High Wizard Quest

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Unlike the Wizard, it has Mystical Amplification, which will give 50% more MARK on the next offensive magic skill to be cast. With that skill, they can level in Magma Dungeon immediately with Priest without worry of having too little MARK.

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Manhattan, and Gravitational Field prove to be very useful in Woe situations, whereas if there's too many of a certain element going on, or the precast breakers seem to be getting in, you can use Gravitational Field to get much more damage than casting any of your other spells, since the damage cannot be negated, and always does the same amount. You can pass on status effects, divest people in the near future, break their equipment, etc.

'Book of Ymir' is located inside a room behind an NPC called 'Meters Sylph' (Juno_in02 88,164). Leveling a HighWizard is similar to a regular pre-trans Wizard, but with a few new skill additions.

Although SP is generally not a problem for Wizard classes, it ISS still worth the investment in points. The damage is low, but it has a chance of slowing down a single targeted enemy.

Before Meteor Storm As per usual, allocate all points into Int. Aim for as much Cast Time reduction as you can with your gear then make up for any difference with Ex.

As a HighWizard you will have a total of 70 Skill points to allocate (30 From Job Breakthrough). You will have a bunch of spare skill points (even more if you no longer need Napalm Vulcan).

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Staunch Boots can be replaced with Crystal Pumps. Wizard Staff, Eye of Callahan and Crystal Pumps provide set bonuses As a Warlock you may replace your Orleans’s Server for Sacrifice Book.

The above location in Last Ham Culvert will allow your Meteor Storm to hit Sting, Anglican and Injustice. Or stay even longer as it’s also a great spot for farming with Chain Lightning.

The original author is babbles and permission to publish this guide has been given to ratemyserver.net from Itaipu, the owner of Legacy RO. If you are the original author of this guide and would not wish to have your work published here, please contact us, and we will respect your decision.

If you are really out of idea, here is an easy plan that worked for the past, but it is extremely boring. In addition, it doesn’t list all the possible cards for the class, but mainly the best ones.

You should be aiming for the best, although if there are cards or equipments with special purposes which you wouldn’t normally want for end-game they’ve been included. This guide includes a general skill/equipment overview, and then covers Ragnarök Online situationally (PVP, PVM, Woe, MVP).

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This doesn’t include a specific ‘to-do’ for fights against every class in RO, or a walk-through to War of Emporium. The Mage and Wizard may be able to tap into mystical energies, but the immeasurable power of the elements is only fully realized in the spells cast by the HighWizard.

In addition, a Wizard is extremely strong in PVM, again due to their large Area of Effect damage and ability to mass freeze with Storm Gust. You will also find yourself a choice pick to kill Ghost Maps such as Thanos and Gloom under Night, as well as support against any MVP with a strong mob/the use of Ice Wall. Well, there came a time in the aspiring Mage’s life where the Job NPC asked him to make that very important choice.

However, your party and/or guild will want you for the strong magical output you can provide, in particular AOE damage. These skills will vary a lot depending on your final Wizard Build, so I’m just providing some general comments.

You’ll get Cold Bolt level 5 in order to get Storm Gust, but likely not any more than that. Frost Diver is a horrible skill, if your opponent hasn’t got a Marc then they aren’t likely to be a regular Paper in any case and thus unlikely to problem you.

Sounds lame, but with Meta ling cards there’s a worthwhile chance of divest on melee characters. Some people take a couple of points out of Safety Wall to put into Fire bolt (or Frost Diver…), as not to cost Wizard skill points.

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This Mage Quest Skill will reduce all Physical damage toward you (inc. Aura Strike). This is highly recommended, at least at level 1 for the usefulness of popping hide, cloak and in addition Chase walk with AOE damage.

With stronger damage than a normal bolt, knock back and a fast cast time, a lot of Wizards spam this all day in PVP. It also has obvious combo options with the other signature Wizard skill, Storm Gust; freeze first, zap later.

Note that two AOE skills of the same type will not stack onto each other, so only have one Wizard precast this in Woe. In addition, this will consume the Area Enchantment around you, meaning that you need it recast for you every two to three Waterfalls (note that both the Sage and Ninja skills require catalysts to cast).

If you completely block the path between you and a monster, they won’t be able to see you and will act as if you aren’t there. However, it’s possible to use Ice wall and a Sacrificed tank on the other side to attack an MVP and prevent it from going berserk on your entire party.

The non-freeze can actually work in your advantage, particularly in Moping and fighting Undead monsters in Abbey Sanctuary. In PVP and Woe, this will cause mass havoc and this skill is the reason players are forced to wear Marc Card most of the time.

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It is advised to have both level 1 and 10 of this skill hot keyed, as you can use the lower cast time of 1 for the freeze effect if you are in a tight spot and 10 when your focus is on damage. Note that two AOE skills of the same type will not stack onto each other, so only have one Wizard precast this in Woe.

Necessary for a decent precast, and amazing in PVM, where you’ll find you can avoid monsters with ease by casting this onto them for an escape or when you are mobbing with or without a tank. In PVP, expect to stick this onto any harassing Snipers, Clowns, and enemy casters, as it decreases their cast time due to the lower ex.

Basically, it has PvP-only applications; and is asking for 14 more points for more SP and a bit more regent, when it doesn’t even work on your Area Spells. It really only has PVP applications; you can do more damage to Evil Druid wearers, and stack the Curse status with Quagmire for nasty slow.

