How Will The X-men Be Introduced Into The Mcu

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• Sunday, 10 January, 2021
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The recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney means big things for the MCU, and Face teased at Comic-Con that they were working on a Fantastic Four movie and one about “mutants” (X-Men, basically). With a big question mark over where mutants have been lurking since Nick Fury formed the Avengers, the introduction of Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine isn't going to be as simple as explaining they've been chilling at the mansion.

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Thankfully, Marvel Comics just created a clever way for Xavier's gifted youngsters to suit up in the MCU. As IGN points out, the ongoing comics arc House of X gives long-term X-Men ally Moira MacTaggert a brand-new ability.

Writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Pepe Array flip everything on its head in House of X #2, giving a shocking reveal that MacTaggert has the power of reincarnation. Marvel Comics claimed House of X would include “the most important scene in the history of the X-Men “, and it certainly manages to live up to that.

It's interesting to note that X-Men editor Jordan White told IGN how House of X #2 has something perfect for an X-Men movie. Having the X-Men tuck tail and hide in their palatial mansion while the likes of Loki, Patron and Thanos wreak havoc on the universe leaves a moral quandary for the heroic team.

People are already pretty annoyed that Captain Marvel's absence has been explained away because she's “busy” elsewhere, and it's hard to imagine that the X-Men have simply sat out the action and watched the world burn around them. In the movies, Olivia Williams appeared briefly as MacTaggert in X-Men : The Last Stand, while the character was rebooted with Rose Byrne for X-Men : First Class and the whole McEvoy/Fassbinder timeline.

Featuring prominently in her own Disney+ series for WandaVision, Scarlet Witch also has a cryptic role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It seems the MCU has only just scratched the surface of Wanda Maxim off's powers, and let's not forget she's got a pretty famous X-Men father in the comics.

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This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Now that the previous X-Men movie series is stalled and Marvel once again has some control over the rights to use the X-Men in film, it's inevitable that our favorite mutants will eventually be folded into the MCU.

In fact, it's much more likely that he was signaling to fans that there are plans afoot to work the X-Meninto the MCU, after previously stating in an April 2019 interview that it would be “a very long time” before they're brought into the sprawling cinematic superhero universe. For the uninitiated, the Eternal are a race of superhuman that were created millions of years ago by the mysterious god-like beings the Celestials, who came to our planet to experiment on early humans.

The Celestials' experiments didn't go entirely to plan, and in addition to the Eternal, another race of deformed, evil beings called the Deviants were also created. Their bodies are made of cells infused with cosmic energy that allows for regeneration, making them nearly immortal.

However, similarities between the origin stories of the two groups of superhuman have Marvel scholars drawing connections to see where there might be some overlap. Mutants gain their power from a special gene, the X-Gene, which developed in the earliest stages of humanity.

Assuming that the ongoing X-Universe (as it’s called) will simply be cancelled and the characters rebooted, ComicTheories suggests that the MCU has already been seeded with clues that hint at the existence of mutant kind. For one, the video highlights a scene from Iron Man 3 which sees Aldrich Killian explain the key to his Extremes virus to Pepper Potts.

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This has already been set up, too, thanks to the Maxim off twins, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who were given their abilities after exposure to the Mind Stone. If we’re being honest, this video definitely makes an intriguing case, and when laid out like it is it’s surprisingly easy to see how the X-Men could fit into the MCU.

If Marvel Studios do indeed choose to simply wipe the slate clean and start again, we imagine this layout of events won’t be far from the truth. It was in 2019, shortly after Fox was acquired by Disney when Kevin Face assured fans that the X-Men would become part of the MCU.

A lot of questions and all the details remain up the air, including whether original or new X-Men should make the leap to the MCU, and there is a long list of under and never used X-Men villains and other characters that could easily be slipped into the mix. While a full-scale entry of X-Men is at least as far off as Phase 5, individual characters could find their way into the MCU much sooner via a number of possible scenarios.

That means the X-Men could enter via this porthole, which has an obvious potential tie-in to the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. As reported in The Independent, a Twitter leak claims both the X-Men and Fantastic Four will enter the MCU via their Earth-1610 versions.

That detail can easily be re-retconned back to the original to introduce Magneto as Wanda's father in WandaVision. The Eternal, which is slated for release in 2021, will bring the story of a new group of super powered beings to the MCU.

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This produced three sets of beings, the Eternal (superior and good), the Deviants (powerful and bad), and humans. Some folks claim that Marvel will introduce Angelica Jones, aka Fire star, into the MCU, possibly via Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

She would make an interesting addition to the MCU, with the ability to manipulate microwaves as well as produce them, which lets her fly, among other things. There are all sorts of rumors that Deadpool will appear in a minor role in not one but two upcoming MCU movies, Thor: Love and Thunder and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

With the release date of Deadpool 3 left up in the air, it would be a good way to give fans at least a taste of the uber-popular character in the meantime. Rumor has it that a scene in The Eternal, or possibly a montage, will show Atlantis sinking into the sea, which reinforces the subtle Enamor Easter Egg in Avengers: Endgame, and hopefully sets up a future appearance in the flesh.

