Gray Whale Cove Trail Open

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 27 November, 2021
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Please be advised, GrayWhaleCove SB is one of the few California State Parks that does not accept the Annual Day Use Pass. The beach (also known as Devil's Slide) features a sheltered cove surrounded by cliffs that drop abruptly into the Pacific Ocean.

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Please refrain from removing shells, driftwood, and other natural beach features. To protect wildlife and cultural resources, and for the safety and welfare of visitors and staff, the park is closed to the use of Model Aircraft, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), and Gliders in flight.

View Anthony's RecordingView Molly Catherine's Recording Scott H Only complaint is that bikers were zooming by and the trail is very narrow at parts.

View Tom's RecordingView Alexandra's Recording Glenn Juno Recommend going up into the hills via Old San Pedro to extend your hike.

It was a little smoky for the afternoon, but it cleared up depending on how the wind blew. The parking lot is located on the east side of the highway and given the traffic, crossing the road can be dangerous.

A summary of California surf trip during your visit to San Francisco. With your guide, aboard your van for the day, you will discover the most beautiful beaches of the region, enjoy the joys of the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the flavors of local cuisine.

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You can admire this beautiful wild coast, with its spectacular views, breathtaking, and sometimes dolphins and whales. The surfboards on the roof, the Combs in the trunk, The adventure while music, colors and thrills promises to be unforgettable.

Telegraph Cove is the gateway to one of the richest marine ecosystems in the world. The cold currents of the Brought on and Blackish Archipelagos provide food and habitat for large and small marine creatures.

These waters are used by marine animals for feeding, breeding, resting, overwintering and migrating. Killer whales (or orcas) from the Northern Resident population return to this area each summer.

Researchers learned to tell orcas apart by their saddle patches, dorsal fins and calls. GrayWhaleCove State Beach is in an area of steep cliff erosion between Pacifica and Montana called the “Devil’s Slide.” The beach itself is safe, but the old highway in this area was re-routed through a tunnel to avoid the dangerous slide zone.

This is a state park, so nudity is banned, but it’s still common so keep that in mind if you plan to visit this public beach. The GrayWhaleCove parking lot is on the east side of Highway 1 on the bluff above the beach.

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After you park, carefully walk across the highway to the descent at the north end of the guardrail. Whale watching is a common activity here during their migration period (yes binoculars at a clothing-optional beach seems creepy).

There is a hiking trail from the parking lot that goes south and connects with Montana State Beach. Unfortunately it’s now signed for “no entry” due to unsafe conditions, but it’s a unique structure visible from the beach.

Address Cabrillo HwyMontara, CA 94037 Park Name GrayWhaleCove State Beach Owner State Park Other Names Devils Slide Beach, Grey Whalebone Activities Whale Watching, Hiking, Sunbathing, Surfing Amenities Trails, Military Ruins, No Facilities Pet Policy No dogs allowed on the beach Fees No fee for parking High above Gray Whale Cove State Beach there is a strange looking structure that has incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and the shoreline in both directions.

Over years of traveling the California Coast to visit beaches, we have discovered so many amazing places and also some strange things. Nothing soothes the mind, body, and soul like heading out for some fresh air and sunshine.

It would be nice if there was a crosswalk between the parking lot and the beach entrance. Great trail but beware of wind and bikers.

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Discover ocean views, coastal plants, wildlife, and historic sites. Meet at GrayWhaleCove State Beach parking lot on Highway 1 just south of the Devil’s Slide.

Created by the pounding surf of the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver Island’s West Coast is edged by pristine sand and rock beaches, secluded coves, rocky headlands and intertidal areas. This dramatic coastline boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in the world and offers unique beach combing, hiking, picnicking and storm watching opportunities.

Popular with surfers, storm watchers and nature lovers, Cox Bay offers a peaceful escape for romantic walks, picnics and reflection. Gaze out to the vast, open sea, feel the forces of the wind and waves, and take in amazingly beautiful coastal scenery that calms your soul.

The 2-hour flight zips you above the whitewater river and through old growth rainforests and the canopy of fragrant cedars next to Layout Plateau Provincial Park. Travelers to Couplet and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve can feel the natural fury and power of the wind, rain and waves of a raging winter storm.

When arctic and subtropical air masses collide over the Pacific Ocean, the tempests slam into Vancouver Island. Eight foot waves and thundering surf pound the beaches bringing Driftwood, trees and Japanese glass fishing floats.

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Located in Pacific Rim National Park, Florencia and Wreck Beach are favorite surf spots with local wave riders. Enjoy unparalleled sea kayak adventures on the incredible West Coast of Vancouver Island, where you will encounter an untamed wilderness of ocean, channels, waterways, inlets, bays, coves, rivers and streams with magical scenery and abundant wildlife.

Enjoy spectacular vistas of snow-capped peaks with waterfalls that form crystal clear creeks, lakes and rivers, crescents of sandy beach protected by rocky points, long twisted inlets dotted with islands and an emerald rain forest that supports a very diverse population of wildlife. Scenic float plane tours take you to wild Vancouver Island destinations, including Layout Sound, Pacific Rim National Park, Hot Springs Cove, MacKenzie Mountains, Cougar Annie’s Garden, Della Falls, Friendly Cove, First Nations Villages, Mountain Glaciers, and But chart Gardens.

