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Before Meteor Storm As per usual, allocate all points into Int. Aim for as much Cast Time reduction as you can with your gear then make up for any difference with Ex.

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As a HighWizard you will have a total of 70 Skill points to allocate (30 From Job Breakthrough). You will have a bunch of spare skill points (even more if you no longer need Napalm Vulcan).

Wizard Staff, Eye of Callahan and Crystal Pumps provide set bonuses As a Warlock you may replace your Orleans’s Server for Sacrifice Book. This will trade CT Reduction (which you will no longer need) for more damage.

Deposit a Marionette Card for +10% Napalm Vulcan Damage. The above location in Last Ham Culvert will allow your Meteor Storm to hit Sting, Anglican and Injustice.

Unlike the Wizard, it has Mystical Amplification, which will give 50% more MARK on the next offensive magic skill to be cast. With that skill, they can level in Magma Dungeon immediately with Priest without worry of having too little MARK.

Manhattan, and Gravitational Field prove to be very useful in Woe situations, whereas if there's too many of a certain element going on, or the precast breakers seem to be getting in, you can use Gravitational Field to get much more damage than casting any of your other spells, since the damage cannot be negated, and always does the same amount. You can pass on status effects, divest people in the near future, break their equipment, etc.

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'Book of Ymir' is located inside a room behind an NPC called 'Meters Sylph' (Juno_in02 88,164). Leveling a HighWizard is similar to a regular pre-trans Wizard, but with a few new skill additions.

Although SP is generally not a problem for Wizard classes, it ISS still worth the investment in points. The damage is low, but it has a chance of slowing down a single targeted enemy.

High wizards are capable of unleashing destructive skills that can wipe out monsters or players in an area. Their most famous build, the meteor storm high wizard, is capable of delivering insane amount of damage in PVP, boss hunts, grinding, or any scenario possible.

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Tiny droplets of sweat begin to bead on her forehead, despite the air becoming cooler the farther north you travel.

Her eye twitches ever so slightly as she struggles to maintain her focus on her opponent. Veronica yips and pulls back, her breathing heavy, sweat dripping profusely.

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He avoids her clumsy blow and jumps up, scurrying back to your pocket before popping his head out and regarding her as she starts to hyperventilate. You look up at Veronica and cock your head while Haley starts cackling in laughter.

Even Tabitha, who decided not to wear her cap and instead is wearing her long, brown hair out in a traditional Lizard man ponytail, can’t help but crack a smile. “You know…” You say, putting down Haley’s leather armor, which you’re finally enchanting with the .

Haley merely continues to cackle and crawl down from the front seat to sit next to you. “WWW, fucking shit!” Screams Haley as she stumbles back, falling over the cargo into the wagon and causing quite the mess.

It’s a rare treat to hear and everyone in the back joins in as the Wolf Girl sucks on her finger, snickering despite herself. “Children, do I have to turn this wagon around?” Shouts Blake from the driver’s seat.

“No, DAD.” You say, rolling your eyes and settling back down onto your seat as the chuckling subsides. It’s about three in the afternoon by Bubs time and the sun is shining bright in the clear sky.

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Care is long behind you, with many of its outlying farms dotting the countryside, but you see few traders going down this road. Likely they’d caught wind of the tides of battle and decided to stop visiting the northern areas for their safety.

Certainly nothing could beat staying inside with some sweet mountain elixir and a good heated bread pouch while shit weaving on the communion matrix, but well, the warmth of the sun on your skin and the cool winds coming off the mountains is kind of nice. Finishing applying the vigil, you yell at Haley to take her clothes back.

She shrugs them on over a tight outfit of black cloth that Blake had purchased for her before you left town. Secretly you think he bought it because of how well it displays her assets instead of improving mobility.

Well whatever, it’s supposedly about a four-day trip to the fort, not too bad, so you might as well relish the time on the road. Supposedly it’s just open terrain moving into hills as you make your way to the more mountainous region.

While Monsters are more frequent due to the proximity of the Monster Nation, they generally don’t cause TOO much of a fuss due to the fort, which was one of four that guard the northern border. While they never actually stopped the Monsters, (especially not Selene) without their early warnings and brave sacrifices, the Invasions would have been much, much worse.

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Or well, they didn’t want to in the past, but since it’s been so quiet these many years they don’t mind anymore. Yes, every, so often they’ll need to go and help a village from a raiding party of Monsters that decide to harvest some husbands or something, but it’s never anything major.

The wagon jostles as Blake drives the horses off the road for a break. Veronica and Tabitha do the same, while Haley hops off the front and starts sniffing about.

Blake prepares some snacks, which you decline as you pull out a wonderful heated bread pouch. You casually lean back against a rock and stretch as the others chat.

Mr. Ed munches on some grass while Bubs rests under a nearby log, sawing tiny ZZZ’s. You wave your heated bread pouch after taking a bite.

