create stone tombstones instead of wasting a ton of supplies making repair kits. This means if they have 3 red and 2 white, you need to clean up their grave by three points before you even get a bonus.

Early on the Donkey will drop them off for free but eventually they start costing carrots. Head back to the church, and you can put flowers down in the graveyard which will boost you up by two more points.

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