Undoubtedly, one of the things fans are most excited for when it comes to the MCU is the eventual introduction of mutants and the X-Men. The X-Men have long been one of Marvel's most popular & successful franchises, so the fact that Disney now owns the rights to them and can therefore incorporate them into their ultra-successful MCU, is a reason for fans to congregate in the streets and celebrate.

Just like the film rights to his story, the comic book history of Enamor is not uncomplicated. While he still is the leader of the Atlantes, in recent years an important part of his character that has become canon is that Enamor is the official 'first mutant'.

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There are rumors that he may be appearing in the upcoming Black Panther sequel, as the two have a long history as rivals in the comics, and his status as the O.G. An easy way to introduce the X-Men would be to travel to a parallel universe where the X-Men already exist and operate, and, from there, they could hop back through to our MCU world of heroes.

The upcoming Eternals' movie is one that fans are immensely excited for– they are a new super team and the film will be expanding the sci-fi world of the MCU in big ways. In the comics, the Eternal, their evil-opposites the Deviants, and likewise humans were all created by the mammoth & powerful Celestials.

The lore goes that all humans on Earth held secrets within their DNA, which was the basis for the rise of superhuman, including mutants. Once again, it may play an important role as it could be the basis for activating the dormant X-gene in humans across the planet, leading to the eventual formation of the X-Men.

It looks like an aspect of this arms race will be playing out in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, which may indirectly introduce the basis of these aforementioned classic X-Men characters. One easy mutant introduction could be in the upcoming Black Widow prequel film, wherein Natasha has a run-in with the ageless Wolverine, who has a habit of popping up in superhero origin/flashback stories.

In Avengers: Age of Patron, the experiments by Hydra and on Trucker led to the development of superpowers in Wanda and Pietro Maxim off (who in the comics are the mutant children of Magneto). Yet another MCU character who we know has meddled with the creation and tampering of life is Ego the Living Planet, aka Peter Quill's dad.

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Similarly to the Infinity Gauntlet, the Tesseract / Space Stone seems to have pretty far-reaching power. He hails from the winter tundras of Canada where he spends half of the year holed-up with hot coffee and a stack of movies and books nearby.

As a result, there will naturally be a good chunk of time before we see Wolverine with the Avengers. Because there are going to be a plethora of logistics that Disney will have to figure out first before they can integrate their newly acquired properties into the fold.

Assuming that the Avengers are successful in defeating Thanos and restoring the universe, what if things don’t go completely back to normal? The X-Gene is the fictional gene in the Marvel Universe that, when active, makes a person a mutant.

Image from Marvel EntertainmentWhen The Flash restores the DC Universe after Flash point, things aren’t completely the same. An alternate thought to this concept would be that perhaps there have only been a small select few with an activated X-Gene throughout the MCU’s timeline.

Mutants like Magneto, Xavier, or Wolverine, keeping their abilities hidden, on the fringes of the public eye. They’d probably be interested in keeping them controlled and contained, perhaps even wanting them to be non-existent and hidden from the public’s awareness.

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What if SHIELD had determined to train and educate mutants in order to better monitor them? It’s not that crazy of an idea: a very similar scenario occurs within the Ultimate Marvel Comics universe.

Sponsoring a school like Xavier’s would work in that young mutants could receive schooling in safety and be taught how to use their gifts responsibly for the good of the world, limiting their danger to world security. Another theory worth mentioning is perhaps after an early onset of discrimination and fear, mutants have retreated to places like the island of Utopia and/or the Savage Land.

Places like these have reputations in the comics as safe havens and a refuge for mutants from the outside world. Again, I see INFINITY WAR and AVENGERS 4 as the strongest factors that would logically motivate a mutant movement from those places into the forefront of the MCU.

Image from Marvel Entertainment In the comics, Utopia was originally the base of operations for the mutant super villain Magneto. Originally an asteroid, it became an island base for the X-Men after it fell into the ocean, protecting them from government persecution and giving them their own sovereignty.

In the Ultimate Universe, it’s where Magneto holds his base of operations instead of Utopia. Either place or both would serve as remote and hidden locations where mutants could hide.

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It’s worth noting that Bob Tiger’s statement on the Fox acquisition and its properties was also in conjunction with comments about Disney’s upcoming streaming service. Image from Marvel Entertainments creates the possibility that the Acumen could feature as a series on Disney’s new service.

Being on a small screen could potentially solve some the questions and issues of the X-Men’s current lack of presence in the MCU. Netflix's characters like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist are all in the MCU and reference the events that happen in the films.

It’s fun to speculate and create theories (Deadpool changes history and Marvel Studios never sells the X-Men properties in the first place, the X-Men have always been in the MCU !).

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