For shits and giggles you activate your and look about, seeing nothing of interest. Everyone’s humors look good, there’s nothing in the sky but a few birds, yeah.

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Rubbing your chin, you settle upon , pulling it out and cracking open the cover. You think back, stilling your heart as you keep from dropping your heated bread pouch on the book.

The staff mentally shudders in your hand, a string of vibrant emotions coursing through her. To have the personality and the memories of someone, but to know that you aren’t them, must be its own form of torture.

The poor girl, you need to get her mind of that or well, change the subject at least. She seems rather angry, but it appears directed at you as opposed to Selene.

{Big old high and mighty Wizard trying his damnedest not to get raped falls for a doe-eyed cat with too many tails. Tuning her out, you rub at your face before standing up and putting away your book.

Glancing over at the others, you see Blake staring at the Callahan head while Veronica pokes it with her mace. The head topples over, sending everyone jumping in surprise.

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You found yourself pushed by a powerful force as sharp objects dig into your shoulders and PULL you upward. You flail about, legs catching nothing but air as you see the ground below you start to recede.

The sharp objects that hold you appear to be talons and, as you look up, you see brilliant blue and gold wings flapping. You struggle to point Harmony at the creature but as you do, you hear an oddly familiar laugh.

A jolt of electricity courses through your body, locking your jaw up and tightening your grip upon Harmony as your muscles become taut. You can only watch helplessly as your party shouts, gathering themselves up in the face of this unexpected threat.

As you fly through the skies, you soon lose sight of them as a wall of trees appears under you. Harmony whispers at you to keep calm, not to panic, and just stay still- something very easy for you at the moment.

It seems to you that she’s the one who is panicking, thought there’s nothing you can do anyway as you’re forced to stare at the blurring ground. Soon enough you begin to slow as you approach a hill, and you see an opening to a cave in which the creature that held you flies.

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As you continue to fly through the rather spacious cave you can see various items you wouldn’t have expected to be here. The answer comes to you sooner than you expect as you fly into a large, open chamber.

The Harpy-like Monsters, generally moderate to small in stature and curves with blue and green hair and feathers mill about the room lit by holes in the chamber. As you approach, they look up, a nimbus of electricity building around them as their eyes lock onto you with hunger.

Looks like you’ve just been taken by them and, to make matters worse, the one holding flies to the center of a large chamber and unceremoniously drops you to the ground, planting a talon on your chest. Your taut jaw goes slack just as Harmony grows dead silent.

Standing above you is a beautiful Thunderbird, her body lithe and perfectly muscled, her blue and gold feathers rustling as she looks about the crowd of chattering Thunderbirds. Her long, golden hair shines in the light of the cavern as the tiara on her head sparkles.

You gulp as the Thunderbird Queen silences the others, her voice so very similar to Harmony’s, yet a little rougher around the edges, “All hail Harmonious the Sixth!” Shout the other Thunderbirds, their rustling feathers causing a raucous.

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She pulls back and blinks, then looks over to Harmony, cocking her head. She sniffs and then looks at the staff before prying it from your hand and staring at the length of black wood with a curious expression.

Harmonious blinks and then slowly nods her head, her mouth moving silently before she shakes and speaks, her earlier roughness gone, “Y-yes! Merely overcome with joy, for it has been too long since a man has been had.” She shrugs, looking a little nervous for some reason.

The audience groans their disappointment before nodding in agreement at the Queen’s decree. The Thunderbird picks you up again before looking about and flying down a large tunnel.

It’s a short flight before you reach a section of cave curtained off by torn, red cloth. “Whey… Are YUG gun do ta much?” You ask with some effort, struggling to figure out a plan to get out of this mess with your virginity intact as your muscles start working again.

You blink, which is actually a conscious effort at the moment, before you slur out, Harmonics, or Harmony, or whoever it is, seems startled at your response before looking at herself and then blushing.

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Right, the body uhm.” She rubs at her hair with one of her wings, the feathers discharging a mild amount of electricity. She squirms a little, obviously looking a little awkward as she moves the staff still held in her wing.

Your eye twitches reflexively, whether in reaction to what she said or the current in your body, you don’t know. More and more sensation return to your limbs with every passing moment and your arm starts to move with conscious effort.

I can’t really explain it, likely it’s because I’m made of the spirit of her grandmother, so maybe it’s some kind of… blood connection.” “Ugh, I know!” She says discharging electricity in an arc around her as she huffs, frustrated.

Harmony gasps and rushes over, bending down to help. You can feel the soft crackles of electricity tingling up your spine through your robes.

Giving a forceful sigh, you look over at Harmony, freezing when you realize her face is right next to yours. You both look into each other’s eyes for a long moment before you break away, cheeks red.