Therefore, you can use it on Storm Gust, but it won’t stick around like LP, just cancelling the area that you cast. You can use this both offensively and defensively in Woe, to quickly break a Land Protector put down by a Sage until your guild’s Sage can get rid of it, or to likewise remove Safety Walls, Enemas etc on a Barricade (in Woe:SE) or player.

Beware; catalyst requirement of 2 gems, a 20% chance to fail and a 5-second after cast delay. This skill deals non-reducible damage at 1200 per second, while reducing enemy ASD while inside the field.

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A less dangerous choice for Woe, where your Wizard is less likely to be Stone Cursed at the back of the party and ED will get you a lot more Fire and Holy damage. This will keep your opponent wary, as with a Pest they can switch on ED, but they can’t do too much without an Orc Hero card if they’re low IT.

Pretty basic, you will want to move on from this but really Debased Wizards might like it in a EX Survivor’s rod. The Red Ferns will add to your Meteor Storm damage, so while you can consider these cards for cheap recasting rods, there’s better stuff out there.

When it comes out, forget about killing Handgrip, but until then… also has a nice combo with Diablos Mantra. While it has a nice combo with Wizardry Staff, you’re losing out on the 3% MARK from an Orleans.

Spam this without amp and put a Quagmire in between, and a lot of monsters will never get close before they die. I don’t get this on my PVM build, but if you’re with another Wizard two Storm Gusts won’t stack, so you can use this as an alternate spell.

Great to cast on your tank if you’re getting mobbed for, or to escape as enemies will slow to a tiny speed when in Quagmire. Optimal Items: Survivor’s Rod, Survivor’s Mantra, Green Ferns carded Valkyrie’s Shoes, Valkyrie’s Shield, 2x Nimble Orleans’s Gloves, Orleans’s Robe, Headgear as you like them.

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Snipers tend to be favorites, but the HighWizard can deal enough damage to easily kill Gloom Under Knight or Thanos; in addition, Storm Gust on any MVP will be enough to clear mobs and keep your party safe. Finally, there are now strategies for high -end Maps which involve the use of Ice Wall; you can view the videos for a lot of these on YouTube.

However, a lot of current strategies to kill high -end Maps involve Ice walling in between your party and the MVP, with a tank on the other side (Lord Knight/Paladin). Alternatively, some people use Shield Reflect and continuous resurrections against Handgrip to kill.

Firstly, it drains your opponent’s hit points while they’re under the status effect. It also disables them before the actual status occurs; you can get in another bolt, or prepare Sight blaster and have more time for that level 10 Storm Gust.

In addition, protecting against Stone Curse is risky, whereas Frost Diver/Storm Gust are countered simply with Marc. Like Earth Spike, it pops Hide, and in addition Chase walk.

Optimal Items: Survivor’s Rod, Survivor’s Mantra, Green Ferns carded Valkyrie’s Shoes, Alice Carded Valkyrie’s Shield, 2x Nimble Orleans’s Gloves, Orleans’s Robe, Headgear as you like them. Like I said, I play Wizard inside a party only, and especially in PVP, I’m often wearing the Survivor’s Mantra combo.

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Yggdrasil Leaf : Ever see those newly 1st classes using Resurrection on Anubis to level? Expensive, but it’s the best counter for people you can’t Stone Curse, and a lot of Wizards don’t know what to do if your opponent has an ED card.

When you freeze with SG, people get scattered everywhere, and they’re often (if not always) tile bugged; you can use this command anytime to refresh your screen, even if you’re in the middle of casting (although it will refresh your cast bar, and you won’t see it till the spell is over) Armor cards that give status effects: Especially for Snipers or anyone spamming a ranged skill on you, this will let you get close without too much danger. Use Sight Blaster and run into Storm Gusted opponents to break Freeze and give 3 more hits before they re-freeze.

Spam Heaven’s Drive level 1 to uncover any hidden opponents around you. In addition, chain Earth Spike on Assassins, and they won’t be able to run because it will continually inside them.

Stave Crashed is the most effective way to kill Soul Linker's(besides that friendly White smith/Champ/Six, I have to say in general don’t bother). It works with all status effect cards, including the ones that give divest, and if you can get your hands on it then mail/sword breakers are good fun as well.

Offensively, a Wizard is really quite weak in Woe; you’ll be doing a lot of quagmires and Stone Curse, with a more limited opportunity to AOE and have it count (Moreno in SE but a definitely limited role in FE). Defensively, you are a key player; ‘precast’ refers mainly to the AOE skills Wizards cast on key defensive points in the castle to bombard enemies coming through.

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You’ll be using these almost singularly as a defensive Wizard, and Storm Gust more often offensively, especially in SE. You can get a Sage to Deluge/Volcano to increase the damage for your skills, as well as Fiber Locks for the Meteor Storm (plus Salamander Card).

INT on the other hand will be supplementing the role your guild has you for, generally precast or wide AOE magical damage. Offensive: Feather Beret, Unfrozen Silk Robe, Survivor’s Wand (EX), Survivor’s Mantra, Cranial Valkyrie’s Shield, Green Ferns Valkyrie’s Shoes, 2x Nimble Orleans.

Considering you should be permanently under Magic Strings when recasting, it’s no hard challenge to cast Storm Gust onto of itself with even 95 base Dexes before the previous one does its last hit. Reconsider your guild if they don’t provide you Clowns to give you Strings during Woe (you can dual-client when defending, but for offense you need an actual player).

You can basically live on your Wizard at level 99 without any resets, 99 base EX/INT and the standard 25 IT. If you definitely tend to fight players a lot more than monsters, consider 4 less Dexes and 9 more IT.

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