Gaze out to the vast, open sea, feel the forces of the wind and waves, and take in beautiful coastal scenery that calms your soul. From the majestic coastal mountains to the ancient rainforest to the rugged shoreline, Pacific Rim offers stunning natural landscapes, dynamic history, and exciting adventures.

Originally built in 1906, Amphitrite Lighthouse stands on a rocky outcrop on the southern end of the peninsula near Couplet overlooking the Barclay Sound and rugged coastline on Vancouver Island. A popular destination for hikers on the Wild Pacific Trail, the lighthouse offers panoramic views of the coastline, Barclay Sound and the playful sea lions just offshore.

Located one mile from the resort, the Couplet Aquarium offers up close encounters with a diversity of island marine life and a stimulating “hands on” environment. See beautiful and interesting creatures from the waters right outside the aquarium, and watch as they are released back into the wild to help preserve the local marine ecosystem.

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Sink your toes into soft sand and rugged rock beaches, explore blissful bays and coves, discover tidal pools and surf the gentle waves. Walk the Wild Side trail, a scenic path and boardwalk that follows sandy beaches and headlands to Mount Flores.

The boiling spring water bubbles up from the earth and cascades down a cliff into natural layered rock pools cooled by the Pacific Ocean surf. The high tide surf surges into the lower pools creating a blend of hot and cool water.

Soak in the rocky pools surrounded by mountains and rainforest, and experience the hot natural shower under the waterfalls. Hike the 2-mile wilderness trail to Samara Beach and explore the pristine shoreline and forest of towering cedars, firs, and spruce draped with Spanish moss.

Many gardens display plants that once thrived in coastal temperate rainforests around the world and celebrate the cultural groups of Layout Sound, particularly the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations. Torino Botanical Gardens offers educational programs and research about temperate rainforest conservation inspires understanding of the ecosystems of the Layout Sound Biosphere Reserve.

Canadian artist Roy Henry Kickers has touched people from around the world with his limited edition prints, carvings and books. His colorful sunsets, misty rivers and peaceful winter scenes reflect Canada’s West Coast and his love for Vancouver Island’s natural beauty and heritage.

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With breathtaking views of the ocean and rainforest, Black Rock offers nature lovers a front row seat Vancouver Island’s stunning west coast. Enjoy spacious suites with balconies and fireplaces, ocean facing hot tubs, a fitness room and delectable West Coast cuisine at Fetch Restaurant and Float Lounge.

Experience a vast rainforest of twisted trees, vivid green moss hanging from towering Site spruce, and arching ferns. Pacific Rim offers an abundance of marine and land activities, including fishing, birding, hiking, cycling, kayaking, and whale watching.

Take a voyage to the Broken Group Islands, hike through rainforests and long scenic beaches, and bike along the Pacific Rim Highway. Explore dozens of waterways, channels, sheltered coves and bays that reveal breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

Named the best hike in the world by BestHike.com, the rugged trail winds through a challenging terrain of sandy and rocky beaches, rainforest, bogs, deep mud, high ladders, surge channels and headlands, where cliffs descend into the sea. To cross rivers and streams, hikers ride cable cars, trek over fallen logs or pass by boat.

Located in the District of Couplet, the Wild Pacific Trail skirts the rugged cliffs and shoreline of the west coast of Vancouver Island. Overlooking Barclay Sound and the Broken Group Islands to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, the trail system offers spectacular shoreline panoramas and seaward vistas through ancient cedar and spruce framed platforms on headlands along the route.

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The next phases will extend the trail to Half Moon Bay in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Hikers wander through old growth forests of massive trees, gigantic logs, twisted roots, mosses, fungi, lichens and ferns creating startling images of nature imitating art.

During the gray whale migration from February through May, whales are spotted just offshore as well as sea lions, seals, and otters playing in the surf. With magical views of the ocean and rainforest, Black Rock offers nature lovers a window to Vancouver Island’s Wild Pacific Trail.

Enjoy nature views from accommodations with balconies and fireplaces, outdoor pool and hot tubs overlooking the ocean, a fitness room and wonderful West Coast cuisine at Fetch Restaurant and Float Lounge. After you hike the Wild Pacific Trail, rejuvenate at Drift Spa or soak in the outdoor hot tubs.

Hikers journey through a mossy rainforest to a scenic trail along the edge of the coastline past dramatic views of Barkley Sound, Amphitrite Lighthouse and the exposed coast. Turn right up the stairs to the boardwalk overlook, cross the bridge over Marine Drive past Black Rock Resort to the beautiful coastline trail.

Take a scenic path right along the coastline for stunning ocean views, or walk a loop via the forested access trails to Forbes Road sports field or exit at the Pacific Rim Highway. The trail head is accessed from the Pacific Rim Highway, just a short 10-minute walk out of town from Forbes Road.

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