She looks back up and swallows, face even redder in the soft light of the chamber. It’s… comforting to feel your strong arms and warm hands for myself.” She puts down the staff and gently touches your arm with a wing, sending minute, relaxing currents through you.

Grunting as you try to stand, Harmony gently sits you back down, clicking like a mother hen. You close your eyes and then slowly pick up the staff, which you feel to be inert.

Standing up, you brush Harmony off, not allowing her to finish the thought. “We’ll have to sneak out then.” You say as you take a step, trembling as you support your weight on the staff.

“Well, of course, I lived in these caves and-” She cuts off mid-sentence and looks around for a moment before shaking her head. You cock your head at her pause but decide to drop it as you concentrate.

You look down to your pocket from where Chief had spoken and realize that your connection to Harmony is lost at the moment, or else she’d have heard the dagger. Realizing Harmony isn’t in your head anymore makes you feel a cold emptiness, like a piece of you had been taken away.

Personally I’d rather not be stuck here, unfinished, while you’re raped for the rest of your life.} Harmony peeks her head out of the curtain, looking around cautiously before nodding back to you.

The both of you move through the caves, the raucous sound of Thunderbirds echoing around as you slink about. You move at a dreadfully slow pace, mainly due to your lingering paralysis.

“Come on, there’s nothing to worry about, this back way out is-” She stops as a loud screeching sound echoes down the hallway. Cursing, you start to run, but Harmony drags you into a small side tunnel, closing a curtain as a furious flapping of wings and the discordant discharge of energy flies around you in the caverns, searching for you and the Queen.

You exhale slowly as the nervous energy rushes out of your body. She pulled you tight into herself and her soft, smooth skin presses against your body, your hand feeling around her waist.

Your mouth is mere inches from hers again and your eyes go wide as you feel a soft rustling within you. Instead, she holds you firm as she searches your eyes, her breath growing heavy.

You can feel their soft weight on your chest and your heart pumps faster in reaction as your nether region stirs. A gentle current rolls down your back as her wings envelop you.

The tingling pleasure mingles with your nervousness, spiking both of them to new heights as her hot breath plays across your face. “I know it’s not right, but please… just something… anything…” She whispers, her smooth, luscious lips moving.

She looks into your eyes, and you see a barely contained beast, ready to let loose the emotions raging inside her. You take a careful, shuddering breath as you look the panting Thunderbird in the eyes.

She nuzzles you, her warm breath mixing with the tingling electricity, creating a blissful harmony of sensation that sends a shiver down your spine. She pulls her head up from you and smiles, slowly closing her eyelids, her delicate lashes fluttering as she does so.

You pause before answering, “She… is part of it, yes, but Harmony, you have to see that my powers, our relationship only works should I retain them. You stoke her long, golden hair before continuing, “I suppose I always sort of knew how you felt.

Harmony freezes, gripping your back before slowly letting go and sighing, “No, of course not.” I suspect it’s already pulling you back, and Harmonious’ body is rejecting you.” You let go of her, and she offers little resistance as you lift her chin, seeing her eyes red and puffy from crying.

Her mouth twitches and she blinks a few times, using a wing to wipe at her face. Somewhat successful, she gives you a resolute look and nods sharply before smiling.

Harmony wipes at her face again before thinking, “Well… they expect that you’ve kidnapped me, yes? A few minutes later you look out from beyond the cloth covering and nod to Harmony.

Harmony says there’s an exit nearby that you can use to get out, then blend in through the trees with your Buoyancy until your party comes by. You take in a deep breath to ready yourself, then grab Harmony and dash off down the tunnel.

It isn’t anything more than a light show, which is nice, but damn does it make a racket. It does, however, make things much more believable and when a swarm of Thunderbirds appears, well you can tell that acting might be a good second career for you.

The exit to the cave tunnel appears in front of you as you turn a corner. It’s maybe about twenty feet away, but you’re forced to stop as Thunderbirds come close.

You press the dagger closer, “Now then, I mean to leave here, an if you’re good about it, the little queenie here keeps her pretty neck unlit, ya hear?” One of the Thunderbirds takes a step closer, electricity crackling.

I’ll kill you for this!” She screams before sending a jolt of electricity at you. You stand perfectly still as the bolt slams into something invisible in front of you.

The Thunderbird takes a step back, incredulous as you laugh. “Ah, loo kit that queenie, yer little chicks think they can URT me eh?” You chuckle before slapping your chest.

“See, she got the drop on me, that’s true, but I’m prepared, and slipped on a potion of electricity-repel when she was getting all ready to jump my jingles if ya get me drift? You hear Harmony growl in irritation, knowing full well she dispersed the magic, and you quickly get on with it.

“Who do you presume to call Harmony, you carrion bait?” Says the Thunderbird in your arms. Your eyes grow wide as a tiny voice in your head says, {So, uhm, she kicked me out.

Taking a few steps backward, you stop as your foot hits the edge of the cave opening. Looking over your shoulder, you see that the opening leads to a sheer drop.

You look back to Harmonious as the other Thunderbirds rush to her side, squawking and yelling curses at you. “You insolent rat!” She howls, power playing over her.

“I do not know what foul sorcery to you used on me, but I will shock you so hard the only thing you’ll be able to feel is regret as you’re raped senseless!” Taking another look back, you then nod, smirking at the Queen.

Well, lovely as it is, I’m afraid I must depart.” You take a step backward and tip your hat. As you fall, you quickly pull out the vial of you hid in your robes and down it.

Your rapid descent suddenly stops, and you begin to move to a slow, controlled landing. As you touch down, you exhale loudly before a bolt of electricity smacks the ground next to you.

Cursing, you start running into the forest as the Thunderbirds chase you from their perch. It works well, and the Thunderbirds are soon unable to chase you with their wings through the dense trees.

Once you break their line of sight, you throw yourself down and build a hidden wall with . You pant as you catch your breath, watching from the you placed outside.

You hang your head and laugh as the other two retainers sigh and then join in while Bubs regales you with another tale of his father, the furious Thunderbirds lighting up the forest with energy as they search for you. The next day you awake to some boring normality, which suits you just fine, and, after trimming and eating, you set off on the trail once again.

Leaning back in the wagon as the morning sun creeps into the sky you sigh, “What do you think will attack us this time?” “I don’t know, but I’d appreciate you not using me as a foot stand.” Comes an unfamiliar voice.

You jump back, pointing Harmony at the pile of blankets you’re using to rest your feet. The rest of the party also goes on alert as Blake stops the wagon, and you nod to Veronica.

She slowly draws the blankets back with her mace, revealing the animated head of the Callahan, who sighs deeply. “You’ll have to forgive us, but last time we spoke, you tried to drag us to the netherworld with a death screech.” Says Blake, his hand on Lion sedge, ready to draw at a moment’s notice.

Your mind is focused with Harmony to fire a concussive burst of whatever the fuck will destroy a head. The head blinks and then thinks for a moment before nodding, which is an odd gesture with only part of a neck.

I recall you planting a boot on my head, which seems to be a theme with all of you. “Listen, it just felt wrong to leave her there and… I don’t know, maybe I wanted to give a proper burial or something after the plague bearer and Victoria and- ugh.” He scratches his head as he tries to justify it.

A shame that he did not reclaim me into his fold, how lonely.” She looks up at you again, her red eyes rimmed in black peering into your soul. “He’s still quite displeased that you ruined a perfectly good plague from occurring.

It is a curiosity, and it seems that I am not dying currently else another screech would occur.” “Oh don’t be so petty, Berg would reward you greatly in the tells.” She sighs and looks to the two Monsters, who growl at her.

Tabitha calmly plants a scaled foot on the mouth of the Callahan, who mumbles for a few moments before sighing and staring flatly at the Lizard man. They stay like this for quite some time before Blake coughs in his hand and then claps to get her attention.

“Yes, well then, I suppose since you don’t seem to wish to kill us at the moment, I see no reason to end you again miss…” Tabitha removes her foot and the Callahan blows some hair out of her eyes as she shifts her gaze to Blake.

Awkward silence pervades before Blake coughs in his hand again. “Yes, quite, well, my name is Blake, this is Veronica, Haley, Tabitha, and the Wizard.” He stops and cocks his head.

Everyone looks at you with strange expressions before shrugging and sitting back into position on the wagon. Tabitha places Delilah on top of some supply crates before leaning back and watching the head with a glare.

You cock your head and then remember- remember that you drank that potion yesterday. Suddenly you feel sick to your stomach and your face goes white.

“Counter magic is an essential skill when facing an opponent in a duel. In a magical duel, this is highly impractical however, and it would shut out the practitioner who used it to be at the mercy of his foe when it goes down.

By forming a circle midair, its power can be used in multiple different ways, such as shielding or counter magic, the focus of this section. “Once a circle is drawn, anchor points must be formed using MANA manipulation.

One might question how practical this is, but we assure you, it takes very little time to form a good circle, even in the heat of combat! With the circle, you form a crux of antagonism on the right authentic suplentario (see figures) for unbinding purposes.

Once in place, you may add more reinforcements for particular types of magic, but this is a good foundation. By focusing that wavelength into the circle it will resonate through the crux of antagonism, and cancel the spell out as it is cast.

Note however that some spells may be too difficult to counter due to strength or complexity! Having the ability to counter magic will be useful, although perhaps mental shielding might be better.

If you can cancel spells, then allow yourself to attack back, you’ll be unstoppable! Studying the charts in the back of the chapter, you focus your will before you into what you would normally infuse into a circle.

Slowly, a glowing circle of magic appears before you, floating perpendicular to the ground. You blink and then smile, mentally adding in the crux of antagonism and feeling a slight click of pressure as it locks into place.

Smirking, you lean back and admire your as the others watch you with surprise. “What’s this about?” Asks Veronica, poking at the circle in mid-air, but her finger goes right through it.

Crude, but useful in counter magic spells, assuming one can use the appropriate signatures.” Everyone in the back of the wagon turns to stares at Delilah, who studies your circle before blinking and looking at the others.

“Delilah, I didn’t know you knew so much about magic theory.” Great, you have two Monsters with tangentially dark magic now willing to give you training in exchange for… well, likely it would be semen.

You feel drained recently, like you’re unable to concentrate on your Wizardly duties. It hasn’t occurred to you recently, but it feels off… and you don’t seem to mind.

You take your mind off this by starting to carve some wood into a hilt for Chief. Of course, Chief’s mutterings about this newcomer trying to take her place is getting annoying, but she probably doesn’t mean it.

Chief probably doesn’t even know all these crazy magical theories, does she? You’re about finished carving the last section of a snake tail into the wood when Haley starts growling at something and the cart slows to a stop.

Rolling your eyes, you pick up Harmony, moving to the front of the wagon as the others do the same. You seem as if some common annoyance is present?” Asks Delilah, perplexed.

In front of a small stone bridge over a coursing river stands a tall, burly-looking Monster with exaggerated hands, feet, and bust. Her shoulders and back are covered in warts, most of them hidden by a short vest and trousers that seem too small for her.

Her face is moderately attractive still, as is true of most Monsters, however her short, black hair is matted with mud, and she stinks something fierce. “Halt!” Shouts the Monster in a low, rumbling voice as she raises a large, wooden club.

Blake groans and shakes his head as Haley growls. Gods, you were trying to find any degree of sexual attraction this Monster has to offer, but it’s rather difficult.

“Aye, a Troll.” Replies Blake, sighing as he lets go of the reins. “Not overly common, but they love to extort people, and it’s not always money they go for.

The Troll considers you and then slaps her club in her hand before rumbling out, “So, you gonna pay the toll, or I got to break some legs?” It’s a skill you thought would have no practical applications, but damn it, you learned anyway.

She huffs, “It’ll be all yer food, or…” She considers for a moment before pointing at the cart. You turn back to see Blake blinking in confusion, looking down at his chest before blanching.

The three girls immediately take defensive positions, protecting the good of’ Hero like guard dogs. Well, Haley might actually fall into that category, but you let that simile slide for her.

Pretending to ponder this for a moment, you make an overt show of considering your options. “Well, I mean, look at the situation here: You’re guarding the only bridge in the area over a river making its way to a very important fort.

I always feel like I’ve been selling it a little short, although ain’t either many people been through here since I set up shop.” Briefly you notice the confused expressions behind you, Blake putting a hand to his face while the others stare, dumbstruck.

“Bad for business!” The Troll says, roaring and picking up her club in an angry gesture. Harmony mentally sighs while Bubs and Chief look on in rapt interest at the beginnings of your ruse.

The troll looks at you flatly, and you hear an audible groan from Blake. Bastard better not fucking ruin this, or you’re going to rip his damn head off his shoulders.

You hold your arms open and make a large, sweeping gesture. You quirk and eyebrow and pull out your , showing it off like it’s a badge of office.

“Ah, yes, of course, forgive me, I see so many trolls you see miss Rugby.” You smile widely, “But this isn’t about me, this is about you.” You huff out, “That’s right!” Gulping, you walk up to her and accident taking in a whiff of her stench.

The Troll blanches and takes a step back, your ferocity putting the fear of Solos into her as she raises her hands in surrender. You smile and raise your hand to slap her back amicably, then think over this situation.

Move that damn contraption to the other side fore I break ya!” Your party looks dumbstruck, their jaws hanging open as the Troll makes her proclamation.

You look between them and make a minute gesture conveying your heartfelt feelings of, “By fucking Solos, move the damned wagon, or I swear to all that is holy I will shove shit so far into your shoes that you’ll be picking corn out of your toes for a week.” They seem to get the message as Blake hurriedly starts the horses in motion, crossing the bridge.

As they pass, Haley gives you and incredulous look of, What the fuck ?” “HEY!” Screams the Troll, making you jump a little and the cart halt abruptly as it crosses the bridge.

Blake slowly peers around the side of the carriage, looking concerned. The Troll growls, and you begin to sweat as she takes a firm stance, holding her club in both hands.

The troll looks concerned as you continue, “You see, taking the support of our wonderful Bridge-Trolls, we work to make certain that the human rulers AND the Monster Lady do not infringe on the rights of members. The Troll considers, “Well, I mean, this is what my mother did, and that’s how she met pa, but I ain’t had such luck…” She seems crestfallen at this, and you seize upon the opportunity.

The Troll’s eyes go wide, and she gets a giddy expression on her face. She moves to the bridge and ruffles at something under before pulling out a pouch of coins.

The troll seems absolutely giddy, and she does a small dance before clapping her hands together. The Troll beams behind you as you start to cross the bridge, hurriedly trying to get to the wagon.

As you step across you hear a thundering sound behind you and you flip about, just in time to see the Troll charge into you, her mass taking you off your feet before pulling you into a crushing embrace with her burly arms. You try to cry out, but your lungs are on fire as she starts crushing your chest.

A moment later she lets go, and you fall to the stones of the bridge, gasping for air, covered in the muck of slime of her skin. You feel like the swamp just walked up to you and rubbed its sweaty breasts on your mouth.

You cough as Blake helps you stand up, hand on his sword, watching the Troll as she chuckles. A few hours later you’re sitting around the campfire, your robes drying after a vigorous washing.

Blake stirs the pot as usual as the sun goes down the horizon while the others take care of their weapons. Except Haley, because she doesn’t understand the importance of proper cleaning yet, much to Tabitha’s annoyance.

“What does that even mean?” Asks Blake, tasting the soup. You point your whittling knife at him as you study a detail you’re making.

Haley smiles and leans back, staring at the sky. You blink, a little taken aback before you see Tabitha smirk, followed by a snort from Veronica.

Soon all of them are giggling, and you can’t help but smirk and look down, face heating up. It’s an odd sensation for you, but one that warms you up inside, combating some chill in the night air.

Dinner is soon eaten and afterward you find yourself on first watch along with Haley, who lies on the grass, flicking fingers at little insects as she tries to keep herself from being bored. It’s failing, you know, but whatever, you have time to kill and, despite your wards being up, someone has to pay attention.

The sound echoes through your head like the soft breeze of the night wind. You feel your ear twitch as it catches the noise upon it, transferring the sensation to the rest of your body.

You snap your eyes open and turn your head slowly to the right, your flat expression directly coming to Haley’s, which is mere inches from your own. She cocks her head, trying to remember before making a disgusted face.

“But she’s normally got this glint of daring adventurism, as if the world is one big game to her, one which she strives to enjoy herself in.” A soft smile comes to your face, your expression a world away as you continue, “Of course, she knows when it’s time to separate play from work, and when she does, she’s strong, very strong, despite her slim frame.

You sigh, leaning on your elbow as you gaze out at the stars. “Her embrace is firm, but gentle, and her warmth is so comforting that you could just melt into her.

You blink and look back to Haley, who’s pulled her legs to her chest, staring at you with eager enthusiasm. Her tail wags back and forth in a rapid motions as her ears twitch.

Surprised, you look about and see yourself in a storyteller’s position, leaning forward, your hands outstretched. Haley’s ears droop and a sad expression plays on her face.

“And yet you just described her with perfectly clarity and a smile on your face.” Haley says, lazily waving a finger around. Your cheeks heat up, and you snatch Harmony from the ground as you walk back over to the wagon, feeling your body shake.

You hear a soft chuckle from Haley as she rolls in the grass before you hop up onto the wagon and sit there, running your hand through your hair. You’ve been feeling like your Wizardly concentration has been slipping recently and your powers are… Well you’re stronger than you were before this all started, but something is off.

You do so quickly in the back of the wagon, a soft light playing over your face in the darkness as the aesthetic energies manifest. Shit weaving, of course, but that’s merely a short and simple diversion.

Once finished, you pour over the information on your usual haunts in mere moments. Meh, nothing new or exciting, merely some mentions of increased chatter about Monsters, making the supposed “hunters” and “husbands” fight.

Clearly, these things will never come to pass, as no Wizard would just willingly leave their home, even for the jolliest of localities, but hey, let them dream. You lean back and smile, chuckling softly as the warm familiarity flows through you.

Stretching, you prepare to check on the progress of your work when you hear a low, monotone voice. Your spine stiffens, and you crane your neck over to look at Delilah, her head sitting upon the same box Tabitha put her on hours ago.

You blink and lean back, your glass resting on your lap as you consider the Callahan. Delilah considers for a moment before answering, “While I have not truly met him, he speaks to all Callahan, for we are intrinsically his creatures.

But he doesn’t seek followers, nor does he grant humans his power, for all will be his in time.” While most Gods want nothing to do with Dollar, Father Berg is accommodating to her children as well.

Of course, he makes a firm claim that they are his once they enter his domain, regardless of where they originated.” That Dollar created all Monsters?” She shakes her head in another strange motion.

After setting the device snugly back into your bag, you lean forward towards the Callahan. She glances away from you, clearly still bothered by her dirty thoughts.

“So, you’re telling me that Berg created his own Monsters, which were tainted by Dollar? Generally speaking we are not alive, so we don’t necessarily give birth, although I have heard…” She trails off and then shakes her head, serious tone returning, “All I remember is awakening in a grave, a gentle voice in my head telling me to climb out.

I had apparently died in a plague and my vessel was ripe for service by Berg.” Next week?” She rolls her eyes, “Time is finite, even for the unliving, and yet here you sit, speaking with a head on a box.

You grit your teeth and start going through your bag, pulling out vials and other equipment. You absently cast a as you do, to make sure no one hears your work.

When finished you also draw a magic circle around you, keeping in the more… airborne particles. Delilah watches you with a dull expression as you pull out the , , , and .

You put off to the side as you absently push it out of the way while digging for other, minor ingredients. Pulling on your , you set up a mortar, which you fill with purified water.

You hear a soft voice in your head from Harmony, {Wizard … This looks like a bad idea, this can get out of hand quickly.} You shake it gently before opening the stopper and controlling the flow of spores into the water, where they stay, unable to become airborne as they form a goofy mess.

You mix in a little and swirl it about, feeling the power of the Matango spores come back, their apparent dormancy sparked to life by the potion’s spunk. You then take up the vial of and slowly pour the black soup into the bowl, the material writing and twisting as it comes into contact with the water and spores before slowly disseminating into them.

“Ah, yes a curious reaction indeed.” Says Delilah, clearly interested. “The spores seem to be having an effect on this sample, making them excited, and pliable.

I am curious as to what havoc this could-” She cuts off as you then pour in the . It seems to me that the insulation created by the highly adaptable swamp essence is able to absorb and contain the venom, creating a…” You dip a piece of into the mix, and it dissolves nearly instantly.

“Well, you see, I have yet to add the final touch.” You say as you wave your hand again, concentrating on the mixture as you flood power into it. You cast a into the mix, causing the living mixture of Swamp Horror and Matango spores to twist and writhe, fighting your grasp before slowly succumbing as it becomes bloated and twisted, forming a large, black ball as it grows.

You blink and look at the mass, then recoil as you watch it start to pull out of your bowl, continuing to grow in size. You flail, trying to control its humors, but in your haste, you accidentally knock over the vial of and it rolls into the growing mess, being absorbed into it.

You and Delilah share an expression of shock before you feel a wave of aesthetic pressure build from the mass. A low, humming noise sounds before the mass suddenly shifts and grows explosively, engulfing the box it’s on as well as the head of the dead Arachne.

You curse and break your circle, grabbing the thing with the last vestiges of your control over the plagues within, and THROW it outside your privacy barrier. You stare in horror as the mass twists and mutates on the ground, growing even larger as it devours the plant life around it.

You hear Haley curse and bound around toward you, followed by furious activity from the other members of your group as they awaken. It twitches erratically, the multiple eyes blinking in disjointed waves.

The areas of the face which were burnt before are now replaced with a thick coating of black goo that drains down as new, glowing red eyes shine in the missing sockets. From the mouth, a new scream echoes, this time one of pain and agony as the creature writhes.

You look on in horrified fascination as the thing begins to pull itself together, snapping noises being heard as the wood which was broken down before is processed and used to make a makeshift skeleton as the thing forms some semblance of humanoid form. It stumbles on the ground, dribbling actor as it fails to stand.

By this point you realize Blake is shaking you and you snap back into reality as multitude of voices start to come to you. Pushing the others aside, you cast , deciding to terminate your experiment before this gets worse.

It seems to sense your spell as the power flies at it and the creature melts downward, avoiding the blast. “I’ll handle this thing.” Growls Veronica as she charges forward, mace in hand.

Somehow she found the time to get her armor on, which is utterly fascinating in that it should take like half an hour, but good on her. She swings her mace high and slams into it the creature, holy light pouring from her.

Veronica’s eyes grow wide before she grunts and pushes more weight onto the mace. The thing cocks Victoria’s spider head and then looks at another arm that forms from its body.

A lopsided grin appears on its face before it slams the fist into Veronica’s side. The tabard covering her armor is missing a large section, as if it was melted away, but the armor underneath glows bright, it’s holy construction managing to stave off the blow.

None are particularly large or strong, but it’s plenty for the thing to leap past Tabitha, who swings at it with her sword, accomplishing nothing but dissolving her blade before it goes skittering off into the night. All of you turn to stare at Delilah as he shakes, eyes closed.

Slowly, she opens them back up and looks directly at you with some semblance of joviality and respect, Harmony looks saddened and terrified while Chief bursts with joy.

“Anyway,” you continue in a smooth motion, “I fucked up, and it took Victoria’s head. Due to the fact that she’s dead, it probably doesn’t retain much of her memories or anything, but it could, and it appears to be able to change its form.

Let’s find this thing, or at least warn the fort.” She looks down at the remains of her blade and grimaces, dropping it. She is far more skilled at channeling the light of Solos than I am, so she might be able to defend against it with proper warning.

Tabitha sighs, “So you didn’t get a scent, and we don’t know where it went.” You break camp in record time, hitching up the horses and going down the road.

Going with just two people like after Delilah would be been foolish, so it’s smarter to take the whole wagon. As you start moving you create a and send it out to scan ahead of you, but you don’t find much early on.

Haley doesn’t seem able to find a good scent either, so you spend much of your time bored and tense, mentally speaking in clipped phrases with Harmony, Chief, and Bubs. Chief wants you to dominate the thing and then turn it loose on your enemies while Harmony advises you to eliminate it.

Further down the road Haley calls a halt, and you quickly scan the area with your to find… A dead horse, its body partially eaten away. “You don’t really think Victoria is…?” Asks Blake, cautiously.

Blake cocks his head and looks over at the horse as well before gritting his teeth. You groan and stand up, ready to go when the girls arrive from searching.

“Looks like this thing ate or captured one of the guards against the fort on patrol.” You say as you scratch your chin. Despite her apparent enthusiasm, weariness begins catching up with her and her pace starts to slow, her movements becoming sluggish.

For some reason your thoughts center squarely on the life form you created and all the events surrounding it. All thoughts of trying to recall them are dashed however when you open your eyes to see Delilah staring right at you.

You jump some, heart almost leaping into your chest as you look around before staring at the Callahan. “I asked the lizard.” She says simply, and you look to Tabitha who shrugs but offers nothing else.

There are two days until you reach the fort, maybe less if you continue at a brisk pace. While you expect your day to be filled with searching for the creature, you’ll have to stop some point, and it’ll give the thing time to crawl ahead, which would be awful.

The Callahan blinks and then shakes her head, as if hearing something faint, but ignores it. As expected, the day continues with you scanning about with and Haley scouting around, but again, you don’t find a damn thing.

By the time night falls, you’re exhausted, and you thank the Gods that nothing happened to come by during your watch. This is just fine because you’re way too tired to do much else but half-heartedly finish carving the handle to the , fitting it to the blade with some alchemical glue.

Chief beams in delight as you feel her essence pour over the blade, nodding in satisfaction at the depiction of a serpent on one side with a set of runes that say “bad snake.” She finds it to have a “pleasing modern aesthetic while continuing a rustic charm fueled by the duality of magic and nature, perhaps a token of the Gods as they touch the earth?” Apparently Chief was an art critic in her former life, which would explain all the paintings in the basement. You really don’t understand that, and she really doesn’t want to answer the question.

Well anyway, you make a simple holster for easy access to the knife at your side, and you spend the rest your shift half-heartedly practicing the while drifting off. Your watch companion, Veronica, meditates the entire time, but you secretly think she’s sleeping.

As you consider the merits of drifting off, you feel a slight change of pressure in your northern ward. You narrow your eyes, taking up Harmony and placing a hand on Chief while walking slowly to the barrier.

Probably just a curious Squirrel Girl or something, nothing to make a big stink over. You turn about to head back to the camp when you hear a scraping sound.

On the other side of your ward is a trim-looking young woman with raven black hair and brown eyes dressed in a rough looking set of clothes emblazoned with the vigils of Deleon- obviously a soldier. She looks at you with piteous expression, her face appearing haggard and scared.

Chief sounds disappointed, possibly annoyed, {You naive idiot, pay more attention to her, and maybe you’ll see it.} You narrow your eyes and look closer at the woman, who’s now smiling up at you, her hand resting lightly on your ward.

You peer into her eyes and, past the tiredness you find… an insane amount of eagerness. Her body twitches in anticipation, and you take a step back, realizing that Chief just saved you from making a huge mistake.

The woman blinks, then looks down, a frown appearing on her face before she rises. She cocks her head at you and then lets out an approximation of a sigh.

You grit your teeth, prepared to call the alarm, but pause, thinking it over. It can’t get through the wards, which is helpful information, and it doesn’t seem inclined to bolt immediately.

The thing blinks and then shrugs in a jerking motion, as if it doesn’t really know the gesture. It considers this for a moment before closing its borrowed eyes and gritting its teeth.

You step back further as its hand contorts into a blade, and it smashes at your wards, eyes filled with a half-crazed rage. The thing slams at your wards, screaming with a mix of multiple voices, but it succeeds only in frustrating itself further and awakening your companions.

As soon as it notices this, it steps back and glares at you, a mix of pain and anger in its eyes before it grasps its head and screams, tearing back out into the night from whence it came. You convince the others that it’s not worth pursuing again at night, and that the best course would be to continue forward tomorrow, pacing hard into the day to make it to the fort by the next evening.

As you travel the next day, every hour Haley can’t find it is another she gets furiously upset over. (13 votes, average: 4.62 out of 5) You need to be a registered member to rate this post.

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